World of Hidden Phoenixes

Chapter 56 part 1

Clearly, they were all that juvenile’s subordinates, or more likely his bodyguards. Their gazes were sharp while their movements agile, from a glance one could tell they were experts.

“This Lord1, this humble being is not sure what I have done to offend you so. Is it because I played a song that doesn’t suit your preference? If so, I can play another song for you, My Lord,” Hua Zhu Yu said in a polite voice with a smile on her face. She was sure she had never met this juvenile before, it’s most likely that the song she played had provoked him.

She doesn’t want to offend such a vicious person as she had just arrived in the capital and doesn’t want to attract any unnecessary trouble.

The juvenile’s ink black eyes glared at her while a strange expression appeared on his face.  He brandished his hand and placed it on the hilt of the sword on his waist. The corners of his lips curved up into a sneer while he coldly replied, “You didn’t offend me, I only said you shouldn’t play the qin at this place.”

Whilst talking, his right hand vigorously unsheathed his sword.

Looking at his stance, it appeared he really wants to attack Hua Zhu Yu.

Hua Zhu Yu furrowed her brows as she saw him take out his sword. She has never met such an arrogant and unreasonable person that doesn’t even knows what’s right from wrong. If she was still in Liangzhuo and had happened upon such a haughty person, she would’ve already taught him a lesson. Even his mother wouldn’t recognize him after she was done with him.

Hua Zhu Yu retreated back a step and clasped her fist and palm together and said, “I’ve committed a great crime against this Lord, I hope you do not put it against me. There is no need to compare (skills). I will leave this place this instant.  In the future I will not come to play the qin here anymore!”

She humbled herself to such an extent but that juvenile was still as haughty as before as he said, “If you want me to spare your life that is also possible, provided you leave behind those pair of hands. Now, do you want your life or your hands? Choose!”

This domineering tone completely annoyed Hua Zhu Yu.

What did her hands do to him? She only just played the qin, why is he forcing her to leave her hands behind just because of this?

“I want my life, but I also want my hands. I don’t know if there is a third option?” Hua Zhu Yu asked with a weary smile as she took a step back.

From a close distance she saw that he had a bright face with smooth, white skin and tender cheeks that others want to pinch. But those dark beautiful eyes were enveloped in a torrent fire that was not cute at all. If this juvenile wasn’t so haughty, more people would find him quite lovable.

Seeing his opponent so calm and not affected in the least by his threats, even daring to smile at him, his expression became grim. He narrowed his eyes and coldly asked, “You’re not afraid?”

“Afraid of what?” Hua Zhu Yu crossed her arms and smiled. Beneath the flickering candle lights, her eyes sparkled like an autumn lake, clear and alluring, attracting others’ gazes.

The juvenile tightened his grip on his sword and advanced forward, mercilessly brandishing it towards Hua Zhu Yu’s chest. Though a little surprised, Hua Zhu Yu was still quick enough to turn her body, dodging his attack.

“Why aren’t you fighting back?” angrily asked the juvenile.

Hua Zhu Yu flashed a bright smile and said, “You’re so beautiful, of course I don’t want to hurt you!”

Hearing this, the juvenile became so angry that his blue veins could be seen bulging out as the burning fire in his eyes intensified.

Although he was handsome, he was a man. He didn’t like others describing him as ‘beautiful.’ Isn’t that word only used for women and young children, does he think he’s still a child?

He coldly furrowed his brows and gazed at the person in white in front of him. From a glance it doesn’t appear that this person was any older that he was but it seems the person was a little taller. He’s only a little taller and he actually dares to laugh at me!

He was completely infuriated from the ridicule.

Hua Zhu Yu was unaware of his warped thoughts. In truth, she really did consider him quite beautiful. But who would’ve imagined that he would react in such a way.  His eyes were enshrouded in ardent flames as they glared at her head, as though if he continued to stare he would someone become taller than her.

Hua Zhu Yu should be around that juvenile’s age but perhaps men matured later and that was the reason why he was still a bit shorter. In addition, she had a slender figure so from a glance she really was taller than him.

Hua Zhu Yu saw the juvenile tightened his lips as he continued to glare at her, his face displaying traces naivety.

He is not jealous becuase she’s taller than him is he?

The juvenile ferociously glared at Hua Zhu Yu. He then raised his hand and the guards behind him began to move, preparing to attack.

Hua Zhu Yu lowered her head and sighed, she wanted to teach this brat a lesson but in the end she still needed to refrain as currently thirty-six people were approaching her.

Before anyone could make a move, a group of officers appeared outside of Tuy Tien. The restaurant owner most likely felt uneasy about the current situation so had sent someone to inform the officers.

“Whats going on here? Who dares to cause a ruckus at this place?” said the officer in the military uniform leading the group as he walked over in an intimidating stance. He was most likely the head officer in charge of safeguarding the capital.

Once he came over, his eyes suddenly widened as though he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. His prior aggressive behavior was complete gone as his limbs weaken. He seemingly wanted to kneel and  say something but was interrupted by the juvenile.

“You came just at the right time, catch him for me and throw him in the prison cell!” he casually order as though the prison cell was his.

The lead officer did not dare ask any questions as he bowed and nodded. The officers behind him stepped forward, intending to escort Hua Zhu Yu away.

Looking at the fawning lead officer, Hua Zhu Yu was a little startled. She narrowed her eyes and reassessed the juvenile.

He was adorned in red robes, though the design was ordinary, the material was extremely valuable. It was not something rich people can usually purchase. He had on a white brocade belt from which hung a deep green jade pendant, from a glance one could tell it was a priceless item.

Though he was haughty, his whole being exuded a noble aura.

Seeing the cowering expression on the lead officer’s face, Hua Zhu Yu was a little shaken as she thought of one person.

Southern Kingdom’s Crown Prince: Huangfu Wu Shuang.


  1. HZY is addressing him as someone with a higher status. It could translate as My Lord/master. Also in all these conversations, HZY refers to herself as someone from a lower status but I used “I/humble being” just to make the translation flow easier. Same with the juvenile, he refers to himself as someone from a higher status but I just used “I”.

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  • Hime03

    Seems like all Crown princes have the same rotten attitude. Seriously, how on earth can they be considered good candidates to be an Emperor?

    I guess with such attitudes, it is suitable for countries that want to go to war 24/7.

  • Creampuff

    Can’t wait for some reunions !! Can you imagine her like telling the ML “not your sister but still your friend right ;)”

  • swevenode

    I’m guessing that’s a rotten luck, no? Meeting Southern Kingdom’s Crown Prince right after escaping from the marriage with Eastern Yan & Nothern Kingdom. She keeps on being affliated with the Imperial family haha. Wonder how she’s going to escape this one.

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