Love in Another Life: My Gentle Tyrant

Chapter 42

This chapter correlates with Ch. 159- 162 in the novel. Also, as a note, this chapter contains mature content at the end.


 Feng Zhan Bai and Xuan Ji had not left Yan Yu Tower. At times, the most dangerous place was the safest. 

Liu Shi Min’s room.

Feng Zhan Bai laid Xuan Ji down on the bed. Her consciousness was slowly deserting and she was barely able to discern what was happening.  

Brows tightly knitted, eyes barely open, Xuan Ji had started pulling at her clothes. “It’s so hot…..” she softly murmured. Her face was flushed like the dawn of a new day, coated with crystals of sweat. Twisting and turning on the bed, she murmured in discomfort. 

 Though unaware of what had happened precisely, from the looks of it, Feng Zhan Bai could come to the conclusion that she had been drugged. 

 All of a sudden, the jolting sound of fabric ripping was heard. Xuan Ji had torn off her outer robes, exposing a patch of her fair, translucent skin. 

Feng Zhan Bai’s brows drew together tightly and he immediately left the room. He grabbed hold of a servant boy passing by and demanded the antidote. Terrified, the servant explained the drug could only be cured by a man and a woman spending the night together, and that it must be done within the hour else the drug could cause great harm to her body and put her life at risk. 

Back in the room, Xuan Ji’s condition had not improved. With each breath she took, her chest would rise and fall heavily. With her translucent skin exposed, she was a breathtaking vision beneath the candlelight. 

Having long fallen for her, Feng Zhan Bai’s heart was currently racing in his chest. Unknowingly, his hand had reached out to gently caress her face. The softness of her skin beneath his touch caused a shiver to coarse through his body. 

As it dawned on him what he had just done, he immediately moved to retract his hand. 

But it was too late. 

His hand had been seized by hers. 

 “(Younger)Brother Xuan, wake up!” He called out, gritting his teeth as he tried to suppress his desire and withdraw his hand. But this only made her hold onto him even tighter, pulling his hand closer towards her face. 

Feng Zhan Bai had always been a man with great self control and discipline. Her hands were clearly soft and delicate yet he didn’t have the strength to pull away. He smiled bitterly at himself, it wasn’t that he couldn’t but that he clearly didn’t want to! 

Love has never been something he had paid mind to in his entire life, yet in the course of a single day, he had fallen in love with someone. 

Xuan Ji could no longer discern her surroundings, her body was burning up and the only thing that brought her a sense of cooling relief was the hand stroking her face. Unconsciously, she drew closer to it, pulling it closer to her body as her chest continued to rise and fall heavily. 

Before Feng Zhan Bai realized what he was doing, his lips were already lightly pressed against her forehead. 

He gazed at her for a long while, then let out a low groan and swiftly pulled the anguished beauty wriggling beneath him into his arms. He murmured in her ear, “(Younger)Brother Xuan, if I were to have you today, would you hate me for the rest of your life?” 

“I(elder brother) have yet to marry. For the past twenty three years, I have never felt this way about any other woman besides you(younger brother).After tonight, I will immediately seek out your family and ask for your hand in marriage.  For the rest of my life, I will only have you, will only treat you well, is that alright?” 

Xuan Ji felt as if her body had been consumed by fire as it ached with unease. She instinctively burrowed closer into the arms of the man that held her, her forehead brushing softly against his chest.  

With her action, the last shred of self control Feng Zhan Bai had left were completely gone. He lowered his head and captured her lips.

As their tongues intertwined, he took in the fragrant taste of her lips as he felt a stirring emotion rise in his chest. It was like a stone had been dropped into his once placid heart, the rippling motion spreading far and wide until it could no longer be contained, taking him under, drowning him completely. 

The woman in his arms, he had only known her for barely a day. He only knew she went by the name Nian Xuan, but this may not even be her real name. Despite that, he felt as if he had waited for her for over a thousand years. Every inch of his body cried out for her desperately, telling him he must treat her well. He….wanted her! 

Hearing her gasp for breath, he reluctantly pulled away. He gazed at her as he tenderly stroked her petal-like lips that were swollen from his kiss. 

The wistful words she sung today suddenly rang in his ear. 

If we were to be reborn in a different time with different names, 

Would I still recognize you? 

After a thousand years, 

What kind of scenery will you be surrounded by? 

Although our story is not considered beautiful, 

It is something I will never forget 

If we had been brave enough to be together 

Would we have a different ending today? 

He had never believed in reincarnation nor fate. But from the moment he saw her dressed in violet, holding a lantern in her outstretched hand, walking slowly on stage, he felt like his heart had been struck by something. 

It was a feeling he could not put into words, a feeling he could not completely understand well himself. 

If they had not met in a previous life, how could he have fallen so deeply for her, how could his heart ache for her so? 

Thinking back to their first meeting along the market streets of the capital, based on his temperament, he would normally just send Wu Qi to donate money in his stead to help the orphan girl while he remained hidden, yet the moment his eyes landed on her, a desire to meet her arose. What was the reason? When she wanted to take off her outer robes to cover Cui Ya, he had stopped her. Again, for what exactly?

As these thoughts surfaced in his mind, his hand slowly descended, gently unraveling the knot on her chest band as he bent down to kiss her, his lips slowly raining kisses down her neck to her collarbone. And just as he was about to remove her chest band……


The loud sound startled Feng Zhan Bai but he swiftly managed to pull the clothing that had been torn off back over Xuan Ji and pulled her into his arms as he looked up and gazed calmly at the uninvited guest. 

The door had been kicked open with a loud jolt; it could be seen the new arrival was very impatient. 

Entering through the door was a handsome, young man dressed in violet robes with an air of noble elegance. But his brows were tightly knitted, his phoenix eyes red with a murderous gaze. Though Feng Zhan Bai had reacted quickly, his actions did not escape the eyes of the man that had just arrived. 

“Who allowed you to touch her?” 

From a single glance, Feng Zhan Bai knew this man was not going to be easy to deal with. A shiver coursed through him as he saw the man’s sleeve quivered, his hand rising as his palm attacked straight at him with a burst of internal force. 

Feng Zhan Bai furrowed his brows and gently laid Xuan Ji back down on the bed, pulling the blankets over her before quickly turning to intercept the man’s attack.  

“Who are you?” Feng Zhan Bai asked. 

Without responding, Long Fei Li unsheathed his sword and pointed it towards Feng Zhan Bai. After seeing what that man had done to Xuan Ji, Long Fei Li was fuming with rage, his mind gripped with only a single thought, that he must kill this man.  

Nian Xuan Ji wouldn’t be let off either. 

Moments ago, as the flurries of snow fluttered from her hand, his eyes were glued on her violet figure. When she softly sang below the stage, he watched as if entranced, unable to tear his eyes away. At that time he hadn’t even known it was her. 

When he found out who she was, his mind flashed with her image, her lovely smile, her silent tears, her angry expressions, every emotion she had ever shown him. 

That day, when she humiliated him in the great hall he had fully intended to kill her. But when he saw the blood trickling down from her mouth, he couldn’t bear to move his sword any closer. 

He couldn’t bear to! 

Even then, he couldn’t…..

Since when did he begin to feel this way? Though he was angry, he couldn’t bear to exile her to the Cold Palace. Instead, he declared Feng Jiu Palace a Cold Palace. Absurd! Who did he think he was fooling? The luxuries provided to Feng Jiu Palace were no less than before. 

He had removed the guards from her palace as he didn’t want to hear anything related to her. 

He had visited other consorts in the night but she would occupy his mind.

He had agreed to Yao Guang’s request to invite her to the ceremony because deep down he wanted to see her. 

Yet she had the gall to leave the palace, visit a brothel, participate in a courtesan selection, perform in front of the eyes of numerous men……  

Though he possessed her body, he didn’t understand her at all. Her mind had always been filled with strange things. He didn’t know she could create a flurry of snow out of nothing from her hands or that she could sing such a stirring song. 

Under dim candlelight, he saw her walk towards this man in white and hand him a flower. At that moment, Long Fei Li could clearly see the smile on her face. 

And now, she had been in that man’s arms, embracing him. 

If he had not arrived, would she have become someone else’s woman? 

She claimed to love him, but what did that mean now? What did her sacrifices at the Nian residence even mean…..

She had betrayed him! 

As these thoughts fueled the anger in his heart to an apex, Long Fei Li raised his sword and callously attacked Feng Zhan Bai. 

Feng Zhan Bai could feel the cold, murderous desire emanating from his opponent’s sword. From the moves that they’ve exchanged, he knew their strength and skills were evenly matched. If he did not draw his sword now, he would not be able to stand a chance. 

In a fight like this, one misstep could be the difference between life and death. 

But from the words that man had spoken upon his entry, Feng Zhan Bai could guess that he was acquainted with Nian Xuan. He unsheathed his sword and said in a low voice, “Who are you and what is your relationship with Nian Xuan? If you are unwilling to answer, then don’t blame me for being discourteous!”

Long Fei Li narrowed his eyes; the corner of his lips upturned in an icy smile.

With his clothes torn here and there, Feng Zhan Bai’s cold expression fractured with a hint of anger. He was mindful of the situation Xuan Ji was in and knew he did not have time to waste so he made his move, wielding his sword, attacking his opponent without reservation.   

The two men fought, their figures shifting across the room in a flash of white and purple. Though it was a fierce fight, the room remained undamaged. Xuan Ji who was lying on the bed was also untouched. 

The drug had completely taken over her body and she was passed out, wholly unaware of the commotion erupting in the room. 

Highly skilled, both men had exchanged more than a dozen moves but neither had yet to get the upper-hand. Consequently, their attacks grew more vicious. 

 Suddenly, a sharp voice pierced the air. “Heavens! Stop fighting! We’re all friends here!” 

“Yu Zhi, do you want to die?!” Xia Sang had appeared at the door and pulled her back into his arms. This foolish Yu Zhi! Those two were engaged in a fierce battle. If she had entered the room, a singly stray strike would’ve been the death of her, without a doubt. 

Up until this moment, Yu Zhi had been blissfully unaware of the chaos their little excursion had caused. After the performance, Yu Zhi was hungry and had gone straight to the kitchen on the third floor where she ran into Xia Sang who had come to investigate. When they came back down, they had arrived at this scene. 

Yu Zhi looked anxiously towards Xuan Ji’s still body on the bed and then at the men fighting. “Ninth (elder)brother, stop fighting! Go check on sister-in-law! She doesn’t seem to be moving!” 

Hearing this, both men were stunned. Feng Zhan Bai’s entire focus was on the first half of her words while Long Fei Li was focused on the latter half—– She doesn’t seem to be moving….

Feng Zhan Bai withdrew his sword that was aimed at his opponent’s face and retreated backwards, staring sharply at Yu Zhi as he asked, “What did you just say? Isn’t she your (older)sister?” 

Long Fei Li’s brows tightly knitted and he quickly made his way to the bed in a flash. 

Startled, Yu Zhi slowly responded, “Brother Feng, actually…. she’s my sister-in-law not my sister. That man is my ninth brother, her husband.” 

Feng Zhan Bai felt as if a blade had pierced him. He staggered backwards and jabbed his sword into the ground, using it to stabilize his trembling self. 

Turns out, she was already married.

At his point, Long Fei Li had pulled Xuan Ji into his arms and was now coldly glaring at Feng Zhan Bai. 

Feng Zhan Bai gripped the hilt of his sword and let out a bitter laugh. “I did not know she was already married. I apologize for my unintentional offense. She’s been heavily drugged with an aphrodisiac and with no antidote on hand, I had little choice if I wanted to preserve her life. She has been in and out of consciousness, unaware of what’s happened. It’s entirely my(Feng Zhan Bai) fault, please do not blame her….” 

As soon as his words fell, he suddenly stood and pulled his sword out from the ground. Yu Zhi let out a shriek as he plunged it directly into his own chest. Blood seeped from the wound, dying his white robes a scarlet red. 

(younger)Brother Xuan, I was the one at fault, let me repent with this strike.” 

Before Yu Zhi could even recover from the shock, Feng Zhan Bai had disappeared, his low, woeful voice still ringing in her ear when all of a sudden, her body grew light. Xia Sang had lifted her up and headed for the door.  

As he closed the door behind him, he heard a dark voice. “Xia Sang, pass down my order, I want that man’s head.” 

Xia Sang shivered as he replied in a low voice, “Yes, Your Majesty.”  

Long Fei Li then thrust his sword into the ground. The blade quivered from the force as rays of fractured light glimmered from its movements.  

Long Fei Li tightened his hold on the woman in his arms, blue veins surfacing on his jade hands. 

He gazed at her lips which were swollen. That which should only be touched by him had been seized by another man. How could the single strike of a sword be enough to quell the anger in his heart?

 Staring at the woman whose brows were tightly knitted before him, his anger surged once more with the urge to strangle her.  

Despite his thoughts, he couldn’t bear to lift a finger against her. 

Her lashes fluttered softly as her eyes opened a glimmer. She murmured something unintelligible and snuggled closer in his arms. 

His throat tightened. Her soft, feminine fragrance had filled his senses and he was unable to resist. 

Like a small kitten, she pulled at his clothes. 

Despite knowing she was acting on instinct, he felt the anger that had subsided soar once again. Right now, she would offer herself up to any man before her. 

He pushed her away in anger and she landed back on the bed. 

She closed her eyes, murmuring softly, “Hot… uncomfortable…” 

Unable to tear at his clothes, she started to tear at her own again. The clothes that had barely been put back on her were easily torn off and tossed aside. 

Long Fei Li picked up the chest band that had been thrown over his knees and the desire to strangle her surged. He turned to glare at her but once his gaze fell on her body, he was unable to look away. 

Her upper body was completely laid bare. Her skin was alluringly smooth and porcelain, the pink peaks on her chest contrasted starkly with her fair skin. To make matters worse, the drug was stifling her breathing, causing her chest to rise and fall heavily with each breath she took. 

Long Fei Li had grown accustomed to his Consort’s many attempts to seduce him. Countless women had disrobed in front of him, trying to entice him. He had always reacted calmly without much emotion, but today, it felt like something was tugging at his heart, his body unconsciously growing tense.  

Unable to control himself, he pulled her back into his arms. 

But once his eyes landed on the red marks on her collarbone, his gaze grew dark. His hand reached out but froze mid-air. He hated that he couldn’t crush her to pieces. Though tonight was not entirely within her control, the fact that she had willingly given that man a flower with a smile on her face was indisputable.

That man’s martial skills were evenly matched with his. It could be seen he was no ordinary man. 

Long Fei Li felt a surge of momentary jealousy he had never felt before and angrily gripped Xuan Ji by the chin, pulling her to face him. Hurt by his strong grip, she struggled to break free. Seeing her face scrunch up in pain, he couldn’t help but release her. 

Despite being given the chance to escape, she still foolishly nestled closer against his chest. The fire burning within her had become irrepressible, driving her to a state of hazy confusion and discomfort. She was moved by only one thought and that was to quell the heat, and only by sticking close to him did she find that relief so she couldn’t help but burrow deeper into his embrace. 

Even through the layers of clothing, Long Fei Li could feel the heat emanating from her body as she rubbed against him, her actions driving him over the edge. 

Still consumed with anger and a jealousy he had never experienced before in his life, his grasp on reason quickly deserted and he pressed her body beneath his, roughly taking her lips as if in an attempt to remove all trace that had been left behind by that man. 

A wave of pleasure rippled through Xuan Ji and she gasped for air at his neck as he lowered his head, burying at her chest. 

She couldn’t help the moans that escaped her lips which drew a greater reaction from him. He lifted her up and parted her legs, wrapping them around his waist as he pressed his desire against her. 

Her brows drew together and her lashes fluttered softly, her body instinctively moving against him, having succumbed fully to the intensity of its desire. 

“Little temptress!” he cursed under his breath as his breathing quickened. His large hands impatiently reached for her lower undergarments, tearing them off and throwing them aside as he pressed her down on the bed….

Xuan Ji’s body had only experienced it once before. Though she was under the influence of an aphrodisiac and the loving affection of a man, if Long Fei Li were to take her swiftly, it would still be painful. She couldn’t help the cries that escaped her lips, though she desired him, she also tensed up in resistance.  

Wriggling beneath him, she enticed him all the while pushing at him. 

Long Fei Li was nearly driven mad by her. Never before has he been so enraptured by a woman’s body. He grit his teeth as his sweat trickled down on her neck, slowly rolling down her collarbone, to the deep valley down below. His desire was pressed at her entrance yet he did not enter. 

She fervently rubbed her face against his, slightly moving against his desire. 

 A low growl emitted from his throat. He could barely hold back, wanting to take right this instant….. In the end his hand gripped her chin, in a low voice, he asked, “Nian Xuan Ji, who am I?” 

In a brief moment of lucidity, Xuan Ji opened her eyes that were hazy, clouded in mist. Peering at the person before her, her mind was still muddled, barely able to tell who it was. 

She muttered incomprehensibly, “Idiot, of course you’re that bastard Long Fei Li!” 

Long Fei Li clenched and unclenched his hands, resisting the urge to wrap them around her neck. He then pressed his lips against her roughly, swallowing the ungrateful words trying to escape from her mouth. 

“Tell me, who am I, who do you think I am?” 

Xuan Ji whimpered, “Long Fei Li, you bastard, Long Fei Li….” 

Finally satisfied with her answer, Long Fei Li no longer held back. With a single movement, he roughly entered, fiercely claiming possession of her. 

Gasps of pleasure echoed through the room. 

From outside, rays of silver moonlight enveloped the room as the night gradually grew quiet and still. From within, a low voice sounded, so low it was barely audible…

Seemingly, two words had been whispered. 

Xiao Qi.

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