Love in Another Life: My Gentle Tyrant

Chapter 53

Chuxiu Hall. Fifth night watch(3-5am).

 This was Xuan Ji’s fourth morning at Chuxiu Hall.

Inside the bedroom, the crystals curtains were slightly open. Seated at the edge of the bed, a man was currently getting dressed when a small head suddenly poked out from behind and rested on the man’s thigh as strands of hair spilled across his legs. 

 The man’s lips seemingly lifted in a faint smile.  

“Long Fei Li, lower your head. Let me help you brush your hair,” Xuan Ji said sleepily, her eyes barely open. Even though she didn’t really want to, she knew he had woken her up for this purpose. 

He was her husband, but seemingly he wasn’t.  He didn’t love her….. She was his wife but seemingly she wasn’t. She loved him but so what of it? He had a harem of women. 

“Mmm,” Long Feng Li voiced as he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her up to sit upright on his leg.

Xuan Ji was still half-asleep. The moment her head rested on his chest, she couldn’t help but wrap her hands around his neck and fall back asleep in a more comfortable position. 

Seeing this, Long Fei Li’s pupils constricted and his hand moved to pinch her nose.  

Unable to breathe, Xuan Ji opened her mouth to gasp for air but very quickly her lips were captured in a warm kiss. 

 Displeased, she opened her eyes and glared at him. “I want to sleep.” 

 “You haven’t brushed my hair yet,” he calmly replied. 

“Do it yourself, or ask Xu Xi or Xia Sang. The palace maidservants outside can also help you.” As she spoke, she rose from his chest and turned back towards the bed, muttering beneath her breath, “I won’t be the one doing it in the future anyways, might as well just forget about it now.” 

Instantly, a strong hand gripped her ankle and she was pulled back into his arms. 

“What do you mean by that?” 

“I want to sleep. You should attend morning court, deal with state affairs, do what you have to do.”

“I(Zhen) asked what you meant just now.” 

His grip on her tightened painfully. She glared at him angrily as her foot took a shot at his knee but before she could do any damage, her ankle was caught once again. 

“The body has many acupoints; one is known as the laughter acupoint.” Long Fei Li’s voice was low and deep. 

Startled, Xuan Ji repeated, “Laughter acupoint?” 


“Oh,” Xuan Ji said with a series of listless nods. She was still sleepy and since he wasn’t going to let her go, she decided it was wiser to draw closer into his embrace so she curled up against his chest and closed her eyes again to prevent him from questioning her further. 

What was going on between them, she truly could not wrap her head around it. Ever since that night, she had been tortured for 3 days straight by him. After spending all night together he would leave to attend court in the morning. When he returned, she would still be sleeping yet he would pull her awake to continue. This man wanted to torture her to death. 

The punishment for Feng Jiu Palace had already been settled. But because of her request for Yu Zhi, she had ended up like this. Three nights ago, he had said that she would have to repay him with her body, she would have to stay here until he was tired of her. 

At that time her mind had gone blank. When would he be tired of her, she had asked.  

He had said that after a few more times, he wouldn’t want her anymore, that it wouldn’t take long. 

At that time, she could only say “oh.” 

She had also thought it wouldn’t take long. 

In the end, that resulted in 3 continuous days and nights of torture……..

Suddenly, his hand slowly traced across the curve of her collarbone and ventured over her body, igniting a tingling sensation in the wake of his touch. After spending the past few days with him, her body had grown more sensitive. Her breath picked up and the sleepiness was slipping away. She suddenly heard him whisper beside her ear, “This is the laughter acupoint…..Morning court would take about an hour, if there are other affairs to handle, it might last 2 hours. It wouldn’t be too late for me to return to resolve it by then.” 

 The hand that was on her body began to press down. 

Instantly, Xuan Ji became fully awake and stammered, “Your Majesty, this concubine will help you get ready.” 

His gaze fell on her face. 

“Before that, answer my question.” 

Xuan Ji turned her head and said softly, “You were the one who said it, you’ll grow tired of me eventually. Wherever you rest in the future, there will be a beauty there who’ll be happy to help brush your hair.” 

She pulled away from him and stepped barefoot on the ground. The coolness from the floor made her become more clear-headed. “I don’t understand. What are you so upset about?” 

From behind her, she heard the crystal curtains forcefully swung aside and his departing footsteps thereafter. 

Smiling bitterly, Xuan Ji slumped to the floor, burying her head in her arms.  

Long Fel Li, what is with you? You don’t love me so why must you force me to love you?

Xuan Ji crawled back onto bed. After tossing and turning for a while, she could not fall asleep and remained lying there, staring at the ceiling blankly. The tip of her nose was full of his ambergris scent, whether it was from the bedding or her body she did not know. 

Recalling the tender moments when he possessed her and how her body had responded so honestly, an indignance rose in her heart. 

It was already summer, when would he let her leave? She couldn’t stay here forever, he would drive her crazy. But if she were to leave by herself, what would happen to the servants in Feng Jiu Palace? 

Her heart began to pound when a thought suddenly hit her. What if she had something that could guarantee the safety for the servants of Feng Jiu Palace……

Suddenly, a sound came from the door outside the hall. She felt it was a little strange. These past few days, because she and Long Fei Li had been spending most of their time in bed, both Xu Xi and Xia Sang were sent away. Besides the guards patrolling in the courtyard, there were only two maidservants waiting outside. He had sent them here, saying that if she needed anything, she could instruct the maidservants. 

Thus it was usually quiet. 

 But the sound was sharp and crisp, seemingly the voice of a woman arguing. Frowning, Xuan Ji quickly got up to dress and went to open the door. 

 At the door was An Jin and Yao Guang. 

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