World of Hidden Phoenixes

Chapter 111 part 2

Hua Zhu Yu took the letter and opened it. Under the dim candlelight of the tavern, she carefully read the letter. Her breathing slowly became heavier. The hand clutching the letter slightly quivered as her complexion turned dark.

She dared not believe what was written in the letter. But hadn’t she been thinking this all along? Now that there was evidence to confirm it, why didn’t she want to believe it?


Each word was like a dagger aimed at her heart. Her whole body felt numb and cold. “There hadn’t been any news in so long, how did you suddenly find this out?” Hua Zhu Yu calmed down and asked.

“It was Dan Hong who figured it out, she…..” Ping Lao Da suddenly paused. His brows knitted as a trace of sorrow fleeted across his eyes.

“What’s happened to Dang Hong?” Hua Zhu Yu asked coldly.

“She originally concealed her identity and entered the Palace during the selection. She became a palace maid. I thought she would remain as one but recently, in order to investigate, she got close to Huangfu Wu Shang and became his imperial concubine. She had followed Huangfu Wu Shang to the royal study of the previous emperor once and stole a secret letter. It was written obscurely and took time to decipher but she figured out it was from the Left Chancellor. “ Pin Lao Da said in a lowered voice.

Each sentence of Ping Lao Da was like a stroke of thunder striking against her heart.

Dan Hong became Huangfu Wu Shang’s imperial concubine. Dan Hong stole the secret letter… Dan Hong…

Hua Zhu Yu felt very cold. In her heart, waves of emotions surged and it took some time for her to settle down.

She didn’t think that Dan Hong would sacrifice herself for her. At the beginning when she knew that Dan Hong was participating in the Palace selection, she thought of letting Huangfu Wu Shuang select Dan Hong. That way, she could protect Dan Hong’s innocence. But Huangfu Wu Shuang was met with disaster and his life was hard to preserve. Yet, Dan Hong she….  

Hua Zhu Yu closed her eyes and the surrounding became deadly silent. In front of her was a scene of endless blood, dark, red and despairing.

After a long moment, she finally opened her eyes and lifted the letter to the flame. It was engulfed in fire as it slowly burnt to ashes.

The brilliance of the flame reflected in her eyes, a dark, red frosty chill. One couldn’t help but shudder from the sight.

She reached for the sword on Ping Lao Da’s waist. Tonight, she didn’t bring any weapons because she was attending the wedding banquet. She pulled the sword out from its sheath. The blade pierced through the air like the cries of a grieving ghost.  

“General, in the letter An asked about the war. It seems no one in the capital is aware we have defeated Northern Kingdom, Perhaps Ji Feng Li has suppressed this news.” Ping Lao Da said.

Hua Zhu Yu nodded and her eyes narrowed. “This proves that he doesn’t have complete control over the affairs of the capital yet. There are more than 100,000 troops in the capital and this military power is not in his hands.”  

“General, how about we send the news back to the capital,” Ping Lao Da said after contemplation.

“There’s no rush. Tonight, I want to bring another person along with us,” Hua Zhu Yu replied.

“Who?” Ping Lao Da asked puzzled.

“Jin Se,” Hua Zhu Yu answered.

“Who is she?” Ping Lao Da only knew she was Ying Shu Xie but was unaware that she was Hua Mu’s daughter, so naturally he didn’t know Jin Se.

“She’s Rong Si, the person who’s about to marry Ji Feng Li. She’s… an old friend of mine. If Ji Feng Li is that kind of person, I can’t let her marry him.”

Ping Lao Da nodded. He had complete trust in Hua Zhu Yu and always followed her orders without question.

“How do we rescue her? Today is the grand wedding. There are many military officials present. Even if the Orphan Army was present, it would be very difficult to take her away.” Ping Lao Da said with concern. He wasn’t the only one hiding in the army, there were also a few members of the Orphan Army.

Hua Zhu Yu thought for a moment before placing the sword back in its sheath. Then she stood and replied, “There’s only one way, abduct the bride.”

“Abduct the bride? How would we do that?” Ping Lao Da appallingly asked. Isn’t this is even more difficult than kidnapping ordinary people?

“You don’t have to worry. I’ll do it myself.” In order not to cause suspicion, she must do this alone. Only she could do this. On the battlefield, she had risked her life to save Jin Se. So many people in the army already had speculations that she had feelings for Jin Se.

If she were to show up and stop this wedding, it would not cause suspicion.

Of course, she did not expect to be able to take Jin Se from Ji Feng Li successfully. She could only hope that Jin Se understood her intentions for disrupting the wedding and refuse to marry Ji Feng Li.

That was the only way.

It was late in the night and the moon was shining brightly like a pearl in the night sky. In Ji Feng Li’s temporary residence, lively music and festivities could be heard.

With Ping’s sword at her waist, Hua Zhu Yu entered the residence, stepping on the vibrant red carpet. To her ears, the jovial melody was particularly harsh and those ‘happiness’ characters plastered on the wall were bloody-red to her eyes.

There were many guests present in the main hall, clapping merrily as the ceremony took place, presided by an official.

“The auspicious hour has arrived, may the bride and groom kowtow to the heaven and earth…”

“First kowtow to the heaven and earth then….”

“Wait!” a clear, cold voice sounded outside the hall, interrupting the official.

Everyone was caught by surprise. The music and chatter within the hall all instantly went quiet. Everyone turned around to see who it was. Beneath the vibrant lights of the main hall, Hua Zhu Yu was approaching step by step. She was dressed in a silver attire with her dark hair bounded by a band of the same color. Though the outfit was plain, it did not conceal her brilliant aura.

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As she approached, her robes billowed along with the night wind. Her body seemed to be covered in a layer of mist as she emerged from the shadows of the night and entered the hall. Her clear eyes flashed with a sharp radiance and the smile upon her lips was dangerous yet beautiful as a poppy flower.

“Commander Bao, what are you doing?” General Wang Yu hastily stepped forward and asked in confusion.

Hua Zhu Yu halted her step and swept her gaze across the hall. With a casual smile she said, “This old man1 came to snatch the bride!” The words were spoken carelessly yet held a covert charm and force.

Originally, the hall was already silent but it became deadly mute. It took a moment for the words to settle in before a reaction could be seen.

Commander Bao came to snatch the bride? And the bride was actually the Left Chancellor’s! What made people even more appalled was that Hua Zhu Yu was a eunuch. Even a eunuch had the audacity to snatch a bride!

How could people not be stunned!

“Commander Bao must be drunk, ha ha … if you’re drunk quickly go sober up. Someone, come escort Commander Bao out!” Wang Yu quickly gave the order.

Hua Zhu Yu silently flashd a cold smile. Beneath her wide sleeve, her hand rested upon the sword’s handle tightened and she quickly unsheathed the sword. She slowly moved it across her lips and lightly blew.  “General Wang, you should quickly tell everyone to leave. My sword isn’t keen on drawing blood!”

Wang Yu was dumbfounded. He had thought Hua Zhu Yu was jesting but seeing her current appearance he quickly realized he was wrong.

“Everyone can leave!” Ji Feng Li light voice sounded in the hall.

Seeing the current situation, everyone followed orders and left the main hall. Soon, a pair of bride and groom, in dazzling red wedding attires appeared in front of Hua Zhu Yu.


  1. HZY referred to herself as “this grandpa” or “this old man” to display that she’s in a higher position or that she’s talking down to everyone

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  • lily lim

    Thank you translator ????????????????. The letter tell about what? I don’t get in. Please tell me. Hopefully it’s not bad scheming can harm HZY. I hope she find her beloved one. She always work harder for her family sake. Hopefully soon she will have her own happiness

    • PBG8695

      The author was being vague so she doesn’t explicitly say what’s in the letter. We only assume its something bad regarding ji feng li based on HZY reaction.

  • Nu

    Xie xie ni dear translator.. wow the plots getting further n darker.. i felt that maybe a powerful black hand is operating behind that even HZY didnt know anything about..too complicated political plots but most excitingly coz the reader knows only know little hints here and there.. kudos for the author????????

  • Riana ZeinFZ

    OMG OMG.. what a cliff hanger >_< Cant be patient for next chapter. Thank you for your hard work in translating it <3 I really got hooked of this novel. The MC is just ordinary girl whom grown up as soldier and general of army. Not genius whatever transmigrator. I getting bored of that type of MC lately. This novel bring me the fresh <3 Thank you thank you so much translator sama <3

  • vinnblacke

    This novel really anticipates me….too much violence and heart ache but i cant stop myself from addicted,.thanks for update

  • fan63

    Is Hua Zhu Yu to be the real entertainment at this event.Distract Ji Feng Li and get the girl. Will someone die tonight? Will Hua Zhu Yu find out that the bride might be related to her? Things just can’t get anymore troublesome for Hua Zhu Yu.

    Thank you for this update

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