World of Hidden Phoenixes

Chapter 46

It’s Only an Act

On the second day of the festival, a heavenly offering was held so no competitions took place. Since there was nothing to do, Hua Zhu Yu stayed in her camp all day, but luckily there were a few books around so she wasn’t too bored.

Once evening arrived, both men and women began to start the campfire and gathered to converse. Hua Zhu Yu was not interested and intended to rest early, but suddenly she could hear the sound of the Hu Qin, appearing very close to her camp.

The melodic tune drifted softly in the air like a gentle stream, almost like a tender breeze blowing across the grasslands at night with a hint of gloominess. Rather than a cheerful tune, the melody that gently floated towards Hua Zhu Yu contained traces of melancholy and sorrow.

Hua Zhu Yu wanted to ignore the music but the player was very diligent, continuing to play one song after another.

Suddenly, amidst this tragic tune, she could hear the murmurs of people talking.

Smiling, she thought that although this festival was an event of the Northern Kingdom’s, it was no different than a matchmaking event. Just look at Lui Feng and Hui Xue, they came together after attending this event. Hua Zhu Yu wondered to which lady was this song dedicated to.

However, she thought this type of approach was also good, at the very least, they wouldn’t end up like her and Ji Feng Li.

The melodic tune of the Hu Qin continued as the voices of people outside grew louder.

Hua Zhu Yu placed the book in her hand down on the table and stood up to leave her camp, wanting to see what was happening.

Outside, the large, round moon was hovering high in the sky. It was bright and vibrant, evoking a sense of compassion in all those present.

Sitting on a boulder, Xiao Yin’s left hand held the string while his right hand diligently pulled the bow. The moonlight was clear like a waterfall descending on his shoulders, washing away the coldness radiating from his body. However, it could not dispel his loneliness and sorrow.

He appeared distressed because of love, and lonely like everything is hopeless.

Looking at Xiao Yin like this made Hua Zhu Yu feel very strange.

She couldn’t believe Xiao Yin came to her camp to play the Hu Qin. Gathered around him were the people of the Northern Kingdom. They seemed to have waited there for quite a while and when they saw Hua Zhu Yu appear, they all enthusiastically cheered.

“Your Highness, she finally came out!” someone loudly exclaimed.

“I knew it, she must have definitely been touched by Your Highness’ sincerity,” another person stated.

What is the meaning of this?

Xiao Yin had stopped playing, and left his seat to walk over towards Hua Zhu Yu.

Underneath the bright moonlight, he steadily advanced towards her with a soft, gentle smile on his lips.

Hua Zhu Yu widened her eyes, fearing she had seen wrong. But her eyes didn’t deceive her, there really was a gentle smile on his face, the type of smile that could compel others to forgive him even if he had killed them.

His eyes were shimmering like the stars in the night sky.

Hua Zhu Yu glared at him coldly, then swiftly turned around and entered her camp with a large ‘bang’ as she closed her door.

Since there were a lot of people present that night to witness the scene, rumors quickly spread.

The rumor was that the crown prince Xiao Yin was diligently pursuing a young miss from the Southern Kingdom. He participated in the Snatching Snow Lotus event despite the danger to gift her a snow lotus yet he was rejected. Heartbroken, he drank through the night, and got harmed by assassins while he was drunk. But soon after he woke up, the first thing he did was go to her camp to play the Hu Qin. He played song after song, but still could not obtain her heart.

Furthermore, Xiao Yin seemed to be fueling those rumors. Every night he would come to her place to play the Hu Qin, preventing Hua Zhu Yu from having a good night’s sleep.

At some point, she wondered, did the misses of the Northern Kingdom agreed to marry their pursuers just to exchange for a good night’s sleep?

Hua Zhu Yu intended to be apathetic and indifferent, but on the third night, she really could not stand it anymore.

She wanted to know, in the end what exactly Xiao Yin’s agenda was. As for the rumors, she completely disregarded them. Although what the rumors said happened really did occur, she did not believe that Xiao Yin did all those things because he had fallen for her.

She opened her door and saw Xiao Yin striding over towards her. He stopped right in front of her, and from his sleeve he took out an item, intending to place it on her wrist.

Beneath the clear moonlight, Hua Zhu Yu saw clearly that it was a golden bangle, inscribed with intricate patterns and a few golden bells.

“What exactly are you trying to do, Xiao Yin? Just be upfront with me.” Hua Zhu Yu coldly glanced at him, and curtly asked.

Xiao Yin just gave her a smile, and suddenly lowered his head, his exceptionally handsome face closed in on hers, close enough for Hua Zhu Yu to feel his breath on her face.

With his head lowered, he whispered in her ear, “Accept this bangle and don’t forget our deal.”


Hua Zhu Yu furrowed her brows.  Last time she had agreed to help him defeat the three tribes and stabilize his position in the Northern Kingdom. She had already assisted him with the first issue, so he must be talking about the second. She thought he didn’t need her assistance but it appears he does.

But what does that have to do with accepting this bangle?

While she was still lost in thought, his hand had already grabbed her’s, and had gently placed the bangle around her ivory wrist.

Hua Zhu Yu retrieved her hand but that yellow bangle was already on her wrist, jingling as she moved.

Behind Xiao Yin were people who had come to listen to him play the Hu Qin and now they were all cheering because in the end, their crown prince had been able to obtain the girl in his heart.

Hua Zhu Yu’s heart slowly felt heavy in her chest amidst the cheering crowd.

It’s only just an act, what are they so excited for?



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  • fan63

    Yeah he wants stability, and to keep her away from any other man. She’s not ready to give her heart yet.She’s got to get rid of the scum of a first betrothed. Then she might consider a partner.

    Thank you for this chapter

  • Som

    If his actions are prompted by anything other than an act to stabilize his position in the kingdom, then he is falling for his own act. He may still wish to control her, but I believe he knows he only really has as much control over her as she is willing to grant at any given moment; most of the time, that’s not a whole lot. The more she comes back to herself, the less control he can really have. He couldn’t even keep her if she wanted to leave.

  • FM

    Stabilize his position in the Northern Kingdom. –> Marry him —> Give him a heir
    I think this is the formula Xiao Yin had in mind.

    • PBG8695

      Lol i never thought about it that way but that actually makes a lot of sense given what hes done so far

  • yzrahc

    HZY, there might be more than just an act on what he is doing >~_>

    Thank you for the chapter (♥ω♥*)fu

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    Thank you for the chapter! I’ve forgotten the second deal… Have to re-read some of the back chapters. It’s an enjoyable read so far…

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