World of Hidden Phoenixes

Chapter 139

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“You don’t want to tell me what his surname is, fine. Then can you tell me what my surname is?” Hua Zhu Yu questioned as she looked at Hua Mu, her clear eyes flashing with coldness. 

The look in her eye made Hua Mu worry and he chided, “Yu’er, what nonsense are you talking about?” 

Hua Zhu Yu smiled bitterly. Nonsense? 

On this earth, was there a pair of father and daughter like them? Since she was young, she was forced to train martial arts with the Orphan Army and practice the qin and pipa with Xuan furen. She was always dedicated and diligent, trying her hardest no matter what, all in order to receive his praise but he was a person that was hard to please. It seemed as though no matter what she did, she could never meet his expectations. 

When she learned that she was to marry Ji Feng Li, she rejoiced in her heart, not only because he was admirable man but because she could finally stop living as a man. But little did she expect, that marriage was the beginning of her doom. 

“Did you know how much it pained me to think that Jin Se had been sullied that night? Or that I was captured and thrown into Northern Kingdom’s military camp? Did you know how many times I’ve nearly lost my life this year?” Hua Zhu Yu questioned as she bit her lower lip, holding back her emotions as the humiliation and fear she had suffered this past year flashed before her eyes. 

 “I’m well aware. I told Jin Se to leave that pendant behind for you so that when you arrive in Northern Kingdom, you wouldn’t have to suffer but….I didn’t think that matters would get so out of hand. That’s why I sent someone to Northern Kingdom to take you home but I didn’t expect Xiao Yin to appear. I know that you have suffered much but these are things that you must go through!” Hua Mu said, his eyes, dark and stern, evoking fear with just a single glance. 

“Why? Based on what? ” Hua Zhu Yu questioned. 

Hua Mu was silent for a long time, his expression dark. He finally said, “There are many things I cannot tell you at the moment. But fortunately, everything is still under control. In the future, don’t assassinate the Emperor again, he never thought of hurting you, nor your baby.” 

“Nor the baby?” Hua Zhu Yu repeated before a chill gripped her heart and she questioned in a trembling voice, “Then, it was you?” 

 Hua Mu faintly nodded and said slowly, “That time, when I met you at Qi Feng Palace, I realized that you were with child. Therefore, I had poisoned Dan Hong’s candied dates. The Emperor’s poison merely makes you lose your martial arts, it has no effect on the child.”  

Hua Zhu Yu’s face paled from shock. She still remembered that day clearly when she had lost the child. Huangfu Wu Shuang had told her that he just wanted to abolish her martial arts to keep her by his side, that he didn’t expect to harm the child. 

Under the candlelight, Hua Zhu Yu stared at Hua Mu’s face that was clearly illuminated. There were no traces of tenderness nor affection, just cold to the extreme. This was her father whom she had respected since she was a child, but now looking at him, he felt so distant, as if a stranger, making her heart tremble in fear. 

 “Why? That was my baby! It has your blood flowing through its veins. How could you? Why did you?” Hua Zhu Yu stubbornly questioned even though her heart was swelling with numbness. 

Hua Mu slowly stood and said with a sigh, “Yu’er, you may hate me now, but one day you’ll understand. I’ll leave first. The Emperor shall wake soon. Tonight is your wedding night, I shall not disturb you.” 

Wedding night?

At this moment, Hua Zhu Yu suddenly realized that she was in Huangfu Wu Shuang’s palace and today was the wedding. 

Within the room, there was a dragon and phoenix candle stand. Above the bed, red wedding draperies were hung. The room was decorated in red, exuding of joy but within her heart there was only a numbing bleakness. 

“I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you but I will not be his Empress nor will I be sharing a wedding night with him,” Hua Zhu Yu coldly said and turned to walk towards the door. 

Behind her, a deep sigh sounded before a cold sweep of air surged towards her. She quickly turned around and blocked Hua Mu’s attacking palm with her own. Colliding, the force from his attack made her body slightly shudder as she looked into his deep eyes. 

 “Yu’er, you plan to oppose me? Don’t forget, your martial arts are taught by me. Do you think you can beat me?” Hua Mu asked slowly. 

 Hua Zhu Yu smiled wistfully. Yes, he was the one that had trained her. Even though she had paid respects to different masters, it was he who she had practiced in front of every day. He was familiar with her every move, naturally she can’t defeat him and she never wanted to because she never thought they’d meet like this, on opposing sides. 

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“But even if I can’t defeat you I won’t be your pawn!, I won’t be a pawn for you to discard once you’re through with it!” Hua Zhu Yu said coldly. 

“Child, you’re wrong, I’ve never thought of abandoning you. You are not a pawn. In this game of chess, though you’re not the one making the moves, you’re definitely not the pawn either. This game is all for you,” Hua Mu said. 

Hua Mu’s words left Hua Zhu Yu in a state of confusion. But she no longer dared to believe his words. She knew that she was not his opponent, moreover, even if she defeated him, she would not be able to defeat the Yu Lin Imperial Guards stationed outside. Tonight, if she wanted to escape successfully, there was only one way. 

As she fought him, she silently moved, positioning herself closer to the bed in order to take Huangfu Wu Shuang hostage. After avoiding Hua Mu’s attack, she lifted the red draperies veiling the bed. 

 Yet in a flash, her sight was obscured as a red muslin covered her head while a pair of strong arms had quickly fastened around her waist. She was shocked. Just moments ago, she had listened to his breathing and concluded that he was still unconscious. It seemed he had deliberately pretended to be asleep. His poison must have been completed treated by Hua Mu. 

 In the room, Hua Mu’s voice sounded, “This official shall withdraw.” 

The sound of footsteps gradually faded and the room fell silent. Hua Zhu Yu wanted to push him away but the arms around her waist seemed to be embedded in her flesh. On her neck, she could feel his breath, heavy and warm. His magnetic voice sounded beside her ear, “Xiao Bao’er, do you think you can escape my palace? Even if you can, I will still bring you back. I’ve said it before, you’re mine, sooner or later, you’re still mine!”

Hua Zhu Yu stopped struggling. Huangfu Wu Shuang bit the muslin and pulled it down. Before her eyes, she saw Huangfu Wu Shuang’s face. His dark eyes were fixed on her face, unblinking, flames igniting within its depths. He stretched his fingers, running them along the curves of her face before pausing at her lips. His knitted brows loosened and a smile stretched across his face. 

 “Huangfu Wu Shuang, let go of me and let’s talk,” Hua Zhu Yu said calmly. 

 Huangfu Wu Shuang tightly held onto her waist. They were so close that within the silent room, their heartbeats could be heard. He stubbornly pursed his lips, his beautiful face slightly devilish. 

“I won’t let you go, Xiao Bao’er, I won’t ever! When I knew you were a woman, I found out you were Hua Zhu Yu and knew that you were my Empress.” As he spoke, his arms tightened around her as his lips ran down her neck. 

Hua Zhu Yu frowned and her eyes flashed with coldness as she raised her hand to attack his neck. But he reached out and seized her hand in time as a hint of displeasure flashed in his beautiful eyes. “Xiao Bao’er, we are the Emperor and Empress, righteously and properly. Why must you still refuse me?” 

 “Huangfu Wu Shuang, don’t forget, the one you married is Nie Yi Ren not Hua Zhu Yu. Even if it was Nie Yi Ren, you did not really marry her,” Hua Zhu Yu coldly stated. 

“Then I will immediately decree that you are my Empress!” Huangfu Wu Shuang said as he leaned over, pressing her down on the bed. Momentarily, his dark eyes stared into hers with unspeakable depth. 

 “Xiao Bao’er, don’t refuse me anymore, alright?” He whispered, his voice low and alluring. 

“Stop dreaming!” Hua Zhu Yu said as she tried to push Huangfu Wu Shuang away. 

 “You continue to refuse me, is it because you’re still thinking of Ji Feng Li? He’s dead, you killed him yourself!” 

 It turned out, Huangfu Wu Shuang already knew her baby was Ji Feng Li’s. 

 Suddenly, her heart was numb with pain. Yes, he was dead. Her baby was dead. Only she was alive. She smiled sourly. If that was the case, what was the point of her being alive?

With a woosh, her clothes were torn apart, the fragments flung carelessly into the air. 

Hua Zhu Yu’s eyes widened in shock before she lifted her foot to kick his chest. “Huangfu Wu Shuang! What… what do you want to do!”  

 With his wound suddenly kicked, blood spilled forth, seeping through his white robes in a startling red. His beautiful face instantly paled and his dark eyes narrowed. “Naturally, it’s to help you change clothes to rest Xiao Bao’er. Or do you want to keep wearing this dancing outfit? Don’t worry, if you don’t agree, I absolutely won’t touch you!” 

He also had his pride. If she did not want him, he would not force her.

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Sorry for the confusion everyone! Yes I did post this chapter up but then I had to take it down because as I was translating the next chapter I noticed that there was a mistake. So in the vietnamese version which I’m using, a whole scene is missing so that threw me off because as I was translating the next chapter it didn’t really make sense. Thus, I had to go and look up the chinese raws and try to make sense of it. While I was looking at the chinese raws I realized that in this particular scene, different things happen depending on which version of the novel was used. (This novel has 2 different version which I have mentioned before. Most of the story is the same, save for a few scenes) In addition, I noticed that the Chinese raw version that the vietnamese translations is based off had that same missing scene as well on certain websites. Thus I had to go hunt down the version that had the completed chapter with all the scenes. It took a lot of time but thank goodness for google translator or else I would have no idea what I was looking at. In short, I took down this chapter because I was unsure of how to proceed with the next. Now that I’ve found the completed chapter in the chinese raws, I’ll either summarize that scene (that was missing in the vietnamese raws) or translate it completely, based on how well google-translate can translate chinese (which we all know isn’t a hundred percent accurate but…) It’s a very short scene so it’s not a major issue.

And I’ve italicized the last parts of this release because it’s one of the major differences between the two different version. In version 1, Huangfu Wu Shuang says this and does not take advantage of her. In version 2, he does not say this and instead confesses his love and somewhat takes his liberties with her, mostly trying to kiss her, nothing major happens because someone will appear (in both versions). And I will be translating the vietnamese translated version where he doesn’t take advantage of her (since I only know vietnamese and not chinese). I may try to add the second version so that you get the full picture but that’ll just depend on how much time I have and how well google translator is. LOL that was a long side note, not sure if ya’ll will read this but yeah that was what had happened. Apologies for all of the confusion!


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    I’m still wondering how she could easily forgive and “love” JFL and even XY when they caused her so much pain (knowledgeably or otherwise), loves JFL despite him taking advantage of her, loved their… ‘child’ but hates the Crown Prince despite him never harming her?

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    thank you so much for translating this novel. Excellent translation job, I’m in awe at the effort and research you put in. Kudos!

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    Thanks for this update! As far as I’ve tried, baidu translate makes sometimes more sense than google translate. Maybe you can try out both to compare the translations? For baidu translate the default version is English and Chinese (although all written in chinese) I believe, so no need to change the language.

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