World of Hidden Phoenixes

Chapter 50


Hua Zhu Yu writhed around on the rug beneath the bed, the agonizing pain made her almost want to pass out. However, that pain made her very clear-minded, but being clear-minded just made her sensitive to each and every throbbing pain on her body.

She felt it was hard to breathe, like she was a fish out of water. Almost like a small wild animal that’s been ensnared in a trap. The trap had seized her foot…, more like the trap had caught her whole, causing her entire body to ache.

She had no way to escape, she could only clench her teeth and bear with the pain.

But she really could not bear with it much longer….

Hua Zhu Yu suddenly brandished her arm and punched the foot of the bed with a ‘bang’. Made from the highest quality wood, the leg of the bed gave out with a ‘snap’ and the bed collapsed to the floor. The jade pillow on the bed plummeted towards the ground and shattered into many fine pieces. Due to her force, a vase not too far away also swayed from side to side before tumbling towards the floor.

She continued to thrash around and only crashing noises could be heard. In the blink of an eye, Xiao Yin’s camp had become a mess, not an item, besides Xiao Yin of course, was left intact.

Hua Zhu Yu gasped for breath as her gaze landed on Xiao Yin’s expressionless face. Due to the pain, her eyes were especially sharp as they shimmered underneath the light, exceptionally beautiful.

Suddenly she let out a contemptuous laugh, full of anguish but also especially cold.

“Your Highness Crown Prince, considering that Dan Hong has lend a great help with such an important matter, please give me some face and go outside!” she said.

Xiao Yin continued to sit in his chair, his gaze never leaving her face.

Seeing her in anguish like this hurt him deeply, giving him more reason not to leave.

He stood up and left his chair. With a complex expression, he looked at Hua Zhu Yu’s pale, white arm that was drenched in blood and etched with bite marks.

He really couldn’t describe what he was feeling at this moment.

He didn’t think Tương Tư Cổ was powerful to this extent. He knew she was very strong, and thought that she could withstand the poison, but …. She was in so much agony.

Xiao Yin took out a black pill from his sleeve, and leaned his head back to swallow it.

He knew he only needed to take this pill, and spend the night with her to dispel the poison. However, by doing so he would be ruining his scheme and possibly exposing himself because, not just anyone would have the antidote to Tương Tư Cổ, besides the poisoner himself.

But now, he had no other choice but to do so.

Outside the camp, the clamoring of swords clashing and killing could be heard. Xiao Yin knew Ye Qiu, concubine Ye’s father, had arrived with personal guards to rebel because Ye Qiu could see through his scheme. This time he had framed the Ye family so how could Ye Qui easily accept defeat.

Those clamors slowly approached his camp with every passing second, but in this moment, he was only sitting motionlessly in his chair. His face was expressionless as his gaze locked onto Hua Zhu Yu without leaving.

He was waiting for the antidote to take effect. At that time, he stood up and disrobed before striding over towards Hua Zhu Yu.

A masculine scent slowly approached her. When he stood next to her, he raised his hand to place it over his left chest, and with a serious look on his face he began to speak in a language that Hua Zhu Yu didn’t completely understand. In the midst of the fighting clamor, his voice was gentle and soft.

It sounded like a promise, almost like a vow.

“You, scram! Leave right now! Xiao Yin, if you come any closer, I will castrate you!” Hua Zhu Yu exclaimed, but her hoarse voice sounded mellow, charming and alluring. Even the best instrument in the world could not produce a sound as mesmerizing as her voice.

“Up to you, but you should wait till tomorrow (to castrate)!” Xiao Yin replied. Afterwards, he leaned forward as his long slender fingers caressed her white cheeks. Then his hands slid down towards her neck and continued to explore. Another wave of heat ignited in her body, no doubt due to his provocation and heavy masculine scent. She felt light-headed and was no longer clear of what was happening.


Moments later she raised her head, and saw the lipstick stain on his face. It was like she was a small fish that had just seen a trickle of water, her mind was awake and on full alert.

Shuddering, she bit down on his finely sculpted jaw.

She was very disoriented, she didn’t know how to relieve the pain and discomfort she was feeling. But her disoriented state was very  entrancing and bewitching.

Seeing her like this caused Xiao Yin’s whole body to burn up. It was as though he was also under the influence of the seducing poison.

With a twist he had turned around and laid her down on the ground. He then leaned down to capture her lips forcefully. He kissed her till she was left breathless and moaning incessantly.

Something nudged on Hua Zhu Yu’s back, restoring her senses, permitting her to comprehend that there was a person currently pressing down on her.

Humiliation and anger within escalated and escaped through every pore of her body, temporarily surpassing the pain of the poison.

“Scram! Xiao Yin you beast, you scram right this instant.” She hissed as she pulled a hairpin down from her hair and mercilessly stabbed Xiao Yin in the back. The hairpin was drenched in blood as Xiao Yin was not fast enough to dodge her attack.

Xiao Yin narrowed his eyes.  As though he did not feel any pain, he chuckled and said, “After seducing your husband you must take responsibility!”

“When have you become my husband?” Hua Zhu Yu scoffed.

“Right at this moment! I’ve decided to marry you, from this moment forward we are husband and wife!” Xiao Yin calmly declared.

“That’s real funny, you want to marry me so I have to marry you?” Hua Zhu Yu sneered, “You better stand up fast, if not, this hairpin of mine will next prick the artery on your neck.”

The ends of Xiao Yin’s lips rose up in a smirk as he laughingly said “Like that night with Da Qi right?”

So it appears he had soon realized the person that acted against Da Qi was her.

“Since you already know, why aren’t you withdrawing?” Hua Zhu Yu asked as she raised the hairpin up….

Suddenly fear overwhelmed Xiao Yin as his gaze affixed on Hua Zhu Yu’s chest and a strange expression formed on his face.

His face displayed traces of shock, even disbelief, and perhaps suspicion….

“Why do you have this?” Xiao Yin asked.

Hua Zhu Yu glanced down and saw a piece of jewelry in his palm, the one she had worn around her neck.

This was the only thing Jin Se had left behind. It was a white item, not made out of gold, silver nor jade. She didn’t know what it was made out of but it was very roughly made. It didn’t have a particular shape, but on the surface, there seems to be two characters. However, because it had been worn out, it was hard to decipher.

She still remember clearly how Jin Se had put this on her neck that night. She even told her that this was something she had worn since she was little and that it was a family token. She said her greatest wish in this lifetime was to reunite with her family, and she begged Hua Zhu Yu to fulfill that wish for her.

Jin Se had decided to die in her place and those were also her last words.

“This is mine, I’ve worn this since I was little!” Hua Zhu Yu exclaimed loudly as sorrow and grief filled her heart.

“Yours?” Xiao Yin slowly rose and retreated from her.

Underneath the flickering candle light, a complex expression could be seen on his handsome pale face.

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