World of Hidden Phoenixes

Chapter 45

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Crazily Hit the Crown Prince

Hua Zhu Yu was momentarily stunned, she could not believe what was happening, but the warmth on her lips was very real and unquestionable.

She was extremely angry, but Xiao Yin was holding on to her very tightly so she could not push him away. She could only try to hit the pressure point underneath his ribs. Perhaps Xiao Yin really was drunk, she had just randomly aimed around but was actually able to hit his pressure point. The arms around her loosened and his body fell backwards towards the grass heavily. She wasn’t sure if it was because he was drunk or if he had fainted, but his lustful eyes slowly closed.

Hua Zhu Yu immediately raised her hand to punch him.

She had wanted to hit him since long ago, from the moment he threw her into the prostitution tent, when he fractured her hand, and every time he called her a prostitute she had wanted to give him a beating. But because she still needed his help, she endured. Tonight however, she could no longer hold back.

He had the audacity to act drunk and take advantage of her, is that not worthy of being beaten?

Clenching her hand, she used Xiao Yin as a punching bag to practice, eagerly punching him till trickles of blood spilled from his mouth. In the end, her anger had not yet dissipated so she used her leg to kick him some more.

Hua Zhu Yu had never acted against a defenseless person, tonight was a first. She couldn’t believe it, this feeling was truly … exhilarating! Her anger had already dispersed by half.

Using her sleeve, Hua Zhu Yu vigorously rubbed her lips and coldly said “If you dare to be disrespectful to this lady again, I shall let you … never have any descendants.” Her voice sounded weary, but it could not conceal her icy bearing.

Illuminated by the bright moonlight, her sharp phoenix eyes could be clearly seen as she stood up straight, pat her hands clean, and turned to leave.

Early next morning, a commotion erupted outside as people claimed assassins came and attacked the crown prince last night. They were unsure which pressure point the assassins had sealed but till now the crown prince was still unconscious.

Hua Zhu Yu became annoyed, the pressure point she hit only required 3 hours to dispel. Now it has already passed the 3 hour mark. She intended to rest a bit more but Hui Xue came and said she should go visit the crown prince to see which pressure point the assassins had sealed. Seems like Xiao Yin really was intoxicated.

The two people had just entered the tent when they heard right military officer Da Qi say, “Your Highness, this subordinate heard your pressure point got sealed and you aren’t able to move. This subordinate doesn’t dare lie to the crown prince, my pressure point has also been sealed by someone previously and I could not move my body at all just like your highness. Therefore, I think the person who sealed my pressure point and the person who sealed your highness is one and the same.”

“Oh? Then who is it that sealed your pressure point? Tell me the details!” Xiao Yin icily commanded.

When Hua Zhu Yu had sealed his pressure point previously, Da Qi was greatly humiliated. It was a humiliation he could never forget in his lifetime therefore he had never once told a soul. At this moment, he could not hide that incident therefore, he knelt down and replied “Your Highness, that night Da Qi drank too much wine and had the audacity to go to the prostitution tent to find the princess consort, hope your highness forgive this subordinate.”

“Oh? Then the person you say is the prostitute, what happened afterwards with her?” Xiao Yin asked calmly, not revealing a trace of emotion on his face.

“This subordinate is not clear of the details. This subordinate ordered the soldiers to not disturb her and afterwards I heard she went missing. But I hear Dan Hong was also once a prostitute, I don’t know if….” That night, Da Qi did not get a clear sight of Hua Zhu Yu so he doesn’t know if Dan Hong is the princess consort that night or not.

“Enough, Da Qi, I’ve heard what you have to say. Go out and receive 30 planks (hits).” Xiao Yin voice was as usual, but anybody could tell there were traces of anger.

“Yes!” Da Qi retreated but when he passed by Hua Zhu Yu, he gave her a fierce glare.

That night, Hua Zhu Yu wanted to scare Da Qi therefore she said that if the crown prince knew Da Qi came to mess around with her he would definitely get punished. She couldn’t believe Xiao Yin actually did punish him. Xiao Yin’s thoughts were really hard to grasp. Obviously, he wanted her to be a prostitute right?

Inside, faint sunlight from the window seeped through. Xiao yin leaned back on his bed, his mane fell straight down his back.

“Your Highness, Dan Hong has arrived,” Hui Xue pronounced.

Xiao Yin raised his head to look at Hua Zhu Yu. His deep eyes gazed at her while the corners of his lips hooked up in a smile.

“Dan Hong, are you experienced with poison? Hurry, come take a look. Is it true that while this prince was unconscious last night, someone poisoned me?” Xiao Yin earnestly asked while signaling Hui Xue to pull down the blanket that was covering his body, completely disregarding what Da Qi had just told him.

Underneath the blanket was the figure of a healthy young man whose chest was completely exposed and the only piece of clothing was a pair of white pants.

Beneath the sunlight, his bronze, firm chest appeared as though it was carved from jade. Unfortunately that flawless sculpture was covered in bluish purple bruises.

“These bluish purple bruises are not only on this prince’s chest but also on my legs. Dan Hong, do you think I’ve been poisoned?” Xiao Yin bright eyes gazed at Hua Zhu Yu.

Why did he come find her and not look for a doctor? Seems like he knows it was her doing.

Pretending to examine the bruises, she mercilessly pressed down on his chest and innocently asked “Does it hurt?”

Xiao Yin sucked in a deep breath, wrinkled his brows and exclaimed, “Yes!”

“What about here?” Hua Zhu Yu pressed another area and inquired.


Xiao Yin took in another deep breath.

“Your highness has to be patient, though I am not adept in medicine, I do know about the four methods of healing called ‘seeing, hearing, asking and touching’.” With a smile plastered on her face, she used her fingers to ruthlessly press on his body. “If you only feel pain in a few areas then it’s most likely not poison. It’s only poison if your entire body is in pain. However, I am not a doctor so I’m afraid I can’t help heal your highness.”

“Hui Xue, escort Dan Hong back,” Xiao Yin managed to say, his forehead covered in beads of sweat.

Hua Zhu Yu left the tent and thought that perhaps last night Xiao Yin really was drunk. If not, he would definitely pull out her liver if he knew it was her doing, how could he possibly be that calm.

But..… whenever something unexpected happens, she feels as though she can’t understand this man more and more. It appears she has to be more careful in the future.



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    And so the prince become a punching bag for one drunk kiss, is it worth it, Prince Xiao Yin?
    I have seen a lot of woman feeling indignant for forced kiss in novel, but this is the rare moment for a girl to exact revenge to her heart content! Good job! I am so proud of her!
    This bastard prince did deserve a beating!!!

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