World of Hidden Phoenixes

Chapter 105 part 1

Read this chapter at your own discretion. Like I said in the previous chapter, this chapter contains that scene so if you don’t feel comfortable reading it, you can skip to the next chapter where it will pick up after that scene.

Lying in his arms, pressed against him, she flushed in anger and shame. Dear heavens, what was she to do now?

What would happen if I tell him I’m Yuan Bao, she wondered.

In this military camp, there was no other woman except her.

Could it be that she must eat this loss? It was clear Ji Feng Li assumed she was a woman brought in by others. Since he’s still somewhat clear-headed, if she tells him she’s Yuan Bao, there might be a glimmer of hope for survival.

“I…” As soon as she opened her mouth, her remaining words were stuck in her throat. He had sealed another pressure point, and she could not longer speak.

“Don’t speak, I really hate the sound of your voice!” Ji Feng Li dictated in his husky cold voice.

He stretched out his arm in the darkness and pulled the blanket on the bed down to the ground. He wasn’t even going to let her on his bed but intends take her on the ground.

She was placed on the ground and remained lying there for quite some time.

In the darkness, Ji Feng Li sat next to her, not taking action. His whole body was emitting a cold chill. It seemed like he was trying to resist the drug. She could only hope that he had a strong enough willpower and hold on longer, perhaps then someone might come and save her.  

The night was exceedingly quiet. Inside the tent was dead silence, save for the sound of Ji Feng Li’s heavy breath.

His breathing was unstable, the sound magnified in the silent night. She could hear each breath so crystal clearly.

Judging by his breathing, Hua Zhu Yu could determine that the drug must be very strong. Hearing his breathing get heavier and heavier, she felt overwhelmed by an unprecedented sense of desperation. Suddenly, she could detect the faint smell of blood. She vague sensed that Ji Feng Li must be biting his arm in attempt to stay clear-headed.

The fear in her heart slightly waned. Perhaps there’s still a chance to maintain her virtue tonight.

It seems Ji Feng Li truly did not want to touch her. She had once accidentally intrude on his joyous occasion with a woman so she didn’t understand why he was putting in so much effort to maintain restraint at the moment. In any case, she felt fortunate. At the very least, there was still a glimmer of hope for survival.  

However, things did not go as she desired. Although he had injured his arm, it did not seem to be able to reduce the potency of the drug. His breathing was getting heavier and more intense with each passing second.  

In the darkness, she felt the masculine breath of a man as he slowly pressed down on her.

Closer he came.

Til he was at arm’s reach.

Til their bodies were pressed against one another.

Til his breath was on her cheeks, forcing her feel the burning heat.

Not only was her face burning but deep inside, despair and sorrow overflowed within, trickling out like the flow of blood.

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He began to take off her clothes but was having trouble with it. So he simply tore them off, leaving her completely exposed in the dark.

She could feel the coldness on her bare skin but her heart felt even colder.

That day, she sat in the flower palanquin and arrived at the Chancellor’s Residence. She waited for him on the bridal bed under the bridal veil. At that moment, she had already intended to give herself to him but fate likes to tease people. After so many things had happened, after she came to despise him she still remains entangled with him. No matter how she resists, there was no way out.   

A bitter smile, full of helplessness was on her lips as she lied there on the ground.   

In the darkness, she could vaguely sense his burning gaze.

Ji Feng Li could no longer endure it and quickly removed his clothes. His burning body pressed down against hers. Without a single caress, he immediately rushed in.

Instantly, the overwhelming pain attacked her and she couldn’t help but suck in her breath. Hearing her, Ji Feng Li suddenly stopped and said in a low hoarse voice, “Bear with it, I’m in pain as well.”

He propped his hands above her head and for a long while he did not move.

Get out! Hua Zhu indignantly shouted but not a sound was uttered from her lips.

Outside, the cold wind was raging, blowing against the tent, the sound echoed in intensity. Meanwhile, inside the tent, raging was the scene of spring.

Hua Zhu Yu bit down hard on his shoulder. She could taste his blood but she refused to let go, like a wolf thirsty for blood.

In the darkness, the smell of blood and lust mingled.

Ji Feng Li hands were always propped above her head so that there was no unnecessary contact between them.

It was uncertain how long it lasted but Ji Feng Li movements gradually calmed. He seemed to have sobered up and she had the feeling that he was looking down at her.

In the darkness, their eyes met.

A pair of cold sharp eyes met a pair muddled with confusion.

There was no window in this tent. In the darkness, it was impossible to see the other’s face yet she remained staring at him intently.

He suddenly stopped. She could feel the chill exuding from him. It was evident he was finally clear-headed so the poison should’ve been resolved. It was finally over. But the debt between them was yet to be paid.

Ji Feng Li, I’ll kill you!

One day! Just you wait!

She silently swore.

Suddenly she heard a murmur above her head.

“Bao Er…”

The voice was low and light as if the words spilled from the depths of one’s heart without due notice.

Hua Zhu Yu was startled. Could it be that Ji Feng Li discovered she was Yuan Bao? But, that doesn’t seem right. His voice was tinged in sadness and sorrow, as if repressing some sort of emotion.

Why did he call her name? For what?

Suddenly, a wet lucent drop fell on her face, hot and burning.

In this moment her thoughts were chaotic but suddenly something flashed in her head and she came to a realization. But she just couldn’t believe it.

Anger swelling in her heart.

“You can stay here for a while or leave now. Whatever you need just let my men know, they’ll satisfy any of your requests!” he said in a low voice as he turned over and sat beside her.  

She laid stiffly on the ground not saying a word.

At this time he seemed to realize that he had sealed her acupoints. He reached out and lightly touched a spot on her waist, unsealing all the acupoints. He then slowly walked over to the bed and laid down in exhaustion.

Hua Zhu Yu was lying on the floor, her whole body was sore as if all her bones were broken. The feeling of pain no longer felt real. If possible, she really did want to close her eyes and just sleep away the pain but how could she with so much anger gripping her heart. How could she possibly sleep here?

She tried to suppress the pain and slowly got up, picking up her messy clothes, putting them on one by one.

Her mind was empty as she unconsciously walked out. Her feet felt limp and soft as if she was walking on cotton.

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I really hate these types of scenes, thankfully it was nothing too overly explicit. Rather than being made at JFL I’m more mad at the author. Like really???? Does she have to make HZY suffer even more.


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