World of Hidden Phoenixes

Chapter 108 part 3


With the arrival of winter, the northern winds were becoming more fierce and cold.

Hua Zhu Yu was currently standing in front of Rong Si’s tent. No, it should be Jin Se’s tent. She was now certain that person was indeed Jin Se.

It seems the gods were still benevolent.

She couldn’t describe how she was currently feeling. Noticing the military physician step out, Hua Zhu Yu quickly went over and asked, “How is she?”

The physician took a look at her and let out a sigh. “Her injuries are severe. She’ll be alright if she can survive the night.”

Upon hearing this, Hua Zhu Yu’s heart sunk into a deep, dark abyss. No, the gods can’t be this cruel. Surely, nothing will happen to Jin Se. She turned, wanting to storm inside but was stopped by the guards.

“Lord Chancellor has given the order that Commander Bao is not allowed inside! If you continue acting like this, don’t blame us for being impolite!”  the guards said callously.

Hua Zhu Yu shot them an icy glare and they took a step back in trepidation.

At this moment, the curtains of the tent suddenly lifted and Ji Feng Li walked out. With a stern expression, he said, “She’s fine, you don’t need to worry. Follow me to the military camp.” With that said, he crossed his arms and left.

Inside the military camp, Wang Yu was seated at the General seat while Ji Feng Li sat at the Supervising seat.

The atmosphere inside the camp was solemn. The high ranked officers and commanders came in one after another, quickly proceeding to stand accordingly to their ranks.

After obtaining victory they should return to court in triumph. Yet they were called in to this meeting for some unknown reason. They felt suspicious but no one dared question.

Entering the camp, Hua Zhu Yu was also taken by surprise but she quietly went to her place as one of the commanders.

“Our army finally defeated the Northern Army. This is a great accomplishment. After returning to court, Lord Chancellor and this General will definitely inform His Majesty of your merits in this battle,” Wang Yu announced.

Everyone sighed in relief as the tension within their hearts were let loose.

Suddenly, Ji Feng Li asked in a cold voice, “Wang Yu, if someone violates military orders and doesn’t listen to the commander, how should they be dealt with according to military law?”

Wang Yu knew Ji Feng Li was referring to Hua Zhu Yu. He felt a bit vexed since he did respect Hua Zhu Yu. With a bit of difficulty, he answered, “Lord Chancellor, on the battlefield, to violate military order is the greatest taboo. This crime is unforgivable and anyone who commits this should be beheaded without pardon. However…. If the situation is…..”

“Alright!” Ji Feng Li cut him off and asked, “If the person who violated military order accomplished a meritorious deed, then what?”

Wang Yu relaxed a bit. He was afraid Ji Feng Li was going to behead Hua Zhu Yu but it seems that wasn’t the case. Thus he deliberately proposed the lightest punishment, “Then it depends on what the merit is. If that merit helped attain victory then the heaviest punishment is to receive at most 30 planks.”

Hearing the exchange between Wang Yu and Ji Feng Li, the corners of her lips lifted in a frosty sneer. She stepped forward and looked straight into Ji Feng Li’s eyes. “Today this commander had violated military order, causing my comrades to suffer, causing Lord Chancellor’s wife to nearly die, even injuring Miss Wen so heavily. I earnestly request General Wang to met punishment accordingly to military law.”

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