Love in Another Life: My Gentle Tyrant

Chapter 46

correlates with ch 166


Hearing his words, Xuan Ji nearly choked on her own saliva. This man spoke such words unabashed, not even turning red in the slightest. 

Her anger relented and she felt she should change the subject, stop him from continuing but she didn’t know how to respond or what to even say. 

These words were filled with obvious intent. She would be lying if she said she was unmoved, her heart was clearly racing. She just didn’t understand, he had an abundance of women at the tips of his fingers, numerous beauties at that. Even Yao Guang was much more beautiful than she was. How could he…. Perhaps, this was merely a despicable joke of his? Or could it be he’s tired of feasting on fish and meat and wanted to try some simple, light porridge?

The more she thought about it, the more it just didn’t make sense…..Stop!

He said nothing more, continuing to use his meal. 

If the enemy was at a standstill, so shall she. Xuan Ji continued to remain silent, but as she watched him use his meal, she was reminded of how little she ate today. It was fine if she didn’t think about it, but once she did, the hunger immediately rose. 

Feeling mischievous, she reached out her hand and grabbed a piece of meat off the plate that his chopsticks were reaching towards and popped it into her mouth. 

Startled by her sudden actions, Long Fei Li’s brows drew together and he remarked, “‘So dirty and crude.” 

Xuan Ji gave a cold humph. Seeing him reach towards another plate of food, she continued to make trouble.  

Long Fei Li furrowed his brows and put down his chopsticks. Xuan Ji took this opportunity to quickly contaminate the other dishes. After she was done, she smiled sweetly and said, “This concubine hasn’t eaten yet, so I’m a little hungry.” 

Long Fei Li smiled and took a sip of tea. “Then consider these dishes a gift from me.” 

Xuan Ji’s face immediately fell, gifting me with food that you’ve already eaten…..

“Thank you Your Majesty, this concubine shall take the rest of the food to-go.” 


“It’s a culinary term, you may not be aware of it.” Xuan Ji said. 

“You’ll eat here.” 

“We should discuss important matters first. Your Majesty, you still haven’t said what you wanted from me.” 

“Eat first, then we’ll talk.” 


Xuan Ji gritted her teeth. Glancing at him, she saw that he was looking at her amused. She silently cursed herself. Why did she have to go and disturb his meal? Wasn’t she just digging a hole for herself? 

The rice was served in a small stone pot. The bowl he had used was still clean so she picked it up and filled it with rice. It was only then that she realized there was no chair at the table to sit. Looking around the room, there were only those intricately carved sandalwood chairs that were quite heavy to lift. Did she have to eat standing up? 

Something suddenly pulled at her waist. Before she realized it, she was in a warm embrace, leaning against the solid chest of a man.

 His hand rested gently against her lower abdomen. Behind her, a calm voice said, “Hurry up and eat, the food is starting to get cold.” 

Listening to these words that were oddly spoken with such gentleness, Xuan Ji’s heart felt a little uncomfortable. What were they doing here? She bit her lip and started eating without another word. 

His hand continued to hover around her lower abdomen. 

In front of him, she had never bothered to act ladylike before and she was not about to start now, especially since she was famished. She ate, one big bite after another, quickly gobbling up the food in her stomach. 

A thought suddenly flashed in her head. During her school days, she had once sat at the same table as Lin Sheng and his girlfriend during lunch. At that time, he barely knew who she was so he paid her no attention. Yet she had still carefully eaten her meal, wanting to make a good impression. To date, that was the slowest she had ever eaten. Thinking about it now, she couldn’t help but laugh a little. 

Long Fei Li had found a book to read. Hearing her laughter, he reached out and turned her head towards him. “What are you laughing at?” 

Xuan Ji paused, then placed her bowl down. 

Long Fei Li furrowed his brows and frowned as he removed a grain of rice stuck at the corner of her mouth.“It’s one think to be like this at home, but didn’t you take any etiquette lessons before entering the palace?” 

Why was he always nagging her, even back at the Nian Residence, he had scolded her because she wasn’t as elegant as Yao Guang.

“I’m only like this with you, I’m the embodiment of grace in front of other people, sitting still as a stone table, standing upright as a cedar tree. I’m not an idiot,” She angrily responded. 

These words seemed to amuse him as a shallow laugher escaped from his thin lips. Xuan Ji didn’t think there was anything funny about what she just said so she silently cursed him. She was about to turn around and continue eating when he suddenly grabbed her chin and enveloped her mouth in the warmth of his kiss. Very quickly, his tongue pressed against her lips and delved inside.

At that moment, the only thought she had was that she was still eating and hadn’t even rinsed her mouth yet. This man….

He finally let go after her lips were swollen red from his kisses. She leaned against his shoulder gasping for breath but in the next moment, she was airborne. He had picked her up and was carrying her towards the crystal curtains.

Xuan Ji was both embarrassed and annoyed. It was currently the hour of the dog, mostly likely only 8pm. What was he trying to do? Moreover, what happened last night was unintended. After the fight with Yao Guang and the incident in Jin Luan Hall, she hated him and he hated her. If they hated each other, why were they doing this kind of thing? 

“Long Fei Li, I haven’t finished eating yet!” 

“You can eat after we’re done, I will send for a few more dishes that you like.” 
What does ‘after we’re done’ mean? He could say these kinds of things without a sliver of shame. 

She felt herself fall onto the bed, the soft, fragrant sheets enveloping her. She turned her head slightly as his lips pressed against her neck. 

“The matter at Feng Jiu Palace—” Xuan Ji exclaimed. 

“Can’t you see that I’m too busy to issue a decree at the moment?” He said as he nibbled on her ear, his low voice causing her to shudder slightly. 

She gripped the bedding beside her tightly and asked in a hoarse voice, “Yu Zhi’s marriage, can you wait until your birthday feast to make a decision?” 

Clothes were being ripped off as Long Fei Li’s lean, well-defined body pressed down against her. 

Xuan Ji desperately tried again. “Long Fei Li, about Yu Zhi…. I’m begging you…..” 

Her mouth had been forcefully covered, the rough sound of his voice ringing over her lips.“Who taught you to bargain with me at a time like this?” 

“Is that a yes or a no? If no, then we’re not doing anything tonight!” Xuan Ji shouted out shamelessly.

“You want to bargain for two things with one night together?” Long Fei Li asked, his lips lifted in a smirk. 

Xuan Ji stared at him blankly for a moment, then lowered her gaze and asked, “What do you want then?”

“We’re not stopping until I’m satisfied.”

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