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I got into Chinese novels in 2016 after watching The Princess Wei Yang. While watching, I just couldn’t wait a whole 24 hrs for the next update so I decided to read the novel which I found on NovelUpdates. This introduced me to the world of Chinese novels and since then I love finding new novels to read from there. My favorites are transmigration novels!

I love K-drama, K-pop, C-drama, C-novels, animes, mangas, V-pop, all things Asian really. My favorite C-novel so far would probably be The Princess Wei Yang because Wei Yang was such a strong character and her revenge was just awesome and it always kept me on my toes, wanting to find out what she does next. And my favorite C-drama of all times would be 3 Lives 3 Worlds 10 Miles of Peach Blossoms (hence the website name hehe). It was so amazing and I had the worst withdrawal syndrome after watching this drama. It’s kinda funny though because the drama 3L3W 10 Miles of Peach Blossom was amazing while I felt the novel was just okay, it didn’t really stand out when I read it, whereas the novel The Princess Wei Yang was amazing yet the drama was subpar compared to the novel. But anyways…

My blog is a fan-based translation and I don’t own the copyrights to any novels. I am translating from a Vietnamese source so it’s definitely not 100% accurate as I’m sure some Chinese idioms/phrases will be lost among the way but I hope you enjoy the translations.

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