World of Hidden Phoenixes

Chapter 40

Hua Zhu Yu followed Hui Xue out of the residence. The sun shone on her slender figure illuminating a hint of bright red. Her clothes fluttered in the wind. She was like a hibiscus flower that had just bloomed on a spring morning. This kind of refined elegance and tranquil beauty made her appear as though she was not from this mundane world.

As she stepped out of the door, she saw Xiao Yin standing a couple of steps away in front of a dazzling horse carriage. It seemed as though he had stood there for quite a while. His head and shoulders were scattered with fallen flower petals.

Today he was also wearing Hu clothing. His brocade jacket was black and his sleeves were embroidered with slivers of gold, exuding a noble appearance. His jet black hair was braided and scattered in the back, adding to his handsomeness. His hair clasp shimmered in the sun, highlighting his noble, god-like face.

Hearing footsteps, he turned around to look at her.

His face was as cold as ice. However, his purple eyes were deep and attentive, as though lit with a fire that wanted to combust his austere expression.

Under his heavy gaze, Hua Zhu Yu felt somewhat uncomfortable but she calmly performed her greeting.  Then she walked around his gorgeous carriage and went towards the stable to lead out a horse.

After Hui Xue and Hua Zhu Yu rode off on the horse, Lui Feng, who was quietly standing beside Xiao Yin, let out a long sigh and said, “Today, Miss Dan Hong is like a flower on our Northern Kingdom’s grassland.”

From a tree branch, Xiao Yin plucked a flower and leisurely played with it in his hand.

“After today, you are not allowed to assess her.” Even a praise is not permitted.

Lui Feng glanced at Xiao Yin’s face. Just a moment ago, he was fine so why is he suddenly angry like this? Lui Feng silently looked up at the sky. He didn’t understand how his master could say something so childish.

Xiao Yin softly played with the flower in his hand, the corner of his lips hooked up in a smile.

Above in the vibrant blue sky speckled with soft, veil-like clouds, birds soared pass. The sun shone on the vast grassland that still contained small puddles of snow, illustrating a fresh and magnificent scene.

Hua Zhu Yu followed Hui Xue on the horse towards the mountain, which was already bustling with people. Varieties of different ethnic attires of the Northern Kingdom were seen.

Hua Zhu Yu followed Hui Xue to her seat. A moment later, the northern kingdom’s emperor entered, followed by his entourage and ministers.

Hua Zhu Yu raised her head and gazed towards the Northern Emperor Xiao Gan. He seemed to have aged well and must have stolen quite a few young lady’s hearts when he was younger. It’s just that time never stops for anyone, even the Emperor, who has greatly aged. Though his eyes were still clear, the corners of his eyes showed faint signs of fatigue and his spirit also seemed not great. He sat down and leaned against the back of the chair.

Beside him was a sophisticated and noble dressing woman. Her hair was braided with sparkling gold threads.  Her face was also covered by the elaborate headdress so it was not clearly seen. Only a pair of round eyes like a new moon with a hint of red were visible, making her appear more charming.

“She’s the emperor’s most beloved concubine,” Hui Xue stated after seeing Hua Zhu Yu gaze at the woman.

No wonder the emperor cares for her so much. She’s a woman that’s like a cup of fine wine, seducing people with her fragrance, making them increasingly drunk.

Horse riding, archery, dancing, martial arts display…. Each stage was bustling with noise. Each wave of cheer was louder than the previous. After a few young gentlemen won, they received brocade belts from the young misses present and were so happy that they couldn’t stop smiling.

Giving out ones brocade belt was a way for a young miss to express her affection. Even Hui Xue was holding a brocade belt in her hand but Hua Zhu Yu was not sure who she wanted to give it to. When she saw the belt, she finally realized that was the item that Hui Xue was diligently stitching in front of the brazier.

On stage was a wrestling competition and Xiao Yin’s guards were participating. Hua Zhu Yu noticed that Hui Xue kept glancing at Lui Feng. When Lui Feng finally defeated his opponent, the crowd cheered. Hui Xue stood up intending to walk towards his direction, but unexpectedly other young misses were also doing the same thing. Suddenly, Lui Feng’s wrist was filled with red, yellow, green and blue belts. Hui Xue frowned, gritted her teeth and quietly sat back down. Hua Zhu Yu sees all of this from the corner of her eyes.

When the wrestling match came to a close, up next was the most popular event: Snatching Snow Lotus.

Snow lotus was a flower that bloomed on the snow-capped mountain. It only bloomed annually for a few days, which were the days that the festival took place. The festival began 10 years ago and this was the most anticipated event. This was the reason the festival takes place at the foot of the mountain.

This event was more difficult than all the previous. The path to climb the mountain was steep and fraught with danger. The only items participants were allowed to carry besides ropes were their personal weapons and nothing else. In addition to climbing the steep mountain, you also have to fight other opponents to prevent them from reaching the top. Therefore, candidates participating in this event were all highly skilled in martial arts.

Every year, each family would send out an outstanding young man to participate. Obtaining a snow lotus brought fame and honor. In addition, you were allowed to ask the emperor to grant a marriage.

Before the event started, the crown prince’s guards gave them binoculars, afraid they could not see once the participants climbed on top. But Hua Zhu Yu was not interested in this event, so she intended to go for a walk.

“Oh?”Hui Xue suddenly said, ” Dan Hong look, isn’t that His Highness?”

Hua Zhu Yu turned around and saw among the 20 or so participants, there indeed stood Xiao Yin. He had changed into a ordinary black outfit, but even still he stood out in the crowd. But he was not the only one, there was another young gentlemen. His outfit was not low key like Xiao Yin. His brocade jacket was red, noble, and dazzling. Furthermore, his outfit was embroidered with various patterns, and once one looks more closely the patterns were actually in the form of coins.

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    Thank you so much for picking this up, I thought nobody would ever pick it up, today I just went to the Novel Updates to reread the previous chapters and I found a awesome surprise that it has been picked up by you thank you, sincerely thank you I love this novel .????????

    • PBG8695

      You’re welcome! It’s one of my favorite novels from novel updates and one of the few that i’ve actually finished reading. I’m glad you enjoyed the translation!????☺️

  • ????PasteL????

    Thank you so much for picking this up, I thought nobody would ever pick it up, today I just went to the Novel Updates to reread the previous chapters and I found a awesome surprise that it has been picked up by you thank you, sincerely thank you I love this novel

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