World of Hidden Phoenixes

Chapter 55 part 1

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Hua Zhu Yu was utterly shocked. It’s not that she has never seen a man cry before. On the battlefield, some men cried out in pain, others shed tears of grief when losing a close comrade; there was no shortage of crying men.

But never could she have imagined that a man like Xiao Yin could also shed tears.

He’s domineering, cold, and ruthless but he also knew how to cry, furthermore it was because of her.

Hua Zhu Yu was stunned, she never thought he’d have sincere feelings for her, making her feel quite helpless.

After crying, Xiao Yin appeared to have sobered up a bit as he lifted his head to look at her. Due to the tears, his thick lashes clung tightly to his eyelids. Though his eyes were still a little hazy it seemed to have become clearer.

Smiling, he patted on the ground beside him and said, “Yatou, come sit here!” The scent of wine was still present and his speech was still a little slurred.

Thinking that perhaps in this lifetime she would never have the opportunity to meet him again, Hua Zhu Yu slowly walked over and sat down, unconcerned of sullying her gown.

Xiao Yin gazed at her with a weary smile on his face, as if he could pierce through to her soul with his exceptionally beautiful eyes.

“Yatou, you also have feelings for me don’t you?” He whispered with a weak smile as he gazed at her.

Hua Zhu Yu furrowed her brows. This time Xiao Yin had really drank too much.  Should she retort, ‘I’m your sister’? This could perhaps deflect his question and ease the atmosphere. It’s quite strange actually, she had never once admitted that she was his sister even till now. Everything somehow just transpired to this moment.

Assuming that Hua Zhu Yu undoubtedly also had feelings for him, Xiao Yin did not wait for her reply. His tall figure suddenly leaned over as he rested his head on her lap, comfortably using her legs as a cushion.

Hua Zhu Yu was slightly dumbfounded, she shook his shoulders violently and screamed in his ear, “Xiao Yin, get up this instant!”

“ ‘Ge ge1’…. be good now….. You have never called me ge ge …” He ignored Hua Zhu Yu and was only concerned about how she addressed him. He continued to gently mumble, his voice gradually getting softer. However, Hua Zhu Yu could clearly hear his last words.

“Actually, I’d rather you never call me ge ge in this lifetime, just call me Xiao Yin.” These were his last words.

Hua Zhu Yu was astounded. She lifted her hand to stir him awake but found him fast asleep while peacefully resting in her lap.

The early morning sunlight seeped through the curtains, dispelling the gloomy atmosphere inside. The sun shone on his charming face, outlining his sharp brows and long lashes. The more one looked, the more beautiful he appeared. Sleeping peacefully, he no longer had that cold, domineering aura as before. At this moment, he only looked noble, gentle, and innocent like a young child.

Hua Zhu Yu stared at Xiao Yin as she felt unsettled in the depths of her heart. She did not truly understand how she felt towards him.

Hate? Definitely, especially when he threw her into the prostitution tent and crushed her hand.

Anger? Certainly, notably when he poisoned her, making her endure that anguish and torture.

Frustration? There also appears to be some.

But she had to admit, she also felt something towards him that was completely different. Truthfully, she was not too clear of her feelings. Perhaps it was admiration, maybe it was appreciation, and possibly even affection.

Therefore, she must leave him.

If not, she would never have the chance to leave the Northern Kingdom once he realized she wasn’t his sister.

Waiting till Xiao Yin had fallen into a deep slumber, Hua Zhu Yu carefully withdrew her legs. She did not dare to stir him, fearing he would wake. She even placed a soft pillow under his head.

Xiao Yin shifted about before turning his body in the opposite direction and resuming his peaceful sleep.

Hua Zhu Yu fixed her hair and straightened out her clothes. On her skirt there were tinges of rouge but luckily her outfit was red so it was hardly noticeable. She placed the phoenix crown on her head and let the pearl tassels cascade down before slowly walking out.

Bai Ma Furen and 2 bridal servants were anxiously waiting outside. They had witnessed Xiao Yin’s strange behavior but no one dared to say a word and just gazed at Hua Zhu Yu with a suspicious look in their eyes.

Bai Ma Furen calmly walked over towards Hua Zhu Yu and said, “The groom’s wedding party has arrived to receive the bride, princess please hurry on to the wedding sedan.”

Hua Zhu Yu smiled and nodded in agreement. The two bridal servants supported her arms as she walked passed the corridor and arrived at the front gate to sit in the wedding sedan.

Northern Kingdom and Eastern Yan’s marriage alliance was an extremely grand occasion. First off, the groom was Eastern Yan’s Rui Wang Dou Qian Jin, the eastern God of wealth2 ah! This marriage caravan was extremely grand and lavish, not only were there priceless wedding gifts, even the horse carriage and wedding sedan were gilded with gold, exceptionally extravagant and magnificent.

Consequently, as the wedding caravan made its way across the streets of the capital, crowds of people gathered to watch.

While everyone was busy trying to get a glimpse of the grand procession, a bridal servant stealthily left the procession and in a flash her figure mingled in with the lively crowd.

This bridal servant was none other than Hua Zhu Yu. According to plan, she quickly slipped away when no one was paying attention.

According to Northern Kingdom’s customs, two bridal servants had to accompany the wedding procession as part of her dowry. She only needed to dress up as one of the bridal servants to be able to sneak away from Dou Qian Jin. In addition, since he has never actually seen her face before she believed this scheme could buy her a quite a bit of time.

Before this was revealed, no one would be able to catch her. And after it’s revealed, the bridal servants only need to say that she coerced them. This way innocent people wouldn’t have to suffer because of her.

As the spectators around her constantly surged forward to catch a better sight of the procession, Hua Zhu Yu silently stood where she was, gradually mixing in with the bustling streets of the capital.

With a guilty conscious, she gazed at Dou Qian Jin in his luxurious robe sitting on his horse.

If in the two previous marriages she was the one that suffered, then in this marriage she would have to apologize to Dou Qian Jin.

This was the first time she felt he was not overly extravagant, because on this grand occasion everything was a dazzling red even Dou Qian Jin. As though he was born to wear such a brilliant red, his wedding robe made his charming face appear even more handsome. Underneath the sunlight, a gently smile rested on his face as he slowly moved forward on his horse amongst the bustling streets.

This was a good man but he had never met her before. When her identity was spread to the populace, it was reasonable for him to come propose. But at the festival, she was only a girl with an unknown background beside Xiao Yin yet he had actually gifted her a snow lotus.

It was impossible for Hua Zhu Yu to not be suspicious. His motives for marrying her couldn’t be so simple.

Therefore, even if she felt a little guilty inside, she still had to make use of him.

Hua Zhu Yu followed the bustling crowd outside of the capital. Bai Ma furen had already prepared a horse for her and once she got all her necessities, she quickly mounted the horse and rode off, leaving the Northern Kingdom behind.


  1. gege means older brother
  2. Ok guys so I just realized I translated something wrong for the past couple chapters. So DQJ is not considered an ‘eastern talent’ but an ‘eastern god of wealth’ . The Vietnamese words for them are the same so I thought it meant talent but then reading it in the context of the story, I realized they meant ‘god of wealth” instead. Sorry guys, I’ll go change it in the other chapters…


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