Love in Another Life: My Gentle Tyrant

Chapter 45

this chapter correlates with ch 165


“Nian sister-in-law!” 

 Hearing her call, Xuan Ji’s footsteps halted. She turned around and saw Yu Zhi looking left and right, glancing in Xia Sang’s direction but ultimately came running over to her with heavy steps. 

 Xuan Ji said with a smile, “Silly girl, you’re not going to run after him?” 

Yu Zhi bit her lip. “Did you hear everything?”

Xuan Ji nodded and Yu Zhi’s eyes fell as she softly said, “I really didn’t mean to.”

Xuan Ji softly replied, “As long as you know he only was looking out for you.” 

En” Yu Zhi said.

She then took Xuan Ji by the hand and said with a smile, “I have a present for you.”

Xuan Ji was taken aback. Present? So she called her here for this? 

Yu Zhi pulled her inside. Entering the room, her face was full of laughter as she motioned at the maid who was bent over cleaning the table. “Your master Xuan Ji is here. Aren’t you going to quickly come over?”

Startled, the maid suddenly turned around. 

 Xuan Ji was smiling, about to scold Yu Zhi for her nonsense but once she saw who it was, she was stunned. 

That little palace maid smiling with her head lowered, was it not Cui Ya? 

“Young Master,” Cui Ya softly said, her eyes peering up as she quickly walked towards Xuan Ji happily, biting her lower lip. 

Pleasantly surprised, Xuan Ji stroked her hair and asked,  “Yu Zhi, how is Cui Ya here?”

Yu Zhi pursed her lips and leaned closer to her ear to whisper, “Yesterday, ninth brother carried you out and placed you in the carriage… I don’t know if you were wearing any clothes……”

Xuan Ji’s face flushed and she exclaimed, “Stop! Just get to the point. “

Yu Zhi pulled back and said, “In short, I saw Cui Ya waiting outside at the entrance when I came out. She had found her way there by herself. Her shoes were all torn and she was waiting there tirelessly till the middle of the night. As soon as she saw this Young Master Nian Yu, she hurried over and asked me where you were.” 

 Xuan Ji felt guilty and reached out to grab hold of Cui Ya’s hand. Cui Ya smiled shyly in response and lowered her head. 

“How can your ninth brother allow you to bring her back to the palace?” Xuan Ji asked in confusion, finding it a little odd.

“Well that’s where you’re wrong. When I told ninth brother about this, he said that it wasn’t a bad idea for you to have more loyal people serving at your side.” 

Xuan Ji was a little stunned. 

Yu Zhi whispered, “Nian sister-in-law, it’s not that I’m speaking on behalf of my brother but I really think that ninth brother truly cares for you.”

Xuan Ji smiled bitterly in response. After a long while, she gave Yu Zhi’s shoulder a pat and said, “Help me take Cui Ya to Feng Jui Palace and hand her over to the maid Die Feng.” 

“Where are you going?” Yu Zhi asked.


Chu Xiu Hall.

Glancing at the scenery before her eyes, Xuan Ji couldn’t help but smile bitterly. It seems that she never comes at the right time.

In the grand hall, Long Fei Li was accompanied by a beauty. 

Last time it was the Empress Yu Mi Xiu this time….It was the Big Dipper, Yao Guang.

 Xuan Ji was just about to turn and leave but Long Fei Li had already noticed her. 

“Concubine Nian.” 

Now that there were two concubine Nians in the palace, who knew which one of them he was referring to. Thus, Xuan Ji continued walking away. 

“Nian Xuan Ji.” 

She gritted her teeth in frustration. She turned around and said, “Your Majesty, this concubine(chen qie) has disturbed you, this concubine shall take her leave first.”

Yao Guang picked this time to greet her. 

“Little Sister(Mei Mei),” she said with a magnanimous smile. 

Unable to return with the words elder sister(Jie jie), Xuan Ji merely nodded her head in Yao Guang’s direction and was ready to take her leave right away. 

“You may leave,” Long Fei Li said tonelessly. 

Xuan Ji smiled coldly in response. If he wanted her to leave then she shall leave. But before she could take more than 2 steps, a strong arm had wrapped itself around her waist. Surprised, she turned to look at the tall figure that was now standing by her side. 

Yao Guang walked over and said in a low voice, “This concubine shall take her leave.”

As she left, she casted a glance at Xuan Ji, her eyes complicated with the looks of resentment. 

Just now, he had told Yao Guang to leave? 

Xuan Ji straightened herself, not knowing what to say. Before she could get a hold of herself, Long Fei Li had already released her, casually stating “”I(zhen) wonder why Concubine Nian wanted to see me?” 

As he said this, he looked around a bit and stated, “Hmm.. it’s almost the hour of the dog, Xia Sang should be here soon.” 

Hearing this, Xuan Ji almost exploded with anger. Gritting her teeth, she spat, “This concubine was wrong to have left the palace without permission, Your Majesty, please….”

Long Fei Li frowned. He coldly stated, “Is this the level of your sincerity? Concubine Nian, who asks for forgiveness with that kind of attitude.” 

He glanced at her before turning to go back to the study. 

If she were wearing high heels right now or those platform shoes normally worn during the Qing Dynasty, Xuan Ji would have surely taken them off and thrown it at him. Gritting her teeth, she following behind him. 

Inside, he took a seat at the desk but this time it was covered with plates of food. Despite being more sumptuous than the plain tofu and vegetables they had last time, the dishes were still very light and simple. 

Long Fei Li was sitting there, dignified and graceful as he used his meal, completely turning a blind eye to the angry glares she shot at him. 

Unable to hold back any longer, she strode towards him and asked, “Long Fei Li, what is it that you want me to do?” 

Looking up from the food, Long Fei Li met her gaze and asked, “Do you know why Yao Guang was here just now?” 

In the end, what did he want? Was he still toying with her? “I only want to know what you want from me? As for other matters, I’m not the least bit interested.”

Ignoring her, Long Fei Li continued, “She came here in hopes that I will flip over her platecard and visit her tonight.” 

Xuan Ji smiled bitterly in response. “Well that’s great. That day at the Nian Residence you were able to have a taste of the fragrant beauty, tonight you can continue to do so. Isn’t that great?”  

Long Fei Li’s pupil’s constricted. “But right now I’m only interested in your body, what do you think I should do?”

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  • Kayame

    Thanks for the update!
    This is why as a woman back in the olden days, it’s important not invest any deep feelings into a man, especially the emperor because you’ll only end up getting hurt.
    And this is why I’m surprised that the current Xuan Ji who’s from the modern times would allow herself to be sucked into this very same circumstances.

    • PBG8695

      Yes, if I was in her shoes, I don’t think I could fall for the Emperor knowing he has so many other concubines and consorts. But I think for Xuan Ji, it’s because they’re “fated.” Since it’s been hinted that she’s “Zisu” and he’s the “Dragon Emperor” in the past life so I feel like Xuan Ji can’t help but fall for him.

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