World of Hidden Phoenixes

Chapter 159 part 2

In the blink of an eye, the two of them had exchanged over a dozen moves. They fought with all their strength, as if fighting for their lives. Twin figures of black and white moved in tandem with one another like two dragons in the air, fast as the wind. Their internal power surged in the air, causing the lanterns the guards held to stir in the night. 

At this time, Ji Feng Li drew an arc with his fan and was stabbing directly at Xiao Yin’s chest. The ends of his fan seemed to be gleaming with a cold light making Hua Zhu Yu to suddenly remember that his fan had a hidden mechanism. There were several daggers at the ends of the fan. But Xiao Yin was unaware of this. So if this were to hit Xiao Yin’s chest directly……

Not daring to think any further, Hua Zhu Yu quickly rushed over and stretched out her arms in front of Xiao Yin and shouted, “Stop!” 

Shocked, Ji Feng Li quickly withdrew his internal power and stopped his attack. But to stop the surging internal force so abruptly, his blood rushed and his internal organs throbbed. 

He slowly turned his head, his eyes gently gazing at Hua Zhu Yu. With difficulty, he carefully said, “Alright! I’ll stop…… but you come back with me.”

Hua Zhu Yu turned away, unable to look directly at his pale face. She shook her head and said slowly, “Ji Feng Li, I have to leave.” There were certain things she had to find out for herself so she must leave this place. 

Staring at her for a long while, Ji Feng Li suddenly smiled and weakly said, “Alright then, you both may leave.”  

 He motioned with his hand to Tong Shou and the guards to make way for them to leave. 

Tong Shou anxiously said, “Prince……” but Ji Feng Li had lifted his hand to stop him. 

The guards looked at each other, confused by the sudden turn of events. Though they did not know why he suddenly let them go, they obeyed his orders and made way. 

Hua Zhu Yu stood in place for a moment, slightly stunned. Even Xiao Yin didn’t think that things would be resolved so easily. But he did not question it and pulled her away to leave in a hurry. 

Moments later, all that remained on the huge street was Ji Feng Li and the group of guards. 

“Today’s matters, I don’t want to hear anyone else mention it!” Ji Feng Li coldly instructed as his eyes callously swept over everyone. 

 All the guards knelt down and complied to orders. On such a cold night, the fierce fight just now couldn’t even compare to the cold look in the Prince’s eyes at this very moment. It was cold enough to bring everyone chills. 

“Withdraw!” Ji Feng Li ordered. 

 Subsequently, the prison guards had all retreated, leaving only a few bodyguards left by his side. 

He gazed out into the distance in the direction Hua Zhu Yu had left. Just when the bodyguards thought he had turned to stone, he slowly turned around and closed his fan, little by little, as if he had exhausted all his strength. But just as the folding fan was about to close, blood gushed up his throat and squirted on the half-opened and half-closed white fan.


Hua Zhu Yu had left with Xiao Yin and his party. At first, she was afraid that Ji Feng Li would catch up with them but once she was about to leave Yu City safely, she realized he really intended to let her go. In that instance, a complicated emotion gripped her heart and she didn’t know how she felt. 

 Xiao Yin had already arranged a boat for them to leave Yu City. In fact, he made careful arrangements before he went to save Hua Zhu Yu. Once he rescued her, he took her to the boat which was prepared to leave the city by waters overnight. 

When Hua Zhu Yu got onto the boat and lifted the curtains to walk inside the cabin, Dan Hong immediately rushed to her side. Grabbing her hand, she anxiously exclaimed, “General, you are finally here! These days, you must’ve suffered in prison.”

Hua Zhu Yu reached out to touch Dan Hong’s shoulder and shook her head. With a smile she said, “Do I look like I’ve suffered? You, on the other hand, have become much thinner. When you return to Northern Kingdom, you, Princess, will have to eat up. The men of Northern Kingdom like their women strong and sturdy. “

Seeing that she was still in the mood to make a joke, Dan Hong felt relieved and said, “Why should I become strong and sturdy just because they like those types of women?” After that, her eyes reddened as she came to a realization and said “General, you’re finally willing to follow us back to Northern Kingdom!”

Hua Zhu Yu slowly took a seat and did not reply right away. With a solemn expression, she said, “Go get your elder brother. I have something to discuss with the both of you.” 

Outside on the deck, Xiao Yin was busy giving orders to his subordinates. When Dan Hong went out to invite him in, he had already changed out of his black attire and taken off the black cloth covering his face. 

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After Dan Hong and Xiao Yin entered the cabin, Dan Hong asked softly, “General, what did you want to discuss? Is the general worried about Ping, Kang and Tai? Do you want to wait for them to go back together?”

 Hua Zhu Yu shook her head and looked at Xiao Yin. “Tonight, I have to thank the Northern Emperor for taking such risks in order to rescue me. I am very grateful but I can’t leave with you both.”

“Why?” Dan Hong asked in shock. “They said that you killed the Retired Emperor. Moreover, the Marquis and Huangfu Wu Shuang have already started to rebel in Yan City. How can you stay here?”

Shock and confusion also lined Xiao Yin’s face as he gazed at her silently. At the prison, she was so set on leaving Ji Feng Li so why won’t she leave now? 

Hua Zhu Yu understood their concern. Indeed, there was no place for her in Yu City at present, but some matters are still unclear. How could she just leave?

“I still have some unfinished business so I must go back. Besides, even if I want to leave, I can’t follow you to Northern Kingdom. I’ll head to Yan City to look for my father,” Hua Zhu Yu explained. 

“You still haven’t given up on Ji Feng Li?” Xiao Yin suddenly asked. ” Clearly he has…. has decided to leave you, that’s why we were able to leave so easily. But you … why are you going back?”

Hua Zhu Yu looked at Xiao Yin and silently wondered if he had recovered his memory or not. For such a proud person as himself to take on such risks to save her, she could see the depth of his concern and sentiment. 

“It’s true that there are things I must do. Moreover, when I decided to leave him, I had already thought it through. I will not wallow in affection and love any longer. Life alone with just a horse and the whole Jianghu to explore is so much more interesting,” Hua Zhu Yu said with a smile. No matter what intentions he had, whether he had recovered his memory or not, she should not leave him any room for hope for she would only disappoint him. 

When Xiao Yin heard this, his expression grew somber.  Lowering his head silently, the light in his purple eyes dimmed.

 Dan Hong asked softly, “General, do you want to go to Yan City to help the Marquis?”

Hua Zhu Yu shook her head. “There are certain things that I must find out.” She then stood and glanced at Xiao Yin and Dan Hong faintly before saying, “I came tonight to see you both off. Now chaos will soon erupt in Southern Kingdom. You should quickly return to Northern Kingdom as soon as possible. My affairs, I will figure it out for myself. Dan Hong, you don’t need to worry about it.” 

 She then looked at Xiao Yin and said, “Have a safe return.” 

Afterwards, she turned around and walked out of the cabin. 

Knowing her temperament, Dan Hong knew she couldn’t stop Hua Zhu Yu. Holding back her tears, she could only walk her to the deck and cautioned her to be careful. Xiao Yin did not stop her either. Perhaps, he was even more aware of her stubborn nature than Dan Hong. 

Hua Zhu Yu went ashore and the boat had collected its anchor. 

On this long night, the moon was shining brightly in the sky. 

With the passing wind, the moonlight on the sea rippled softly as the boat began to set off.   

Standing on the deck, Dan Hong waved farewell to Hua Zhu Yu as the boat sailed off into the distance. After some time, Xiao Yin came out of the cabin. Standing on the deck with his cloak, he silently gazed in the direction of Hua Zhu Yu who was standing on shore. His deep gaze, seemingly piercing through the cold night fog, focused on her, almost as if he could see right through her.  


In a small, elegant room on the second floor of Zui Xian Square, Ji Feng Li was quietly sitting in front of a table. On the table was his favorite Snow Jade Cup, which was white as jade and thin as paper. 

Since she left last night, he had gone straight here. From midnight till noon, he had been silently sitting here. Dueling with Xiao Yin last night had damaged his internal powers. Moreover, he didn’t sleep at all so he looked very tired at the moment. 

Downstairs in the main hall, the sound of the flute and qin, along with the melodious singing was very loud. 

This was where he used to come to collect information. Ever since he had become regent, he had not visited this place in a long time. But tonight, he suddenly wanted to come here. He was afraid of the solitude of the deep palace. There, the loneliness, despair and coldness would haunt him. 

But sitting here, he found that no matter how noisy it was, it could not drive those feelings, the despair and coldness in his heart, away. 

He picked up the wine cup and smiled wistfully. He finally understood that there were only 2 places in this world.  A place with her in it and one without. And without her, no matter where he was, it was all the same. 

 He drained the wine from the cup. 

Suddenly, the door was gently pushed open. Ji Feng Li slowly looked up and his expression slightly condensed as he murmured, “Why are you here?” 

Dressed in white, Wen Wan gently replied, “I heard from my father that you didn’t hold court this morning because you were sick. I was worried so I went to visit you but you were not in the palace. So I guessed that you might’ve come here.” 

“What did you need to find me for?” Ji Feng Li asked faintly, holding up his glass, about to take another drink. 

Suddenly, Wen Wan extended her hand and covered the top of the wine cup. Shaking her head, she softly said, “Drinking wine harms your body. You’re not completely healed yet. It’s best not to drink. I’ll brew you tea.”

Ji Feng Li smiled bitterly. Drinking wine harms the body so just exchange it with tea. But if your heart is in pain, what can be used to exchange it with? 

Wen Wan left the room and came back with a copper kettle. Then two of Ji Feng Li’s guards brought forth a small red clay stove. Wen Wan placed the kettle on the stove and soon the water in the kettle began to boil. She then placed the tea preparation materials on the table as she began to brew the tea, her movements, smooth and elegant. 

“The water used to make this tea is 7 parts fresh snow and 3 parts dew. Your Highness, please have a taste,” Wen Wan said softly as she presented the cup to Ji Feng Li.

Ji Feng Li took the cup and said, “The room is filled with the fragrance of tea. Without tasting it, one would still know it’s good tea.” He then slowly took a shallow sip of the tea.

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In this chapter, both JFL and XY let HZY leave on her own accord which I found quite commendable that they didn’t force her to stay or leave with them, given their character, which goes to show the depth of their feelings for her


  • Kitsune

    A relationship is all about trust, both JFL and HZY don’t have that trust. She won’t clear a misunderstanding while he believes that she loves someone else. What a pity instead of loving each other they are hurting each other.

  • mona habani

    Many things need to be cleared out there are so many misunderstandings , and I really want her to settle down with JFL and stop escaping.

  • NN4

    Ji Feng Yi must love Hua Zhu Yu deeply in order to let her go. Not sure if Xiao Yin has recovered his memory of her yet. But for him to risk his life for her is quite honorable. Sort of makes up for his past misconduct towards her.

  • Alda

    I thought the little maid/attendant would have told JFL that FML did not know about the the birth control(poison) in her.

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