World of Hidden Phoenixes

Chapter 42

  Like or Don’t Like?

Suddenly the beating of the gong ceased and not even a single sound could be heard. Everyone was quietly looking towards Hua Zhu Yu as though she was a flower amidst a forest. Being observed by all kinds of inquisitive eyes was something she was already accustomed to. She appeared calm but her pair of eyes slightly narrowed.

What’s going on?

Glancing around, only Hui Xue was beside her.

Even now, she did not believe that Xiao Yin and that Dou Qian Jin who she had never seen before, would ever gift her the snow lotus unless the sun rises in the west here in the grasslands. Therefore they must want to gift it to Hui Xue.

Hui Xue is one of Xiao Yin’s four guards and even personal maid. She’s quite beautiful, thoughtful, and has been by Xiao Yin’s side for many years so probably has his complete trust. Xiao Yin gifting her the snow lotus would not be surprising but unfortunately the person Hui Xue likes is Lui Feng.

And perhaps Dou Qian Jin had met Hui Xue before and taken a liking to her.

Thinking like this, Hua Zhu Yu gazed towards Hui Xue but found that Hui Xue was also looking back at her, and one word was clearly seen in her eyes: Admiration.

“No need to continue staring, the Snow Lotus isn’t for her!” exclaimed Xiao Yin, whose deep voice could be heard from above.

Hua Zhu Yu raised her head and saw Xiao Yin dismount from his horse. Smiling, he approached her while holding the snow lotus in his hand. His smile was a thousand times more bright and warm than the sun in the sky.

Xiao Yin is a stern, cold man who rarely smiles.

Hua Zhu Yu still remembers clearly the first time they met he had also smiled.  With a charming smile plastered on his face, he tossed her into the prostitution tent.

His smile today was completely different from before, as though he was truly happy. However, Hua Zhu Yu kept feeling as though something bad was about to occur. He’s not going to punish her right? She truly felt like she didn’t understand this Northern Kingdom’s Crown prince at all.

While holding a snow lotus in his slender fingers, he stood right before Hua Zhu Yu.

The blooming snow lotus in his hand, whose petals seemed to have been carved by a talented maiden, was beautiful and white as snow, glistening under the sunlight.

He raised his head and his deep eyes, sparked with fire, locked onto hers attentively.

“This snow lotus is for you. Only you are worthy of it,” he said in a charming and tender voice. Not a hint of coldness could be detected.

Only now did Hua Zhu Yu comprehend what was happening. Xiao Yin actually wants to gift the snow lotus to her?

“His highness is gifting the snow lotus to her. He’s giving it to that woman over there,” a girl among the crowd unwillingly cried.

“Who is she? She’s even covering her face, not daring to meet anyone,” a few whispered, followed by disappointed cries.

There were too many brocade belts on Xiao Yin. Behind him, a few had even fallen to the ground. It seems the people who admire him are not just a few. Hua Zhu Yu glanced towards the crowd and met eyes filled with jealousy and some filled with admiration.

“Miss could you wait a moment? This lotus of mine, I’d also like to give to you!” Dou Qian Jin dismounted from his horse and quickly came forward, holding the snow lotus up towards Hua Zhu Yu.

Seeing him up close and personal, Dou Qian Jin was even more handsome than expected. A pair of bright smiling eyes looked towards her.

Hua Zhu Yu is utterly shocked this time.

They had never met. They’re complete strangers. Why is he also gifting her a snow lotus?

“He is also gifting it to her?!”

Some of the young misses standing in the crowd almost fainted.

Xiao Yin glanced at Dou Qian Jin coldly.

“Rui Wang wants to compete with this prince?” Xiao Yin sternly asked .

Dou Qian Jin smiled back at Xiao Yin and said “Crown prince, how could I dare to compete with you, however I also like to admire a beautiful woman and thought to give it a try. Who knows, perhaps this miss shall choose this prince instead!”

“If that is so, why don’t we test each other’s skills. If you lose, you have to keep your distance from her, never to appear before her again,” Xiao Yin said with a smile as cold as ice.

“No need!” Hua Zhu Yu suddenly said. ” Both of these snow lotuses, I will not accept.”

Her announcement sent the quiet crowd into an uproar. Hua Zhu Yu’s words were the most unbelievable thing that they had heard tonight.

The snatching snow lotus event was fraught with danger, one careless mistake and you could fall down the cliff. Though the ground is covered by a layer of snow and you might not die from the fall but you could still be injured. Therefore, a snow lotus is even more valuable. Never before has anyone refused a snow lotus. Even if the lady did not like the gentleman gifting her the snow lotus, just based on the fact that he had undertaken such a dangerous task, most would be moved by his affection.

However, this girl refused.

And the person rejected was their crown prince.  How could they not be shocked?

“Kill her, how dare she reject the crown prince! She is disrespecting the crown, disrespecting His Majesty, even disrespecting the gods!” the crowd roared.

Three lines formed on Hua Zhu Yu’s forehead. This crime is too huge.

“Why?” Xiao Yin’s face sank, his eyes still and distant as though covered by a layer of snow.

“Crown prince, can you tell me why you’re giving me this snow lotus ? I heard that this snow lotus is meant to be given to the person in your heart,” Hua Zhu Yu slowly said.

Xiao Yin narrowed his eyes. It’s true that this snow lotus should be given to the person in his heart. The question is, does he love her? Furthermore, he has never said that he liked her right?

He didn’t completely understand his feelings either.

He felt that she was very special and different from other girls. The feelings he had for her were both of appreciation and admiration, especially when she helped him subdue the three tribes in one night, helping him unify the entire grasslands.

But afterwards, she refused all of the rewards he gifted her and said that she only wanted to safely stay in his residence for a few more months.

Only such a brilliant woman like this is worthy of being by his side. Therefore, he decided to be good to her, to stir her heart, and thus participated in this event today. But he didn’t expect that she would not be touched by his actions at all.

Hua Zhu Yu looked at Xiao Yin slowly return to his cold demeanor. His face like this is much more suitable she thought and softly smiled.

“Alright, you can refuse this snow lotus, but you still have to become my Xiao Yin’s woman!” Xiao Yin overbearingly proclaimed, just like when he declared that they had to recover the three tribes.

He threw the snow lotus to a guard behind him, turned around and mounted his horse. Sitting on top the horse he looked down at her with unfathomable eyes.

Standing on the side, Dou Qian Jin smiled while holding the snow lotus. The snow lotus reflected off his beautiful, charming face that words couldn’t describe.

“Miss, I really like you, how about you accept my snow lotus?” said Dou Qian Jin.

“I’m not acquainted with you!” Hua Zhu Yu coldly replied and turned around to leave.

“Stop!” the voice of a young miss erupted amongst the crowd.

Hua Zhu Yu looked back and saw a willowy figure approaching her. Wearing a pink robe, with her hair arranged in a beautiful bun using a hairpin, she did not appear to be an ordinary person but looked as though she’s of noble ranking.

Her features were not bad. She had long, curved eyelashes and eyes clear as snow. It’s just that she is now angrily glaring at Hua Zhu Yu.

“I, Qi Qi Ge, shall challenge you. You can decide what the challenge is!” She said hostilely.

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  • Hime03

    These two are just causing problems for her. I do not understand why men can be so smart in war strategies but so stupid when it comes to the matter of the heart.

    They say that they will protect them but I think they cause more problems for them with other women.

  • fan63

    Does Hua Zhu Yu have to compete with our new fairy? Why should she have to? She has not accepted either proposal so she is not anyone’s adversary.

    Thank you for this chapter

  • Mook

    I really dislike Him , from the start he threw her to become an army prostitue and never cared what happens to her why care now atleast feel some guilt & apologize first also those concubines of his eugh I hope she doesn’t end up with him

  • Dilly

    Thanks for picking this translation up. I was depressed when it got dropped. Now so happy that you came to the rescue!!

  • Vivi

    Thanks for the chapter update. I’m enjoying this story… Looking out for updates daily! Keep up your good work..

  • swevenode

    Haha. I knew it. The guy haven’t sort out his feelings yet and even questioned his own actions when Hua Zhu Yu inquired about it. I approve your decision Hua Zhu Yu!
    Emm, I wonder what is Dou Qian Jin’s hidden intention towards Hua Zhu Yu though…

    Thank you for the update! 🙂

  • yzrahc

    oohohoho, this should be good to see…
    I like that other prince already, just because he competes with Xiao Yin >~< kekeke

    Thank you for the chapter ヾ(≧∪≦*)ノ〃fu

    • Som

      The men in Hua Zhu Yu’s life are each and everyone of them a piece of work:
      Xiao Yin is basically the epitome of a man of his time and place – basically, he’s a megalomaniacal egoist convinced that anything and anyone is his because he wanted them. I can hardly wait to be shot of him.
      Dou Qian Jin seems flighty, but he’s super powerful, and nobody is that powerful without effort and a reason. I can hardly wait to see what he’s up to.
      Her first husband drugged and divorced her on the Emperor’s orders, and sat watching while she mounted a wild and treasonous rescue of her father and his generals. I am curious to know what in the heck is his game.
      Her father made her a girl with some of the “womanly virtues”, and then a general, and then a girl with a loser reputation (when she wanted to assimilate into high class lady culture in the capital). What kind of bi-polar child rearing process is that?
      And the ladies don’t leave her alone, either. Who is this Qi Qi Ge and what is her deal? How much crap is this going to bring down on Hua Zhu Yu’s head? Is it at least going to be an interesting fight?

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