World of Hidden Phoenixes

Chapter 53

 You’re Not Her

Hua Zhu Yu began to worry about her current identity. On one hand, Zhuo Ya’s identity brought her many benefits, but brought her much trouble as well. For example, a political marriage and now the flaring of the trumpets and drums drew closer as the lively caravan approached step by step.

Hui Xue had said the newly appointed monarch of Western Liang had sent an envoy with betrothal gifts to propose. They had first arrived at the palace to meet the Northern Emperor and with the emperor’s approval, had then brought the gifts to the crown prince’s residence.

Hua Zhu Yu really wanted to go find a Taoist monk to calculate and see if her peach blossoms1 were in full bloom this year or not. Why were there so many marriage proposals this year?

First, the Southern Emperor wanted to bestow her a marriage with the fourth princess. In order to conceal her identity and avoid the crime of being deceitful to the emperor, she had no other choice but to fake her death. Then the Southern Emperor bestowed her a marriage with Ji Feng Li and subsequently conferred her as a princess to marry off to Xiao Yin.

Wasn’t she the one that suffered most in all those previous marriages?

And now Western Liang came to propose!

Western Liang ah, she has been to the western territories and killed quite a number of Western Liang’s soldiers. The previous monarch was defeated by the Hua family and had no other choice but to relinquish 5 cities. After the previous monarch returned home, she heard that he was so infuriated by what had happened that in the end he was angered to death. The current monarch should be the younger brother of the previous and he most likely wants to use marriage to solidify an alliance with the Northern Kingdom.

However, they probably couldn’t imagine that the person they’re proposing to was actually silver faced Asura Ying Shu Xie that had fought them till they were left with no place to run.

But this was a political marriage and they would not hesitate to marry and bring her back even if she turn out to be an ewe.

Hua Zhu Yu gazed at the person with a familiar face standing in front of the caravan. He was an official of Western Liang that had once came to Liangzhou to discuss a peace agreement with her father.

Hua Zhu Yu lifted her veil up to cover her face. Luckily, before she had always worn a mask and now that a veil was covering most of her face she was not afraid that he would recognize her.

While the crown prince’s servants were still perplexed as to how to receive this caravan, another boisterous caravan was seen approaching. This caravan did not include any livestock nor were there as much people as that of Western Liang’s. However, the carriages contained large trunks stacked like mountains. Once the caravan arrived, someone promptly placed a trunk with a golden lock on the ground, confirming just how valuable the items inside were.

Dou Qian Jin wore an extravagant robe as he sat on his black horse. He lifted his head and his peach blossom eyes gazed over Hua Zhu Yu’s face before he flashed her a charming smile.

So Dou Qian Jin also came to propose. A god of wealth is definitely different. He had outshine Western Liang’s caravan, lowering their prestige.

Hua Zhu Yu thought if Southern Kingdom also came to propose then that would encompass all the major countries. Fortunately, though Southern Kingdom and Northern Kingdom currently have a peace agreement, their relationship was fragile therefore Southern Kingdom most likely won’t propose a marriage alliance.

Soon the populace started to aggregate in front of the crown prince’s residence. There were even a few young misses enviously staring at the dazzling gifts.

Hua Zhu Yu suddenly felt dejected, thinking she will soon become another political pawn.  Xiao Yin and the Northern Emperor Xiao Gan were the same. How could they pass up this great alliance opportunity ?

Furthermore, she started to see how problematic her status as a princess was as it was much harder to find an opportunity to escape.

Hua Zhu Yu stood there contemplating when a cool breeze blew past and another tall figure appeared at the gate. A fire seemed to be set ablaze in his eyes as his blue outer robe exuded an icy aura.

Xiao Yin glanced at Hua Zhu Yu and said in a low voice, “Zhuo Ya, you go inside first!”

Hua Zhu Yu smiled in acknowledgement and followed Hui Xue inside the residence. At present, it was not appropriate for her to make an appearance so it would be better to just let Xiao Yin handle everything.

With a heavy heart, Hua Zhu Yu headed back towards her courtyard. A servant soon came to inform that Bai Ma furen wanted to meet her.

Bai Ma Furen was Xiao Yin’s wet nurse. When she had arrived at the Northern Kingdom, Hua Zhu Yu had seen her greeting Xiao Yin outside the residence. Hua Zhu Yu had also seen her on her birthday celebration but she heard that Bai Ma Furen had went to a temple to pray and hasn’t been living in the residence since.

Xiao Yin respects this Bai Ma furen as she was not only his wet nurse. After Xiao Yin’s mother passed away, it was Bai Ma furen that had raised him.

Hua Zhu Yu heard Bai Ma furen came to see her so she told the servant to escort Bai Ma Furen inside.

Bai Ma Furen entered wearing a plain outfit. As soon as she saw Hua Zhu Yu she knelt down to pay her respects but Hua Zhu Yu hurriedly tried to stop her and said, “Furen there’s no need to be courteous!” Of course, Hua Zhu Yu could not call her wet nurse and could only call her Furen as before.

Bai Ma furen’s face was full of joy as her eyes gazed all over Hua Zhu Yu. Then her gaze fixed behind Hua Zhu Yu’s left ear and suddenly vigilance and doubts appeared on her face.

“You are really Zhua Ya?” she asked in a calm voice.

Hua Zhu Yu narrowed her eyes, she knew Bai Ma furen was  suspecting her. Jin Se was still just a child when she was lost and Xiao Yin was still  young therefore he doesn’t remember her face or any defining features. At that time, Xiao Gan was only concerned with the ongoing war and most likely did not have time to watch over his children. But Bai Ma furen was Xiao Yin’s and his sister’s wet nurse, she was almost like their real mother. Hua Zhu Yu was afraid she could not deceive Bai Ma Furen’s perceptive eyes.

Asking such a question must mean that Bai Ma Furen is already suspicious of her.

Hua Zhu Yu leisurely sat down and calmly said with a smile on her face, “I don’t remember much of  what happened when I was young. I also do not know if I am or not, but they say I am. What do you think?”

Strangly she had never admitted in front of Xiao Yin that she was Zhuo Ya, she only said she didn’t remember anything.

Bai Ma Furen’s gentle eyes turned sharp as she gazed at Hua Zhu Yu and calmly said, “In the end, what is your motive? I definitely won’t let you harm His Highness!”

Bai Ma Furen must know that she wasn’t Zhuo Ya but Hua Zhu Yu was perplexed as to how she found out. However, she had to handle Bai Ma furen as this fact definitely cannot be revealed.

“If you say I’m not, then perhaps I’m not. But I can swear that I don’t have any motives, I also do not want to stay here any longer. As of now, all I want to do is leave.” If she was already seen through, Hua Zhu Yu could only be honest. In these past few days she spent in the residence, she heard that Xue Ji was Bai Ma furen’s niece therefore Bai Ma furen most likely doesn’t want her to stay either.

Bai Ma furen was startled as she didn’t think Hua Zhu Yu would be so frank. However, Bai Ma Furen did not completely believe Hua Zhu Yu as she asked, “You really want to leave here?”

“Furen has probably heard of the events that took place during the banquet. Whether I am now Zhuo Ya or Dan Hong, it is very hard to leave.  If Furen is concerned with me staying here then perhaps you have a way for me to leave this place?” Hua Zhu Yu calmly said.

Bai Ma Furen contemplated  for a moment before saying, “Alright, I can help you leave. I just hope in the future you will never return. In addition, you are not allowed to tell anyone that it was I that let you go.”

Hua Zhu Yu nodded in agreement. Bai Ma Furen stood up to leave but then Hua Zhu Yu suddenly asked, “I would like to ask how did you know that I wasn’t Zhuo Ya?”

With the corners of her lips curled, Bai Ma furen turned around and said,  “Behind Zhuo Ya’s left ear is a red birthmark.”


  1. peach blossoms can symbolize love/marriage

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  • The Escapist

    Thanks for the chapter! I’m really enjoying this novel so far. Still not sure if XY is the ML, is he, or will someone else turn up? Like DQJ… Was DQJ the one that helped her escape when she was in Asura mode? I’m curious about him, can’t wait to find out more about him.

    • PBG8695

      ????Thanks for reading!???? ummm i dont quite remember but i dont think it was DQJ, but rather one of her bodyguards that helped ASura escape

      • Som

        Actually, I think it was a “rich young man” who helped the Silver Masked Asura escape. It could be DQJ, but it could be yet another rich guy or prince from who knows where. The men are seriously piling up in this story.

        • PBG8695

          Oh yeah! Thanks for the correction! Now if i remember correctly, the rich young man is actually someone shes met before. Lol yeah theres a lot of men but none truly worthy as of yet

  • yzrahc

    oooooohhhhh, maybe before she leaves she can tell this furen what really happened to the princess.
    This is a good chance though, since troublesome proposals are knocking at the door. >~<

    Thank you for the chapter (⌬̀⌄⌬́) fu

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