World of Hidden Phoenixes

Chapter 101 part 2

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Carried to the army camp stationed behind the battlefield, Ji Feng Li was brought inside a tent. Hua Zhu Yu didn’t follow the Imperial military physician inside but waited by the entrance, watching them scurry in and out carrying bandages soaked in blood.

Ji Feng Li’s precarious condition made her uneasy. She knew his death would leave the nation at a disadvantage. Although he was technically only an official presiding over the campaign, his importance could not be overstated. Everyone understood the impact his condition would have on the war so no one dared openly discuss it; as a result Hua Zhu Yu couldn’t find anyone willing to talk, leaving her completely in the dark about his condition.

Although she wanted to know how he was doing, standing in the cold breeze wasn’t doing her any good. It wasn’t until half an hour later that she saw two physicians stepping out. After the commotion died down, she rationalized that Ji Feng Li had to be fine as the physicians would not have left his side otherwise.

She was just about to turn and leave when someone called out to her, “Yuan Bao, come here! Lord Chancellor is calling for you!”

Hua Zhu Yu furrowed her brows and slowly stepped inside. She chided herself for being too slow, it would have been better if she left earlier. What could Ji Feng Li want with her?

Lan Bing narrowed his eyes, watching Hua Zhu Yu approaching. With his head lowered he said, “Had that strike been any deeper Lord Chancellor’s life would have been forfeited. You know this was all thanks to you right Yuan Bao?”

Hua Zhu Yu halted her steps, her back rigidly stiff.

Everything was because of her!

Lan Bing was parroting the same thing Tang Yu said earlier! She acknowledged that was the truth, and she was thankful to Ji Feng Li, but to hear it from someone’ else mouth made her feel as though she owed him! What did she owe him?

Didn’t she once use her own blood to save Ji Feng Li? Him saving her this time, it could only be considered as fair repayment.

Therefore she didn’t owe him a thing! On the contrary when considering past deeds it was he who owed her, after all there was still Jin Se’s life to account for!

The moment she walked in she noticed the medicine brewing in the kettle above the fire, filling the air with a thick smoke and pungent smell.

At the sound of her footsteps Ji Feng Li, who was laying on the bed, opened his eyes. Meeting her gaze, his eyes were unfathomable, like the darkest of night, making her feel as though she could fall into those depths of darkness at any moment.

After Hua Zhu Yu composed herself, she examined Ji Feng Li. He no longer reeked of blood. Those white robes that were once drenched red had been changed and his injuries were freshly bandaged.

Hua Zhu Yu slowly approached the bed.  “Lord Chancellor, you really gave Yuan Bao a scare. Is your body alright now?”

Hua Zhu Yu was full of suspicion. She really didn’t understand why he saved her.

While imprisoned, she had wondered how Ji Feng Li would punish her, a Northern spy, if she were to return to camp. Who would have anticipated he’d not only rescue her, but also get a serious injury in the process?  

No one could comprehend such a turn of events!

Ji Feng Li raised a brow as his dark eyes flashed with a faint light, “So it was actually because you were frightened. This Chancellor had thought so, otherwise Bao Er certainly wouldn’t push this Chancellor off the horse.”

“Thats right, that’s right!” Hua Zhu Yu agreed rather quite awkwardly.

Ji Feng Li faintly assessed Hua Zhu Yu with his cold indiscernible eyes, preventing her from gauging his thoughts.

“Lan Bing, carry down the command, begin to withdraw the troops!” he suddenly instructed Lan Bing who was standing at the entrance of the tent. .

“Yes!” Lan Bing assented and bowed before withdrawing.

Hua Zhu Yu thought about Yangguan’s position. It was a firm stronghold due to the valley of mountains facing its side, leaving a dangerous terrain for invading enemies. As proof, it had taken Xiao Yin quite some time to break through Yangguan. They wouldn’t be able to take it back from him overnight. Ji Feng Li had to be aware of this since he ordered the troops to retreat. However, if he knew this then why did he order an attack on the city earlier? Was it really just to save her?

“Lord Chancellor, why did you rescue this subordinate tonight? Doesn’t Lord Chancellor  think this subordinate is a Northern spy?” Hua Zhu Yu couldn’t help but ask.

Hearing her question, he faintly glanced at her. The corners of his lips lifted in a self-mocking smile as he replied, “This Chancellor thought it would be fun, that’s all, nothing more.”

For fun? Perhaps he was telling the truth because besides this reason, she couldn’t come up with any other plausible explanation.

“Does Lord Chancellor have any further instructions? If not, this subordinate shall withdraw,” said Hua Zhu Yu.

“The medicine is done,” Ji Feng Li plainly stated. Not answering her question, he remained lying on the bed, picking up a book and opening it.  

Hua Zhu Yu furrowed her brows and looked around the tent only to find that there was no one else around. The pot of medicine was boiling fervently and she had no choice but to walk over and take it off the fire.

“There’s a bowl on the table,” he said in a faint voice.

As a subordinate, Hua Zhu Yu could only obey. She poured the medicine in the bowl and said, “Lord Chancellor, the medicine is placed here, this subordinate shall withdraw now.”

“Bring it over,” Ji Feng Li commanded in an indifferent tone, his eyes still fixed on the book.

Annoyed, Hua Zhu Yu wrinkled her brows and wondered why Xiao Yin’s sword didn’t plunge just a little deeper so that he’d be unconscious for a few days; how great that would have been.

However, seeing that he did save her from Northern Kingdom, she told herself to bear with it this time.

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Although she brought the bowl over to him it was obvious he had no intentions of receiving it and remained in his same position.  

Hua Zhu Yu narrowed her eyes.

He didn’t move so neither did she.

He didn’t talk so she remained silent.

His attention was on the book while she remained staring at the bowl of medicine in her hand.

It was uncertain who was testing whose patience but fortunately she had used a handkerchief to cushion this bowl so her hands were not scalded.

Set in a deadlock, the atmosphere became somewhat off.

After a long while, Ji Feng Li finally couldn’t take it any longer and placed the book down to look up at her.

Meeting his gaze, Hua Zhu Yu blinked her eyes and smiled.

Her smile, with eyes gleaming like the brilliance of spring flowers, made Ji Feng Li’s heart skip a beat. It was a glorious smile that could bring down a nation.  

“Yuan Bao, don’t you know how to wait on a sick person?” His chilly eyes which seemed to have sparked with a fire was watching her closely.

So he wanted her to personally feed him the medicine! Well, not just anyone can bear her service.

“Why didn’t Lord Chancellor say so sooner!” Half sitting, half kneeling on the rug, Hua Zhu Yu picked up a spoonful of medicine and brought it to his lips.

Upon drinking the medicine, Ji Feng Li’s brows slightly wrinkled. Anyone could tell this bowl of medicine was bitter from just the mere smell of it. Moreover, the medicine was just taken off the fire and still hot. But it was unfortunate this bowl was so small. Nevertheless, Hua Zhu Yu continued to quickly feed him and since he didn’t refuse, the bowl was soon emptied.

She didn’t think that Ji Feng Li was so fond of taking such bitter medicine. The mere smell of it had made Hua Zhu Yu gag, don’t even mention drinking it.

Hua Zhu Yu stood up intending to place the bowl down on the table when she felt a tug on her bun, immediately bringing her to a halt. Dressed as a man, she had always fixed her hair up in a high bun with a wooden hairpin. Her hand reached out to probe around. It seemed her hairpin was hooked onto the bed curtains.

The sight of her trying to free her hair with one hand while balancing an empty bowl in the other was so comical and hopeless it caused Ji Feng Li’s eyes to fill with mirth. He moved the blanket over and leaned against the bedpost as he slowly moved toward her.

“Let me,” he said in a light voice as his hand reached out to assist her.

He stood so close she could make out the distinct medicinal smell on his breath. When she lifted her head, she could see his handsome face and the concentration in his deep yet gentle eyes.   

Hua Zhu Yu was worried he would realize she was a woman if he took her hairpin out and saw her with her hair down.

“Lord Chancellor, no need, I can do it!” she lowered her head pushing him away. However, she didn’t expect she would push directly on his newly bandaged wound.

Above her she could hear his sharp intake of breath; Ji Feng Li instantly stumbled and his whole body fell backwards. Hua Zhu Yu reflexively reached out to grab his waist. Ji Feng Li went rigid and brushed her hand away as if he didn’t want her touching him, thus accelerating his fall and forcing both of them to topple to the ground.  

The bowl dropped from her hand and the drapes were yanked down resulting in a loud clatter. Her pin was still stuck, so everything came tumbling down with her when she fell and they were instantly cloaked beneath layers of drapery.

Hua Zhu Yu fell on top of Ji Feng Li’s chest, her lips upon something soft and gentle, like another pair of lips….


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