World of Hidden Phoenixes

Chapter 105 part 2

Outside, the night was quiet and desolate save for the wail of the chilly northern wind. She returned to her tent in heavy steps. She changed out of her ripped clothes and wrapped her chest with her binding cloth.

Beneath the dim candlelight, she scanned the tent. She saw her silver spear but it wasn’t suitable. Unfortunately she didn’t have a sword.

Enduring the pain, she left her tent and walked around the barracks. After turned a few corners, she saw several soldiers keeping night watch. They greeted her with a smile and one asked, “Commander Bao, it’s so late where are you going?”

She didn’t reply, merely approached the soldier closest to her and reached for the sword on his waist.

The large, long sword shone beneath the faint moonlight and reflected off her cold eyes.

Taking the sword, she turned and walked away. The soldier behind her exclaimed, “Commander Bao, what are you doing? That’s my sword!”

“Lend it to me!” Hua Zhu Yu said without turning back. Her steps were quick and in her anger she momentarily forgot the pain. Soon enough she arrived at Ji Feng Li’s tent.

The doorway to Ji Feng Li’s tent was wide open, the lights inside had illuminated past the doors.

A figure in blue had flown out from the tent and collapsed on the ground, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

Hua Zhu Yu narrowed her eyes and the corners of her lips lifted up mockingly. Now it wasn’t just Ji Feng Li but even his subordinates were irritating to her eyes.

It was Lan Bing and he obviously did not fly out on his own volition but was kicked out by Ji Feng Li.

Lan Bing was kneeling on the ground and was just about to stand up when another shadow came flying out, accurately landing right on him.

“Ah!” Lan Bing moaned like a small injured animal.

The one who came flying out this time was Tang Yu. Even though Lan Bing had cushioned his fall, Tang Yu still couldn’t get up easily.

Hua Zhu Yu coldly looked at them from the side of her eye before entering the tent.

“You people can’t do that! You haven’t given me my silver yet!” another female came running out shouting.

Hua Zhu Yu stopped in her tracks. She saw a young lady walking out. Though she was dressed up nicely, it was still clear that she was a lady from the brothel in the manner that she carried herself.

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“Here, take it!” Tang Yu fished out some money from his robes and threw it on the ground.

Stooping down, the lady quickly picked up the money. After counting it, she placed it in her pocket. When she looked up and saw Hua Zhu Yu standing there with the sword, her eyes lit up. With a smile she propositioned, “Sir, do you have any requests, my fees are very cheap.”

Without waiting for her reply, Lan Bing, who was lying the floor, coldly laughed and said, “How could he possibly desire you! Don’t you have any shame! Why are you so thick-skinned?”

“I’m not thick-skinned. You both instructed me to come serve someone but suddenly had a change of heart. You’re the ones that don’t keep your words!” the lady responded. Then she sashayed over to stand in front of Hua Zhu Yu. Wrapping her arms around Hua Zhu Yu’s neck, she flirtatiously said, “Sir, with such a handsome appearance, even if you didn’t pay, I’d still like to serve you.”  

She finally understood.

Lan Bing must’ve found this woman for Ji Feng Li to resolve his poison but she became this woman’s substitute.

Laughter couldn’t help but escape her lips. Even if she wanted to stop she couldn’t. She wasn’t laughing at this lady but rather at herself.

This woman was the antidote Lan Bing and Tang Yu prepared yet she herself had inadvertently replaced this woman.  

The situation truly left her speechless!

Her laughter resounded in the camp, even she began to feel terrified.

It’s been so long since she laughed like this. It’s been so long that she had forgotten how it felt to laugh.

Yet tonight she laughed blatantly, til she couldn’t even breathe, till her eyes shone with mockery.

Facing the night sky, her eyes were frozen over and her heart was crushed as she continued laughing.

Her crazy laughter frightened the woman who quickly withdrew her arms. She took a few steps back and said, “Crazy, you’re all crazy!” before turning to leave.

Laughing, her grip on the sword loosened and it fell to the ground. She then turned to leave, her sleeves beating in the wind.

For the time being she won’t take action against Ji Feng Li just yet. For a nobleman to exact revenge, even ten years is not too late. After calming down, she realized it was not yet time to reveal her identity. However, this debt she shall ingrain in her heart.

She had seen Ji Feng Li leaning against the tent’s pillar and she coldy humphed before taking her leave.

Leaning against the pillar, Ji Feng Li’s white sleeves were billowing in the wind. His complexion was pale and cold. His gaze was calm as always, but deep in its depth carried a flicker of pain. His gaze was fixed on her back until she finally disappeared into the darkness. He closed his eyes, his long lashes obscuring the flicker of feeling within them as he turned and went back inside.

Lan Bing and Tang Yu were still kneeling on the ground. They were still staring in Hua Zhu Yu’s direction. It wasn’t until she was completely gone before they regained their senses.

Lan Bing rubbed the injury on his chest and asked, “Tang Yu, could it have been Yuan Bao that resolved Lord Chancellor’s poison?”

Tang Yu shook his head and replied, “No, do you think I’m stupid as you. Only, females can resolve this poison.”

“But then what was Yuan Bao laughing for?” Lan Bing asked in confusion. “Why do I get the feeling it sounded quite frightening?”

“That was laughter of despair. I think Yuan Bao must also have feelings for Lord Chancellor. Seeing Lord Chancellor with a woman, he must be feeling heartbroken!” Tang Yu replied in a lowered voice.

“That makes sense. Then this matter can be considered resolved since Lord Chancellor’s poison is already taken care of. I merely assumed it was only Lord Chancellor that had feelings for him. I didn’t expect Yuan Bao to have feelings for Lord Chancellor too,” Lan Bing said.

“But in the end who was it that resolved Lord Chancellor’s poison? Besides that woman we found for Lord Chancellor, there’s no other woman in the army. Who could it be?” Tang Yu asked suspiciously.

“That’s right how could there be another female in the camp,” Lan Bing stated as he furrowed his brows in confusion.

“Who said there’s no female in the camp. There’s one here at the moment.” a loud voice traveled over.

The two of them lifted their heads and saw Tong Shou walking over. Tong Shou hadn’t been in the camp these last few days. He had led men to pick up the provisions sent by Xijiang Yue.

“Tong Shou, you’re back already? How was the handling of the provision?” Tang Yu asked.

“I’ve handled everything accordingly. Why are you two lying here? Counting ants?” Tong Shou asked.

“You go count ants! Tong Shou, you think we want to lie here. We’re injured. Hurry, call some guards over with the stretcher to carry us back.” Lan Bing lamented. “Lord Chancellor was truly vicious this time. I think it’ll take at least half a month to nurse my injuries.”

“The two of you most likely did something unforgivable. Even if Lord Chancellor meted out punishment it is deserving. I won’t bother with the two of you any longer,” Tong Shou said, angering Lan Bing.

“What unforgivable? We only wanted to do what’s best for Lord Chancellor,” Lan Bing lamented.

“Tong Shou, you said there was a female in the camp, who is it?” Tang Yu asked, rubbing his injured chest as he slowly got up.  

“You don’t know? When i went to pick up the provisions, I heard that 4th Miss also came. After i went to check the provisions, she proceeded to ride to camp first. Were you not in the camp?” Tong Shou asked, puzzled.

“She…. she really came?” Lan Bing asked rubbing his chest. He hastily stood and pulled on Tong Shou’s sleeve, “She’s really here?”

“Why would I lie for? She should’ve arrived before I did. Either you guys weren’t in the camp or perhaps she met some accident that delayed her arrival,” Tong Shou replied.

“Go send a soldier to investigate. Quickly,” Lan Bing anxiously stated.  

Tong Shou left and came back moments later. “I sent a soldier to inquire and he reported that 4th Miss had arrived earlier. She said she didn’t want to bother Lord Chancellor so Nangong Jue had already arranged a tent for her to stay. She had rested early for the night.”

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