The Memory Lost in Space

  • The Memory Lost in Space

    Epilogue Part 1: Zhao Xi

    Tofu: Hey everyone. This isn’t Chapter 6, but the first of two extras, the very last chapters of this long-ass novel. I’ve titled them in terms of an epilogue for clarity. Why did I translate the last two chapters when I haven’t even translated the first 10% of the novel, you ask? I’m truly sorry, but I’ve realized that completely sequential updates simply won’t be a thing with me, as it’s unlikely I’ll be able to finish translating this story. So for now I’ll translate the juiciest parts or the chapters which strike my fancy and hopefully, hopefully, I can gradually fill in all the spots. As this is the…

  • The Memory Lost in Space

    Summary (spoilers included)

    Tofu: Hey everyone! This is a summary I originally posted on Shushengbar. I’ve edited it and requested that it be posted here for convenience. This is a very long novel, and thus this is a very complicated summary. I’ve tried to include everything of importance, but if you find any part confusing, drop a comment and I’ll try to explain. *** Setting is the far future; humans have colonized space. There is ongoing conflict between Aerdes (nation of pureblood humans) and the Odin Federation (nation of mutants). Mutants are physically superior, but there’s a huge risk of an abrupt mutation into a deadly, feral beast. Story starts out with FL…

  • The Memory Lost in Space

    Chapter 5: Hold onto Hope

    translator: Tofu tofu: wherein we witness Chen Sha rise to supreme levels of assholery…prepare yourselves *** “My goal is to rise to the 3A-level of physical ability!” “Do you know how many 3A individuals there in the entirety of Odin?” “How many?” “Two: His Excellency the Governor and Commander Chen Sha.” The fired-up Luo Lan was suddenly stunned silent. “3A and A are technically only separated by two levels, but it becomes exponentially harder to ascend each level,” Feng Lin patiently explained. “If you say those of the A-level are the best of the human race, then those of the 3A-level would be the absolute best of the best.” Had…

  • The Memory Lost in Space

    Chapter 4: Those Left Behind

    Translator: Tofu When Luo Lan awoke it was already noon the next day. She was lying in a bed in the base’s infirmary. She sat in a daze for a while before she finally recalled what had happened before she lost consciousness. She’d actually fainted again! Moreover, of all the places she could have fainted, why did she so stupidly faint on Chen Sha? Don’t tell me he was so angry he beat me up, and that’s why I’m in the infirmary? (tofu: you know something’s wrong with the marriage when her first thought is that he beat her up) “How did I get injured?” “You just overexerted yourself,” Qing…

  • The Memory Lost in Space

    Chapter 3: Who Am I

    Translator: Tofu In the early morning, Luo Lan waited outside for the car An Da sent to pick her up. When Chen Sha walked out, his vehicle had just pulled up in front of Luo Lan. “Good morning.” Luo Lan immediately shifted to the side to let him pass, a smile on her face. Chen Sha ignored her and without a word, boarded the vehicle and promptly sped off. Luo Lan comforted herself by reasoning that this sort of patient with an acute case of “emotionally stunted; symptoms: facial muscles frozen stiff” was rare to come by. Half an hour later, Luo Lan had arrived at Alikarta’s biological research center.…

  • The Memory Lost in Space

    Chapter 2: First Friend

    Translator: Tofu It was already early morning when Luo Lan awoke, her head still spinning. She absent-mindedly lay there for a moment before the events of the previous night came crashing down. She’d actually fainted again! And under the eyes of so many people, no less! Just when she’d won a bit of dignity back, she’d gone and lost it all again! Zi Yan, that absolute piece of shit! Nevertheless, when she thought about last night’s successful “breaking of the ice,” her mood improved. Her head still aching, she gingerly climbed out of bed and was about to wash up before she suddenly realized something wasn’t quite right. She looked…

  • The Memory Lost in Space

    Chapter 1: A Strange Wedding

    Translator: Tofu It was a beautiful and bright morning when the aircraft landed on Alikarta, Odin’s ruling planet. After maids Qing Yue and Qing Chu’s administrations, Princess Luo Lan wore a resplendent crown, delicate dress, and crystal shoes. She was decked out in jewels to the point where she looked like a walking treasure box. The aircraft door slowly opened, revealing two lines of straight-backed soldiers waiting to welcome the princess’ descent. General Yue Se politely bowed, gesturing for the princess to lead. “Your Highness.”  Luo Lan smiled and walked forward, her heart filled with anxious anticipation. Naturally, this wasn’t because she was soon to meet her fiancé, but because…

  • The Memory Lost in Space


    Featured Translator: Tofu Who am I? Where am I from? Where do I go? They say these three questions are the ultimate questions philosophers have been pondering ever since the times of the ancient Earth. Even up until the age of interplanetary civilization, these questions still have no answers. If an average person were to take these words at face value, they could easily respond to these three questions. But the me who stood in tribunal dressed in a prisoner’s uniform, the me who was a criminal, had no way to answer. Six days ago, I opened my eyes and found myself in a desert spotted with withered shrubs. As…

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