World of Hidden Phoenixes

Chapter 108 part 2

She retrieved the spear and order the soldiers behind her to take hold of Wen Wan.

Xiao Yin pulled Rong Si over and threw her on top of his Imperial Guard Qing Yun’s horse. He then looked at Ji Feng Li and callously said, “Left Chancellor daren, we shall take this woman away first. This Emperor is quite interested in rushing through this formation of yours!”

Ji Feng Li began to direct the different commanding flags.

Thick clouds swarmed across the skies and the frigid wind whistled through the battlefield.

The moment Xiao Yin had thrown Rong Si onto the horse, the wind had blown back her disheveled hair, revealing her face with a small delicate chin,  mouth gagged with a cloth, a tall straight nose, a pair of somber eyes, slightly raised brows and a full forehead….

Hua Zhu Yu suddenly felt like she couldn’t breathe.

After a moment, she finally understood why. This face of Rong Si’s was very familiar to Hua Zhu Yu.

This face was exactly the same as Jin Se who appears in her dream every night. This was Jin Se!

Hua Zhu Yu focused her eyes on Rong Si.

Was it really Jin Se or was she still dreaming?

Had Jin Se not die?

Were her eyes playing tricks on her?

She wanted to take another look at that woman’s face but her hair had scattered across her face again and she was already lying across Qing Yun’s horse.

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The sound of hooves erupted as Xiao Yin began leading his soldiers to break through the formation.

Hua Zhu Yu could not calm her frantically beating heart.

She couldn’t get a clear sight of that face and must take another look.

Feelings of shock and doubts overwhelmed her heart. She couldn’t think of anything else and quickly urged her horse to speed over there.

Her mind was completely empty at this moment.

In her eyes, this battle had dropped out of sight. The soldiers killing one another before her had faded away while that bloody, snow covered night appeared. The ringing of the bugle transformed into the agonizing cries of Jin Se. In her eyes, Hua Zhu Yu could only see the back of the person Qing Yun was taking away.

She hoped with all her heart that it truly was Jin Se.

Behind her a soldier shouted, “Commander Bao, it’s dangerous!” But it did not reach her ears as she continued rushing forward.

Hua Zhu Yu never that it was possible for Jin Se to still be alive. Nor did she think they would reunite like this on the battlefield. Moreover, this situation was just like that snowy night.

That night, she was weakened by Ji Feng Li’s poison and had become powerless. She could only watch as they took Jin Se away but now it was different, there was no way she was going to let that happen a second time.

Hua Zhu Yu dark eyes redened. Perhaps it was only someone who slightly resembled Jin Se. That face afterall was stained with blood and she did not get a clear look. But if there was a slightest inkling of hope, she would grab onto to it and hope it truly was Jin Se.

Hua Zhu Yu whirled her spear in the air, drawing a circle around her, pushing back the oncoming assault to quickly pass through.

Seeing Hua Zhu Yu ride into the enemy’s territory by herself, Ji Feng Li’s heart sank. He signalled the bugle to ring the sound of retreat but it fell on deaf ears as Hua Zhu Yu continued riding forward.

Feeling helpless, Ji Feng Li could only change the plan. He directed the flag and the Southern Army changed their tactics, rushing towards Hua Zhu Yu.

Hua Zhu Yu was like a madman, rushing ahead while the soldiers chased after her.

Ji Feng Li handed the commanding flag to Lan Bing and instructed, “We must entrap the Northern Army. Only that way can we save Rong Si.”  

Lan Bing nodded and he quickly received the flag from Ji Feng Li. Solemnly, he replied, “Rest assured Lord Chancellor, I will do my best to give command!”

Ji Feng Li jumped down from the chariot and directly onto his horse. He urged his horse and chased after Hua Zhu Yu.

He was getting closer and closer.

Hua Zhu Yu broke through the entrapment and chased after the horse Rong Si was on.

The Southern Army did not dare stop her while the Northern Army did not have the strength to. But her actions had caused the Southern Army’s formation to descend into chaos.   

Hua Zhu Yu was exchanging attacks with Xiao Yin’s Imperial Guard Qing Yun.

Two northern soldiers standing on the side could assess that Qing Yun was not Hua Zhu Yu’s opponent. They quickly came to a decision and launched an attack towards Jin Se. It was clear they had received an order beforehand. If they were unable to take her away then she must die.

At this precise moment, the wind had blown black her hair to reveal her face once again and Hua Zhu Yu could finally get a clear sight of it. This face, this nose, it really was Jin Se! But she was already struck by the sword and lost consciousness.

“No!” Hua Zhu Yu exclaimed. At this moment, Qing Yun’s spear once again attacked towards Hua Zhu Yu’s face and she did not have the time to dodge. She extended her left hand to grab the tip of the spear which pierced her palm, drawing blood.

Hua Zhu Yu narrowed her phoenix eyes. Seizing this opportunity, she employed her internal force and directed it through the spear towards Qing Yun. His wrist shook and the spear in his hand immediately fell to the ground.

With her right hand she simultaneously stabbed the two soldiers with her spear.

At this moment, Ji Feng Li had arrived.

The white robes beneath his silver armor were stained with a malevolent red, displaying a grim appearance with eyes shimmering with a cold light.

Where ever the white figure attacked, Northern soldiers quickly succumbed. In this battle, Left Chancellor Ji Feng Li had divulged his martial skills which he had hidden so deeply all these years.

This was the fiercest battle in history between the Southern and Northern Kingdom. The Northern Army was defeated and the Southern Army gave chase pass the Qing Ming River. With no provisions and the arrival of winter, Xiao Yin led his army straight back through the border. At the very least, Xiao Yin did not have the means to launch another attack on Southern Kingdom within the year.

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  • Xena

    Of course we love this novel. Does XY find out she’s his really sister? I wonder if he gets his memories back of his love for HZY?

  • Nu

    I love the plot n twist in this novel..finally my hunch was right about this Rong Si character that turned out to beJinSe..the beginning of the novel described a vague events about some soldiers coming in rescue for HZY n JS turned out to be JFL, but he thought JinSe was HZY n saved her n secretly keep her as RongSi.. one more thing about this Nan Bai Feng Rong Luo that sends provisions to help southern kingdom that was sent by RongSi..could it be Nan Bai Feng RongnLuo is JFL?.i keep tracks of some misterious characters in this novel, as you said over again about hidden phoenix(es).. xie xie translator dear..????

    • PBG8695

      Jin se is xiao yins real sister and she was HZY servant/friend. In the past, when HZY was in the army with her father at the border, Jinse pretended to be HZY back in southern kingdom. She was supposedly “killed” in HZY place on the day HZY was betrothed to XY. Hope that helps clear it up~

  • chii

    I was just thinking about fanfics as well. I was thinking if not transmigration, maybe a new amazing guy. It wouldn’t be so bad for the exes to witness her newfound love and happiness. I hope they die of heartbreak too. No matter how they repent, I just can’t accept the things she had to go through because of them and because of that Wen-bitch. I usually give up on stories like these. I’m only here for HZY because no matter how other readers complain about her character, I think she deserves a happy ending (with another guy).

  • chii

    Thanks for the translation. I hope that there will be more. I check for updates everyday on novelupdates for this one. I really want to see HZY to finally have a happy ending even though the men in this story are mostly a*******. If I could, I would want her to transmigrate into a new world where there will be a male lead who will spoil her. She really deserves good things after all the betrayals she will get in this story. I think it would even be better for her to end up with one of her guards.

    • PBG8695

      I’m so happy to hear that you love the story that much!????????????and yes i want her to have the happiness that she deserves too, once I’ve completely finished translating the novel I’ve considered writing a fanfic alternative ending cuz she doesn’t end up with who i want her too but I’ll see when i get there

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