World of Hidden Phoenixes

Chapter 127

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Hua Zhu Yu lowered her gaze as she contemplated in silence. Those years on the battlefield, she had been injured countless times but they were all minor, skin wounds so Tai had never taken her pulse before. But now she was in a predicament. Other than Tai, there was no one else she could trust. Thus so she slowly lifted her sleeve, revealing her fair skin beneath the candlelight. 

Tai’s eyes instantly darkened and he lowered his gaze. He proceeded to place his fingers on her wrist as he concentrated on taking her pulse. Across the thin layer of silk sleeve, she could feel the warmth of his touch. With just a touch of a finger, physicians could assess one’s health (t/n if only that was true lol). The field of medicine was truly marveling yet frightening as well. 

Moments later, an alarmed look seized Tai’s face but it quickly settled. His brows then slightly furrowed as his face carried a heavy expression. Finally, he withdrew his hand and leaned back against his seat. 

Hua Zhu Yu didn’t expect such a calm response from Tai. To come face-to-face with a pregnant male all of a sudden, she would’ve staggered in shock. 

“It seems my suspicion wasn’t wrong, General ….really is a woman,” Tai said with difficulty after a long silence.  

Startled, she asked, “You suspected I was a woman? Since when?” Those years on the battlefield she always wore a mask, concealing her appearance. Though she knew that Tai was a very perceptive person, even Dan Hong did not suspect anything so how come he did? 

“It was when I had bandaged your wounds that time on the battlefield. I thought I was mistaken. How could there be such a valiant woman.” Tai said as he looked at her. 

Hua Zhu Yu somewhat blushed in embarrassment and awkwardly smiled, thinking that that Tai must’ve been infected by An Xiao Er’s poisonous tongue. 

“But General, why are you pregnant?” Tai asked with his brows knitted. 


Hua Zhu Yu’s mind drifted off as that figure in white appeared in her thoughts. His gentle, refined smile pierced into the depths of her heart. 

“Tai, can the baby be kept?” Hua Zhu Yu asked. 

“You’ve been poisoned but the trace of poison is very small which makes it difficult to detect. The one who did this probably wants the baby to slowly die. If you continue to come into contact with the poison, the baby will not be able to live longer than a month,” Tai said gravely. 

Upon hearing this, she felt as though her heart was suspended above a cliff, ready to take a dive at any moment.  

 “Can the baby still be saved?” she asked in a hurry.

“Fortunately the poison was detected early. I will prescribe you a medication. Once you come into contact with the poison, take this medication and it will eliminate the toxins. In my possession, I have a crystal mined from the north that can detect over hundreds of poison. It’s even more effective than silver needles. Next time you take anything, use this crystal to check for poison. If the crystal changes color to black, that means there’s poison,” he said as he pulled out a transparent, jade-like crystal from his pocket and placed it on the table.  

With hands slightly shaking, Hua Zhu Yu received the crystal. In her palm, the crystal exuded a white, pearl-like radiance. Since it was mined from the north, the crystal was very cold to the touch, as cold as her present heart. In the end, who wanted to harm her child? Her medicine was personally prepared by Dan Hong. Could it be Dan Hong? No, even if everyone else around her wanted to harm her, she would never believe that it was Dang Hong. But other than Tai, only Dan Hong knows that she’s a woman. Who would give a male a feticidal poison? Hua Zhu Yu closed her eyes in anguish. She clutched the crystal tightly in her hand. In the future, she and the baby had to rely on this crystal. 

Yong Zheng Palace

Sitting in her seat, Hua Zhu Yu watched as Dan Hong was busy around the stove. The medicine pot was boiling, filling the whole room with it’s scent. Dan Hong picked up the pot and poured the contents into a bowl carefully. After waiting for it to cool, she slowly brought it over. 

 Hua Zhu Yu received the bowl of medicine with a smile. “Dan Hong can you pick a plum blossom for me. I noticed that the white blossoms in your courtyard are very beautiful.” 

Smiling, Dan Hong replied, “Alright, then I shall pick the most beautiful one.” With that said she slowly stepped outside. 

After Dan Hong finally left, Hua Zhu Yu gently placed the bowl on the table and took the crystal out from her belt pocket. She looked down at the medicine in front of her. Dan Hong had personally brewed this for her. She didn’t believe that there was poison but her arms were slightly trembling, just like her heart as she carefully placed the crystal in the bowl of medicine. 

Her gaze was fixed on the crystal. After a while, she removed it from the bowl. It was still as white as a pearl.  

 Hua Zhu Yu felt ashamed to have doubted Dan Hong but at the same time she also felt a sense of relief and joy. 

At this time, Dan Hong entered the room holding a flower branch that had eight blossoms blooming brilliantly. Within her hand, the flowers drew attention to her beauty, making her appear all the more stunning. It was so cold outside yet Dan Hong was only wearing a thin white dress.  

“Why haven’t you taken your medicine?” she chided. 

Hua Zhu Yu had soon stashed the crystal away. With a smile, she lifted the bowl and downed the medicine. The usually bitter medicine did not taste all that bad today.  

 “Drink slowly!” Dan Hong urged. After Hua Zhu Yu finished the medicine, Dan Hong handed her the flowers and said, “ So obedient! I’ll reward you with this flower!” 

Hua Zhu Yu couldn’t help but smile and took the flowers before saying, “It’s not early anymore, I should go.” 

Hua Zhu Yu returned to her room. She took out the Blood Lotus which she had gotten from the royal pharmacy. This Blood Lotus was extremely valuable. If it was not picked correctly, it would wither quickly. Thus she had soaked it in a glass of water after she had taken it from the royal pharmacy. She took the Blood Lotus out of the water and plucked off a petal and soaked it in hot water for a while. Then she took out the crystal and tested it. After less than an incense stick of time, it began to turn dark. 

 Upon witnessing the color change, her heart grew cold with despair. 

After taking the Blood Lotus from the royal pharmacy, she had kept it hidden in her room all this time. That meant that someone had tampered with the Blood Lotus at the royal pharmacy. 

She had asked Huangfu Wu Shuang for this herb. She had said it was to cure Dan Hong’s illness but there was poison in this herb that could harm the fetus. That meant that Huangfu Wu Shuang was aware the medicine Dan Hong used was for nurturing the fetus. But he pretended to be oblivious and even gave away the Blood Lotus so generously. Yet he did not know that the person using this medicine was actually her. He must’ve thought Dan Hong was pregnant with Huangfu Wu Shang’s child! He didn’t want this child to be born so he poisoned the Blood Lotus. 

 Since the day she followed him, they have faced much wind and rain together. But she has always wholeheartedly assisted him. He could be tyrannical, naive, callous, even mischievous and naughty. But in her eyes, he remained a child that wasn’t sensible. Even when she became aware of his scheming heart, she still couldn’t hate him. But now there was a hatred for him growing in her heart.  

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 Ji Feng Li was already dead. Now he even wants to take away this child! 

 Hua Zhu Yu fell back on the chair. The angelic smile of that juvenile flashed before her eyes. That smile was deceptive, creating an illusion of innocence. 

 The flickering candlelight in the room made Hua Zhu Yu felt dizzy. She silently looked out the window, unaware of when daylight would come. 

Like flowing water, the days passed by quickly. It was already the 15th of January. After the 15th, New Year’s was officially over. 

Hua Zhu Yu had not received any news of Jin Se nor her father’s whereabouts. 

Hua Zhu Yu was already 3 months pregnant. She feared that she would start to show soon. Fortunately, the weather was still cold so she could dress in thick cloaks to hide her belly from people’s notice. 

She began to feel apprehensive. A part of her wanted to leave right away, while another wanted to remain in order to continue investigating. For that reason, she knew she couldn’t act rashly. So she had mentioned to Huangfu Wu Shuang several times that Dan Hong’s health wasn’t good, hoping that he would let her take Dan Hong out of the palace for a few days to nurse her health. But there were 2 major events coming up, the concubine conferment ceremony and the annual tribute. 

Since his ascension, Huangfu Wu Shuang’s harem has been empty. Now he wants to have a ceremony to give Wen Wan a title. She truly was the person in his heart. He doesn’t care even though she had been taken to Northern Kingdom. He even wants to hold a grand ceremony for her. 

The other big event was the annual tribute of the vassal states. 

Within Southern Kingdom, there were several smaller states which pay tribute to Southern Kingdom each year after New Years. Naturally, this year was no exception, 

not to mention this year there was a new Emperor. Even Western Liang and Eastern Yan, who had always had a good relationship with Southern Kingdom, sent envoys as well. There was news that Northern Kingdom had also sent envoys to attend the tribute but this hasn’t been verified. 

It seems this was the busiest month of the year. 

As a result, Huangfu Wu Shuang did not agree to let Hua Zhu Yu leave. He wanted her to remain in the palace to help him with these big events. Only once that’s been done was he willing to let her take Dan Hong out of the palace to recuperate. 

She calculated the days and determined that she still had time. The tribute and concubine conferment ceremony would last till February at the longest. But she wasn’t able to remain for the Refined Female Concubine Selection because by that time it would be March and she’d be 5 months pregnant. With the weather warming up, she would not be able to hide behind her winter clothes so she had to leave by then. Thus she agreed to Huangfu Wu Shuang’s proposal and began to prepare for the envoys’ arrivals. 

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    Most of the time her decisions are wrong just like right now. She is pregnant and she know that its not safe for her baby in the palace but she insist on staying there. 🤦🤦 Can’t she continue on her investigation after the birth of her child?

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