Love in Another Life: My Gentle Tyrant

Chapter 44

Correlates with Ch 164


She did not bow before him, nor did she admit her mistakes. That’s right, this woman, what else was she not afraid to do? 

 Staring at her retreating figure, Long Fei Li walked back to his desk and picked up his book again. He callously stated, “That’s probably for the best, Concubine Nian should return quickly. I will be sending Xia Sang out at the hour of the dog(7-9pm) with an official decree to punish the servants of Feng Jiu Palace. As their mistress, how could you not be there when the decree is issued?” 

Hearing this, Xuan Ji turned around and angrily asked, “Are these underhanded tactics the only thing you know how to do?” 

Long Fei Li didn’t respond, his attention focused on the book. 

“Long Fei Li, what exactly do you want?” Xuan Ji asked, clenching her teeth in frustration. 

There was no response after a long time and Xuan Ji remained standing there in silence. In truth, she didn’t know how serious of an offense it was to leave the palace without permission. If Long Fei Li let her be and didn’t care, and others in the palace learned of this matter, she would be in far worse danger. 

But between the two of them was the issue regarding Yao Guang. Even if he didn’t love her, there was also what happened at Jin Luan Hall. Their relationship would never be able to return to how it was before. 

He finally spoke again. Faintly he said, “All I(zhen) know is that one must admit to their mistakes when one has done wrong.” 

Xuan Ji’s heart tightened and she shouted, “In your dreams!” 

Without waiting for another response, she turned around and left. 

Long Fei Li angrily threw the book in his hand. With a sweep of his arm, the contents on the table before him were swept to the ground. 


By the time Xuan Ji walked out, it was late afternoon. She had slept most of the day away. He had said the hour of the dog was when the decree would be issued but it was still the hour of the rooster(5-7pm). She naturally would not ignore the servants in Feng Jiu Palace but she still had some time until the decree was issued. She’ll come back to beg him later, for now, let him be angry!

With this train of thought, she felt a little better. 

When she returned to her palace, Dei Feng and the rest greeted her with faces full of tears. They all quickly asked where she had been. She only told them that she had been with the Emperor. Despite knowing this wasn’t entirely true, they didn’t question any further. 

“Where’s the little wolf? Where exactly did he take him?” Strangely, Xuan Ji felt a little worried at heart. The little wolf had been missing for quite some time. 

Die Feng didn’t know where the little wolf was either. Ever since that day when Qing Feng took him away he was nowhere to be seen. Xuan Ji furrowed her brows and thought that she would have to ask  Qing Feng about it later. 

“Mistress(Niang Niang), princess Yu Zhi sent a servant over recently asking you to go visit her,” Die Feng said after wiping her tears.  

“Did she say what for?” 

Die Feng shook her head. 

Xuan Ji calculated that it would take just the right amount of time to visit Yu Zhi and then return to Chu Xiu Hall. She also wanted to ask Yu Zhi about Feng Zhan Bai and the others for she didn’t know what happened to them afterwards. Last night,  she wasn’t in the room and didn’t even know Na Ming Tian Lang and Yun Yang’s true identities.

Without taking a servant along, Xuan Ji asked for directions before heading off to Yu Zhi’s palace by herself. 

Before she walked in through the door, she could hear voices coming from the courtyard. 

 A mild, clear voice of a man whispered, “Yu Zhi, go find your ninth brother.” 


 It was Yu Zhi’s voice. 

The man sternly responded, “The second prince of Yue Luo and the Feudal Lord of Kangning Prefecture , Fang Chu Fan, have both come to see the Emperor to seek for your hand in marriage. The Empress Dowager and Yue Luo, along with the Feudal Lord of Xi Liang, all have a mutual association but the Empress Dowager is currently leaning towards the Feudal Lord. She has made several suggestions to the Emperor to betroth you to the Feudal Lord.”

“The Emperor cares for you and has dismissed the Empress Dowager’s suggestions many times. He has planned at his upcoming birthday feast to size them up before making a decision. But now, because you left the palace without permission, he’s angry and wants to marry you off to the Feudal Lord. Quickly go find him and talk to him–” 

Yu Zhi interrupted the man’s words and said with a shallow smile, “Xia Sang, whether it’s the prince of Yue Lou or the Feudal Lord, is there a difference?”

Xia Sang smiled and said in a soft voice, “ At least you’ll have the option of choosing, right? It’s said that the Royal Family of Yue Luo treats their principal wife very well. The second prince of Yue Luo has yet to marry. If you marry him, you would be his first wife. However, Fang Chu Fan, that Feudal Lord, has already taken seven or eight wives and concubines.”  

Yu Zhi said in a low voice, “What does it matter, all of them are the same to me, none of them measure up to Big Brother Feng!”

“You mean Feng Zhan Bai?” Xia Sang hesitated for a moment before asking in a low voice. “Yu Zhi, listen to me, it’s fine if you bring up his name in front of me but don’t mention this person in front of the emperor!”

“Xia Sang, are you bored? Just leave! You don’t have to worry about my problems!” Yu Zhi stated, exasperated.

“Yu Zhi–”

“Leave! I already said I won’t go! I won’t go! I don’t want to go nor do I want to continue hearing you nag! “

“Long Yu Zhi!” Xia Sang exclaimed in anger.

Yu Zhi gritted her teeth and said, “Xia Sang, aren’t you overstepping your bounds? What does this princess’ marriage have to do with you! Whether I marry a pig or a dog, it doesn’t matter, I won’t be marrying you, a eunuch!” 


“Xia Sang-” Yu Zhi seemed to realize what she had said and murmured, “I didn’t mean to…”

“What the princess said is right, I have overstepped my bounds. Xia Sang is only a servant, a lowly eunuch and does not have the right to intervene in the princess’ affairs!” 

Xuan Ji stood in shock as Xia Sang’s blue figure rushed out the door, his handsome face dark, lined with self-mockery. 

Upon seeing Xuan Ji, he was also taken aback before he recollected himself and said, “This servant pays respect to Your Highness. This servant asks to leave first.”

Xia Sang, who was always full of smiles, also had such a side to him. The look in his eyes at this moment was bleak and desolate. 

Seeing this, Xuan Ji thought that in addition to begging for the servants of Feng Jiu Palace, she also had to ask Long Fei Li about Yu Zhi’s matters. Although Yu Zhi had said those words, it was a young maiden’s temper after all. What Xia Sang had said was right. It was best if she had the choice to choose… But Long Fei Li, would he agree to all her requests? 

 With these thoughts running through her head, she decided it was best to see Yu Zhi at another time. Biting her lip, she turned to head towards Chu Xiu Hall. 

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