World of Hidden Phoenixes

Chapter 56 part 2

If it was really him then saying that the prison cell was his wasn’t off the mark. It seems like this crown prince was just like his father, killing people without batting an eye.

His father destroyed her family while he wants to throw her in prison at first sight. Did her Hua family owe the Huangfu family in the previous life?

When Hua Zhu Yu came back to Southern Kingdom, she was originally planning on entering the palace to investigate. She did not expect that before she even acted  she would meet this juvenile.

No matter if he was Huangfu Wu Shuang or not, she had to calmly deal with this matter. If it really was him then perhaps he was the key to her entering the palace.

“The prison cell- ah, this humble being has yet to go there, since before I have always wanted to go there to broaden my knowledge. Thank you my Lord for allowing me this opportunity,” Hua Zhu Yu calmly said with a leisure smile.

Hua Zhu Yu’s demeanor provoked the juvenile as he raised his hand and said, “Wait! You all leave, I want to personally deal with this person. ”

The lead officer was still in a fright. He of course didn’t dare to anger the juvenile, but that gentlemen in the white robe, though his clothes were coarse and plain, but it could not conceal his elegant, noble air. He was most likely also from a noble family. Now that the juvenile said he wanted to personally deal with the matter, he of course did not have any opposition. He hurriedly bowed in respect and led the group of officers back.

This was the outcome Hua Zhu Yu hoped for. Seeing the lead officer in a rush to leave, she quickly went after him and said, “Officer, don’t go, this person wants to chop off my hands, I’d rather you escort me back to prison!”

Hearing this, the juvenile beckoned his subordinates with his eyes and they quickly came forward to pull Hua Zhu Yu back.

“I’ve changed my mind, not going to cut off your hands anymore. But let me think, how should I punish you?!” He stroked his chin as an insidious smile crept over his lips. His beautiful smiling face was radiant like a blooming flower, displaying two dimples. Beneath the flickering candle light, this sight was as intoxicating as wine.

“Who do you think you are for the lead officer to side with you? You want to sit in prison, I won’t let you! You don’t even ask who I am and even dare to ridicule me. Guards, come and tie him up. Throw him on the horse carriage. You’re obviously a man, yet have such a beautiful face like this. You probably only know how to go out and entice flowers (ladies). I’ll lend you a hand so won’t have such qualifications!” He let out a cold laughter as his black eyes lit up, like a child that had just discover an interesting plaything.

Hua Zhu Yu did not quite understand what he meant but she was quite daring as she let the guards escort her onto the horse carriage.

The horse carriage set off and came to a stop after about an hour. Someone pulled the curtains aside and hauled Hua Zhu Yu, who was tied up like a dumpling, down from the carriage and threw her on the ground.

Kneeling on the floor, Hua Zhu Yu  quickly assessed her surroundings.

Amidst the thick cloud of darkness, she could tell she was in front of a lavish courtyard from the lit lanterns. This was a beautiful courtyard, long, spacious walkways and corridors, towering pillars, and tiled rooftops reaching up to the sky. Where could this be but the palace?

In this courtyard there was also a pond surrounded by rockeries and all sorts of flowers. Such a scene seemed as though it was right out of a beautiful painting.

The juvenile also came down from the carriage and crossed his arms as he stood in the courtyard. Beneath the dim lantern lights, his beautiful face appeared more ominous and intimidating but his ink black eyes were dazzling, as though he was in an extremely good mood.

He was surrounded by a group of people, both men and women. The men were dressed in eunuch attires while the women wore servant garbs.

Seeing this scene, a smile crept over Hua Zhu Yu’s face.

So he really is the Eastern Palace’s Crown Prince Huangfu Wu Shuang.

“Jixiang go bring Ge gong gong 1 over. Remember, tell him to bring the tools,” Huangfu Wu Shuang coldly commanded.

The eunuch by his side quickly received his order and left.

Huangfu Wu Shuang walked over until he stood right in front of Hua Zhu Yu. He bent down and suddenly laughed heartily, his grim face like dark clouds were blown away by the wind, no longer present. His lips curve upward as his eyes displayed full satisfaction.

This smile enhanced his features making him appear even more handsome.

His smile was radiant like a field of blooming flowers, not at all like he was pretending.

Hua Zhu Yu was a little puzzled. She didn’t know what he was planning for him to be in such high spirits like this.

But she had already made a firm decision, if worse comes to worst, she would just use her internal force to break free from the ropes and just based on her martial arts, escaping from this place wouldn’t be too difficult.

“You probably recognize who I am now right?” Huangfu Wu Shuang laughingly asked.

Hua Zhu Yu nodded, and quickly said, “Hope Your Highness Crown Prince spare me this life. Great Virtuous crown prince, even if I become your horse in the next life I would be willing. ”

Huangfu Wu Shuang was very satisfied with her demeanor as his lips curved up in a grin and said, “Now you know how to be afraid, but it’s too late! This prince ask you, you have a wife yet?” Hua Zhu Yu did’t know why but there was something strange about his voice when he asked.

She was a girl so of course she didn’t have a wife.

Though she didn’t understand why he asked her that she still replied by shaking her head.

“How unfortunate! With such a beautiful appearance but still no wife, and now will….” Huangfu Wu Shuang shook his head and did not speak any further.

However this incomplete remark made Hua Zhu Yu’s whole body turn cold. Does he want to kill her?

While she was still apprehensive, Huangfu Wu Shuang suddenly stopped smiling and coldly ordered, “Bring him to the room. Escort Ge gong gong there and then execute.”

When Hua Zhu Yu came to realize that this juvenile was the Crown Prince Huangfu Wu Shuang, she was determined to use him to enter the palace.

Therefore, she did not protest and let the guards bring her to the room.

Hoangfu Wu Shuang stood outside in the hallway. Imagining Hua Zhu Yu’s upcoming state, he could not help but let a laugh escape his lips.

Hua Zhu Yu was escorted to a dark room. Inside it was pitch black as ink and a little humid.  A servant went to light the candles before Hua Zhu Yu could clearly see the interior.

In the middle of the room was a large mahogany table that was surrounded by shelves of whips, drills, knives, and other tools.

Seems like this crown prince tortured people on a daily basis and thus would have a need for such a room.

Without a word, the guards placed Hua Zhu Yu onto the mahogany table. Lying on the table, she had the feeling that they were the knives while she was the fish placed on the cutting board.

Perhaps they wanted to torture her, but if she used her internal force she could lessen the pain.

She heard someone entering as the guards greeted, “Ge gong gong.”

So this was the executor. She heard him grunted in acknowledgement and said, “Bring him over.” His voice sounded quite old.

Hua Zhu Yu was a little surprised, if they wanted to torture her, why bring over such an old gong gong? While she was contemplating, the guards carried the table over as she laid on top of it and soon she was greeted by the sight of Ge gong gong from above.

This Ge gong gong was an elderly with many wrinkles but his eyes were still keen. In his hand he held a strange tool, it was quite sharp and underneath the candlelight it gave off a cold impression.

The guards had already left, closing the door behind them.

Hua Zhu Yu looked at the strange tool in his hand and soon came to an understanding, she wasn’t going to be tortured.

Ge gong gong smiled and calmly said, “Don’t be afraid, this gong gong has been doing this for 20 years now, you’re in the palace’s best hands. You won’t feel much pain.” After speaking his eyes swept down towards her legs, as though he wanted to take off her pants.

At this moment she finally understood just how Ge gong gong was going to punish her.

Huangfu Wu Shuang is indeed vicious.

No wonder he was laughing so heartily, he wanted to end her family line!


  1.  chinese pronoun to address an eunuch


lol, this crown prince is quite childish

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  • kazeyuki

    Thanks for the chapter. I had a look at the raws.
    “Cat Tuong 1, go bring Cat gong gong 2 over. Remember, tell him to bring the tools,” Hoang Fu Vo Song coldly commanded.
    Corresponds to this sentence: “吉祥,你去传葛公公来,记得叫他带着工具来。”皇甫无双冷冷吩咐道。
    Cat Tuong – 吉祥: Jixiang
    Cat gong gong – 葛公公: Ge-gonggong
    Hoang Fu Vo Song – 皇甫无双: Huang Fu Wu Shuang (HuangFu is probably a two character surname, WuShuang is the name)

  • swevenode

    Oh my god….she’ll live as a eunuch? Hahaha. This is indeed a good opportunity for her to enter the palace but…how is she going to escape from Cat gong gong lol

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