Love in Another Life: My Gentle Tyrant

Chapter 43

Correlates with Ch 163


Stirring awake, Xuan Ji found herself feeling sore, her head somewhat still in a daze. Looking around, it struck her that this place was a little….unfamiliar. It was quite funny, after arriving in this world, she would often find herself in odd predicaments. Firstly, she would be visited in the middle of the night and second, she would wake up and not know where she was. 

She quickly casted this thought aside when she suddenly noticed the bruises across her naked body. The pale purple marks were scattered all over her snowy skin, a tragic vision to take in. Moreover, her lower body was also aching as if she had been torn apart. 

Thinking back to last night, her complexion instantly went pale. All she could remember was being taken away by Feng Zhan Bai, everything beyond that was a mystery. 

Then with who did she…..? Feng Zhan Bai? The more she thought about it, the uneasier she became. Without examining her surroundings, she only saw the corners of a desk in the neighboring room. Quickly putting on a robe that was draped over the bed, she got to her feet and made her way over there. 

“Big Brother Feng?” She murmured, somewhat afraid of hearing his reply.  

“Say that again.”  

The man who had been reading at the desk immediately slammed his book shut and stood, his voice icy cold. 

Xuan Ji blinked her eyes in quick successions. Standing before her was a man dressed in golden robes embroidered with designs of a dragon. If it wasn’t Long Fei Li, who else could it be?

Startled, she quickly swept her eyes around the room. This was the royal study! Then the room she was in before had to have been the bedroom, but where was Xia Sang and Xu Xi? Weren’t they always serving at his side? Why was there only him………

But more importantly, when the realization dawned on her, Xuan Ji felt as if she had been splashed with a bucket of cold water. Forgetting about their quarrel over Yao Guang, she rushed over to him, tugging at his sleeve as she asked, “Long Fei Li! It was you last night, wasn’t it?!” 

Long Fei Li looked at her. Thinking back to last night, he couldn’t remember how many times he had taken her. Even when the influence of the drug had dissipated, he continued till she cried out like the first night, begging him for mercy before he finally relented.  

Afterwards, he didn’t fall asleep and remained lying beside her, watching her. By the time it was the fourth night watch(1-3am), he finally rose and gave the order to return to the palace.

In Yan Yu tower, Duan Yu Huan and Xia Hou Chu had already made the necessary arrangements early on. All the guests had been dispersed, including Wen Ru Kai and the rest of the officials that were present. Someone was also sent to escort Na Ming Tian Lang back home and the seventh prince to the palace with accommodations arranged in advance while Feng Zhan Bai and Wu Qi had left separately.

When Feng Zhan Bai appeared, everyone could see that he had been heavily injured. Blood was seeping from his wound, contrasting starkly against his white robes. But despite his injuries, he was still able to move with such speed and power.

Qing Feng had moved to stop him but was not strong enough to do so. Within a few swift moves, Feng Zhan Bai and Wu Qi had quickly disappeared. 

In the dead of night, the street lights that were normally lit had already been extinguished. 

A carriage silently pulled up to the rear entrance of Yan Yu Tower as a man in violet robes carrying a woman wrapped in brocade blanket, slowly walked out. Upon entering the carriage, the imperial guards surrounding the area converged. In the darkness of night, an army of five hundred imperial guards escorted the carriage back to the palace. 

From that night on, Yan Yu Tower was shut down, never to open its doors again. In the capital, this once prosperous brothel was no longer brought up.   

In the opposite direction of the royal carriage, a lone horse was being pulled by an anxious juvenile on the verge of tears. Lying atop the horse was a young man in white robes. 

The juvenile asked, “Young Master, are we heading to Uncle Chen’s place?” 

“Return to Yanxia Prefecture,” the man in white uttered before passing out. The Jin Chuang powder applied on his chest had dissolved with the fresh blood oozing out. Even the Feng Family’s best medicine was not enough to stop the bleeding as blood trickled down, rolling across the belly of the horse, coalescing with the darkness of night.

The juvenile couldn’t understand. Since the age of 12, no one had been strong enough to hurt his master yet tonight his master had suffered an injury. It was even more unclear how one happening after another occurred in quick succession, all in the span of a single day and night. 

He continued to walk, making the long journey to Yanxia Prefecture as he tried to make sense of the situation in his head.

 But unbeknownst to Wu Qi, Feng Zhan Bai’s hand was still clenched tightly around a purple flower, a flower whose name he did not even know. 

Fate and destiny worked in strange ways. Sometimes, what looks like the end was merely only the beginning………


After bringing Yu Zhi and Xuan Ji back, against all expectations, Long Fei Li did not send Xuan Ji back to Feng Jui Palace and instead brought the woman still sleeping back to his Chu Xiu Hall. 

This was the first time he had ever brought a woman there. 

Imperial guards were patrolling around Chu Xiu Hall but he assigned his secret guards to silently keep an eye outside the room. He even instructed Xia Sang and Xu Xi to stay away before leaving for morning court. 

It was still early in the day when morning court ended. When he went to check on her, she was still wrapped in a bundle of blankets, fast asleep. Seeing this, he decided to head to the study to look through the stack of memorials. 

At lunch time, he went back in to wake her, lightly patting her face. She sat up, mumbled something incoherent beneath her breath before turning over to fall back on the bed, eyes still closed. 

Long Fei Li furrowed his brows. Even wives and concubines of wealthy families conducted themselves properly from the way they sat to the way they stood, let alone the concubines in the palace. The residents of the palace were unlike the common people, his consorts adhered to the rules of etiquette and were dignified even while asleep.

He reached out his hand to pat her again. This time, a leg shot out to kick him in response. 

He reflexively caught her foot, his brows furrowing even deeper. Yet this unexpected reaction caused his heart to stir ever so slightly. Before he realized it, he had already pulled her into his arms and kissed her gently. 

He returned to the study to have his meal alone and spent some time reading.

Listening to the faint sounds of her breathing, he seemingly felt the stress and frustration accumulated over the past few days slowly dissipate. 

That was until she came out and he heard her small voice call out, “Big Brother Feng?” 

His mood grew dark and he couldn’t help but smile coldly as he stated,  “Say that again….” 

When she saw that it was him, her face lit up with joy as she ran towards him. Seeing this, his icy exterior fractured a hint.  

“It’s you, it’s you! Thank goodness it was you!” Xuan Ji dove into his embrace, relieved as the lingering sense of fear slowly dissipated. 

Long Fei Li’s entire body stiffened. After a long moment, he slowly wrapped his arms around her.

The warmth of his large hands around her seemingly made her recall something. Using all her strength, she forcefully pushed him away, glaring at him as she retreated back a few steps. Memories of what had happened between them before she left the palace all came flashing back. 

Their eyes met and there was a momentary silence, neither knowing what to say. 

In the end, Xuan Ji bit her lip and walked back to the bedroom. 

 Watching her figure beyond the crystal curtain, Long Fei Li’s gaze grew dark and heavy. 

Shortly, Xuan Ji returned to the study, properly dressed.
Without looking at him, she faintly said, “This concubine(Chen qie) secretly left the palace, Your Majesty may mete whatever punishment you deem fit. If there are no other requests, this concubine shall leave first.” With that, she turned and left the room.

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