World of Hidden Phoenixes

Chapter 101 part 1

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Hua Zhu Yu silently gazed at Xiao Yin.

The sleeve of his purple robes trembled in the wind as he stood there, an austere expression upon his face. When he caught her gaze, his lips lifted in a smile as he said, “Kid, we’ll meet again on the battlefield. One day, this Emperor will bring you back here.”

Hua Zhu Yu responded with a bitter smile and turned to follow Ji Feng Li and Tang Yu.

Xiao Yin was right.They would see each again on the battlefield.

There was no such thing as siblings, friends, or lovers on the battlefield – only two armies opposing each other.

If she said she wasn’t saddened by this she would be lying. After all, he had loved and protected her once. She had also thought that Southern and Northern Kingdom could coexist in harmony and that she and Xiao Yin could be friends since they were linked together by Jin Se. But after tonight, that dream shattered.

As soon as they left the residence, several men in black emerged from their hiding places. Riding over on horseback, it was clear they were Ji Feng Li’s men.

A horse of maroon hue with a hint of gold trotted over to Ji Feng Li. It’s eyes were bright and luminous, flashing ablaze. It was a purebred Huo horse that was extremely rare.

No one was more clear than Hua Zhu Yu how important it was for a general to have an excellent horse on the battlefield. As soon as she saw the horse, Hua Zhu Yu had taken a liking to it. In the past, she rode a horse named Zhui Dian (Chasing Lightning). Its body was white with a large red patch on its chest. From afar, the patch looked like a strike of lightning bolt. When she returned to Yu City, she had handed her horse over to Kang Xiao Si’s care. As soon as she saw this towering Huo horse tonight, she was reminded of Zhui Dian.

This Huo horse was highly intelligent. It trotted over to Ji Feng Li and got down on its two front knees like it was cognizant that Ji Feng Li was injured. Ji Feng Li tore his clothes and used it to bandage his injury before slowly mounting the horse. Neighing twice, the horse then stood up.

Every horse was accounted for with a rider on its back; there wasn’t an extra one for her to ride. Hua Zhu Yu was hesitating, not sure what to do when suddenly his voice sounded above, “Give me your hand.”

His soft voice was like the fleeting wind, pure as wine.

Rockets soared across the night sky to land on the eaves of the houses behind them. Each equipped with a cloth soaked in oil, which caught fire in the howling wind.

Hua Zhu Yu looked back to see Ji Feng Li before the backdrop of this burning fire. His face was pale and he was gazing deeply at her. He had one hand on the reins and the other extended toward her. The sleeve of his white robes trembled in the wind like a furling cloud. 

Though the feud between them ran deep like the endless sea, when she heard Ji Feng Li’s words, she couldn’t help but be slightly shaken.

She slowly lifted her hand but before she placed it in his, she abruptly stopped. Her attention was drawn to the bandage soaked in crimson red.

Xiao Yin’s strike was not weak. She could see how pale his face was under the light of the fire. His wound was so grievous she was afraid he would lose too much blood if he were to command the horse. It would surely worsen his injury, maybe even result in his death. She hated him but she knew he couldn’t die just yet.

Hua Zhu Yu furrowed her brows and refused his offered hand. Instead she jumped up and seated herself in front of him, grabbed the reins, and gripped the sides of the horse with her legs commanding it to move. The horse obediently ran forward.  

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Hua Zhu Yu could faintly feel Ji Feng Li lean against her back from behind. She stiffened feeling a strong sense of regret. She was too impulsive earlier! Two people riding the same horse … of course they would have physical contact. She coldly shouted, “Stop flailing about or I’ll kick you off the horse!”

Her voice was exceedingly cold and sharp.

The body behind her stiffened before scooting back.

The horse didn’t seem to like her tone and after a dissatisfied neigh, slowed down. Hua Zhu Yu realized she was being unreasonable, afterall it wasn’t like Ji Feng Li was her subordinate. Not to mention it was his horse to begin with.

Ji Feng Li didn’t seem to mind as his lips hooked into a smile. He patted the horse’s side and whispered, “Sui Yang, be obedient!” Hua Zhu Yu let out a sigh of relief as the horse resumed its previous speed.

With Sui Yang’s swift speed they left Yangguan city in no time, proving just how precious this purebred was.

The army of Southern Kingdom was still besieging the city. One could hear the rallying cries of the bugle horns and drums in addition to the earth shattering sounds of battle.

They could see the reflection of the torches in the sky as they left the city gates, the Southern Army not too far off in the distance.

Suddenly the twang of multiple bowstrings tore through the sky as a rain of arrows fell down from above.

Hua Zhu Yu glanced back at the city wall towers through the rain of arrows. She could see a line of Northern soldiers aiming at them. Xiao Yin stood clad in his black armor like a lofty figure looking down at them; his expression completely hidden by the chaos. He was indeed the Northern Emperor, true to his word. In complying with his promise he didn’t touch them while they were in the city, but they were fair game the moment they exited the city gates.

To think they would meet on the battlefield again so quickly. Although there was a group of men behind shielding them from the oncoming attack, she knew they wouldn’t be able to block every arrow. The arrows aimed at her and Ji Feng Li were particularly fast and powerful. A whistle sounded behind and Ji Feng Li reached out with his fan to block it.

Hua Zhu Yu tried to pick up speed, just a little more and they would escape Xiao Yin’s reach and meet up with the Southern Army. As Southern Army soldiers rode up to meet them a heavy weight fell onto her back. Something warm soaked through her uniform making her knit her brows. The internal force Ji Feng Li used to block the arrows earlier must have reopened his wound. His head rested on her shoulders from behind. His warm breath made her uncomfortable so she moved her shoulder, causing Ji Feng Li to fall backwards. Upon seeing this Lan Bing immediately flew over to catch Ji Feng Li.

Through the glimmer of the torches Hua Zhu Yu could see that Ji Feng Li’s robes was soaked through in crimson.

Though she was accustomed to such bloody scenes on the battlefield, Hua Zhu Yu felt slightly uneasy at this moment.   

Perhaps it was the contrast of the blood against the white of his robe that made it so shocking. His face being so pale only added to the severity of the image. It was also her fault that he was injured. In short Hua Zhu Yu felt extremely uneasy!

Upon seeing his master fall Sui Yang neighed and lifted his two front legs up, pushing Hua Zhu Yu off center. She jumped off just as Lan Bing shouted, “Lord Chancellor, why are you this injured!?”

Ji Feng Li’s lashes slightly stirred when he heard Lan Bing, however they did not open. There was only a bitter smile on his lips.  

Tang Yu also rushed over. He quickly tore open the bandage and his face was in total shock, “Quickly carry the stretcher over!” Tang Yu turned around and ordered a soldier in a low, slightly trembling voice.

Though Tang Yu didn’t speak any further, Hua Zhu Yu knew his condition wasn’t great.

Two soldiers immediately carried the stretcher over. Lan Bing assisted Ji Feng Li onto it and then carried it with Tang Yu.

Before leaving, Lan Bing didn’t forget to shoot a glance at Hua Zhu Yu. His eyes were exceedingly cold and didn’t conceal the complicated look in them.

Tang Yu also coldly glared at her, “Lord Chancellor’s injured because of you, yet you even pushed him off the horse.”

The combination of Lan Bing’s accusing gaze and Tang Yu’s heavy words really bothered her. She couldn’t do anything but follow behind silently.

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