World of Hidden Phoenixes

Chapter 106 part 2

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Hua Zhu Yu was resting in bed but sleep never came. Her mind was currently preoccupied with the news Ping Lao Da had brought: Rong Luo had came.

Rong Luo, a man of mystery.

She didn’t know much about this man but after a few coincidental meetings, she felt that this man was very much interested in Silver-Faced Asura.

Under his orders, A’Gui had once saved her outside the city gates of Liangzhou. At that time she was dressed as Silver-Faced Asura. While at Qing Cheng, he had offered a staggering amount of money to obtain the so-called ‘Dan Hong’.

These things sparked her suspicion.

Nan Bai Feng Rong Luo, what exactly is his objective?

It seems she must take this opportunity to investigate this person.

Hua Zhu Yu was thinking this over when she suddenly heard a knock on the door. “Commander Bao, are you there?”

Hua Zhu Yu raised her voice, “What’s the matter?”

“Lord Chancellor has ordered Commander Bao to immediately pack your bags and move to the Hu Battalion’s camp,” the guard outside replied in a loud voice.

Hua Zhu Yu replied, “Alright!”

Ping Lao Da was concerned Ji Feng Li wasn’t going to let her transfer. So it was quite unexpected that Ji Feng Li was chasing her away so fast. She was worried that since he had not found the woman who resolved the drug for him that he was going to suspect her but with the present situation, it seems she was in the clear.

This was good news. She no longer had to worry.

She got up and collected her things. She didn’t have much personal belongings so after packing everything into one bag, she left the tent.  

Today the skies were clear and the sun was shining brightly, causing Hua Zhu Yu to squint the moment she stepped out. After she walked past a few rows of tents, her head started to feel heavy as if it wasn’t her own, while her body felt light and weak, drifting forth as if another soul had taken over her.

She didn’t expect to fall so ill. She sighed softly, her legs could no longer hold her up and she tumbled to the ground.  

A guard came over and quickly assisted her, asking with concern, “Commander Bao, are you alright?”

“I’m fine,” Hua Zhu Yu replied in an exhausted voice. The hand holding her arm suddenly tensed and his expression turned solemn.

Hua Zhu Yu was somewhat puzzled and followed his line of sight.

Directly in front, Ji Feng Li and Nangong Jue were slowly approaching. His footsteps suddenly halted when he saw her.

Under the brilliant sunlight, his white robes appeared unexpectedly cold, even his expression was frosty. Only his eyes which were intently gazing at her held a slight startle and a bit of sorrow.

“Lord Chancellor, Commander Bao is ill, may this subordinate bring the horse over?” the guard paid his respects and asked.  

“You may,” he faintly responded, all traces of emotions vanishing from his phoenix eyes. His gaze was now exceedingly distant.

Hua Zhu Yu held onto the guard’s hand. She tried to smile as she always did when she saw him but the hand beneath her sleeves slowly clenched into a fist, her nails biting into her skin. After a long time, it slowly loosened. “Yuan Bao thanks Lord Chancellor,” she said in a faint, calm voice.  

Ji Feng Li faintly hummed and slowly walked passed her, his robes trembling in the wind, flickering across her line of sight.

After Hua Zhu Yu mounted the horse, the guard led her towards the Hu Battalion’s camp.

The horse’s footstep resounded like a drum, each thump directly pounding into Ji Feng Li’s chest. He suddenly stopped and turned around, gazing in the direction of the person that departed.

“Commander Bao seems very sick.” Nangong Jue commented with furrowed brows. He truly couldn’t bear to continue looking at that thin and pallid appearance.  

Turning around, he was slightly startled at the sight of Ji Feng Li whose eyes were tinged with distress. Yet within a mere moment, those dark eyes were cold and deathly stagnant.

“How can a person who leads an army into battle be easily defeated by an illness?” Ji Feng Li indifferently said before quickly entering his tent.


Hua Zhu Yu arrived at the Hu Battalion’s camp.

The Hu Battalion showed her great care and concern. The 8 military officers took it upon themselves to assist her with brewing the medicine. As for the soldiers, they would visit her often, especially those she had rescued that day in the valley.

However, one military officer feared that they would disrupt her recuperation and proceeded to drive them away. He instead assigned two soldiers to take care of her.

There were no shortage of medicine in the army. Good medicine and tonics were available for her use everyday.

Hua Zhu Yu was stuck in bed for more than half a month to nurse her health. When she finally stepped out of her tent, she felt as though it had been ages.

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Standing at the river bank, she stared off into the far horizons. The skies were vast and distant. The mountains were towering and the setting sun was perfectly round. The northern scenery truly gave off a majestic feel.  

In the sky, a solitary falcon glides through the layers of clouds, circling and diving as thought in search of something. The sight of that lofty falcon evoked a sudden sense of desolation within Hua Zhu Yu. She felt like she was similar to that lonely falcon, soaring in the boundless skies.

After half a month had passed, it was already early winter. The northern wind was bitingly cold as it beat against her. After her illness, she was much thinner than before and her uniform had gotten quite wide and loose.

During the time she was sick in bed, the Southern and Northern Armies engaged in a few small battles. Each side had won a few times but also taken a few losses as well. Many events had also taken place inside the military camp. The most surprising was the appearance of another woman in the camp called Rong Si.  

Hua Zhu Yu was very interested in this Rong Si but somehow she was reluctant to meet this woman, even declining to listen to any news pertaining to this woman. She vaguely felt that the reason why this woman was by Ji Feng Li’s side must have something to do with that night.

She didn’t know if this Rong Si had any relationship with Rong Lou. She originally planned to investigate Rong Lou but since she was so sick, she decided to let Ping Lao Da handle it. He said that Rong Lou only stayed for two day before quickly leaving.

She felt rather regretful but Nan Bai Feng Rong Lou was full of mystery. Even if she wanted to investigate him, she feared it wasn’t going to be easy. This matter needed to be discussed carefully and further planning.

Hua Zhu Yu quickly placed all her energy into practicing martial arts and training the soldiers.

She wasn’t strong enough.

She didn’t know what kind of internal strength Xiao Yin had practiced but she was no longer his opponent.

Ji Feng Li’s martial arts was also unfathomable. She feared she wasn’t his opponent either.

As for Dou Qian Jin, though she had never personally fought him, she was aware those 3 coins of his wasn’t easy to deal with either.

She was able to become one of the top four ranked men of the kingdoms most likely thanks to her military achievements. As for one-on-one combat, she still needed to practice more. Therefore besides practice martial arts, she spent most of her time training the Hu Battalion on battle formations. It seems that only by busying herself can she temporarily forget those things that she wanted to dismiss from her mind.


Hua Zhu Yu continues training the Hu Battalion. She is teaching them a formation commonly used to break out of a siege when suddenly she hears a soldier report that Ji Feng Li had come to oversee the training.

Hearing the two words ‘Lord Chancellor’ her whole body turned cold like an unsheathed sword. Mounted on her horse, she gazed off into the far distant.

Indeed, two figures were standing on the steep slope from afar.

That white figure stood there with his robes flickering in the passing wind. It seemed as though he had been there for quite some time.

Hua Zhu Yu coldy smiled. She was just about to withdraw her gaze when she saw the red figure standing beside Ji Feng Li. It was clearly a woman since none of the soldiers dressed in red. This must be Rong Si. It was quite unexpected that they came to oversee the training together.

Hua Zhu Yu narrowed her eyes. A complex mix of emotions surged within her like when she had seen Wen Wan standing beside Xiao Yin that day outside the city walls of Yangguan. Unfortunately though, the distance was too far this time for her to clearly see that woman’s face.

Since she transferred over to the Hu Battalion, she had also heard that Ji Feng Li had moved out of the army camp and entered Yangguan City along with Rong Si.

Staring at the two figures in the far distant, one white, the other red, Hua Zhu Yu’s heart boiled with hatred.

The corners of her lips lifted in a cold smile.

Ji Feng Li, just you wait.

It’s either your blood that will be splattered on my blade or mine staining your fan.

She withdrew her gaze and ordered, “Next team, line up!”

Immediately, another 50 soldiers gathered and stood in formation. Hua Zhu Yu urged her horse forward to the middle of the group, guiding the soldiers during their drill. From defensive to offensive formations, they practiced meticulously.

Standing at the forefront, leading her troops, she was like that solitary falcon soaring in the boundless skies.


On one particular day, the northern wind was exceptionally cold and the skies were dark and bleak.

Southern Kingdom had received a secret report that Xiao Yin was personally leading his troops to attack Xiang Yuguan which was approximately a hundred miles from Yangguan City. Though Xiang Yuguan wasn’t heavily guarded, its terrain was far more unfavorable compared to Yangguan. Thus it wasn’t going to be an easy task to take over Xiang Yuguan.

Though Yangguan’s terran was relatively flat, it was heavily guarded by the Southern Army. Even if Xiao Yin wanted to attack, it wasn’t going to be an easy victory.

It has been quite some time since Xiao Yin finally decided to make a move. Hua Zhu Yu wondered what kind of strategy he had come up with. She couldn’t help but feel apprehensive and uneasy.

Ji Feng Li and Wang Yu immediately dispatched troops to provide reinforcement for Xiang Yuguan. This time they wanted to completely obliterate Xiao Yin’s aspiration of taking over Southern Kingdom.

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