World of Hidden Phoenixes

Chapter 56 part 3

Fortunately Hua Zhu Yu wasn’t male, else she would’ve cursed all eighteen generations of the Huangfu clan.

If she really was male then once that knife falls, though she would still be alive, she wouldn’t be much better off than being dead.

This approach of Huangfu Wu Shuang’s was even more ruthless than killing her.

As she saw Ge gong gong’s hands neared her body, Hua Zhu Yu twisted about and used her internal energy to break free from the ropes. She leaned back against the table and pushed on it, using the momentum to jump up.

It has already gotten to this point so she won’t pretend any longer.

Hua Zhu Yu pushed herself upwards and turned her body around while her feet simultaneously kicked  Ge gong gong’s wrist, knocking the tool from his hand which pierced into the table as it fell, displaying just how sharp it was.

Overwhelmed by the sudden turn of events, Ge gong gong even forgot to cry out for help as he raised his head to look at Hua Zhu Yu with eyes full of admiration.

Beneath the faint candlelight, he only felt this young gentleman in front of him was extremely refined, elegant, and full of grace.

Ge gong gong has met countless people during his life, even a number of beautiful men, but he was still in awe.

Hua Zhu Yu sat on top the table as her eyes gazed straight at Ge gong gong.

Ge gong gong saw a pair of glistening eyes like water, with slight waves rippling in its depths, like a melting glacier, exuding a chilly frost that he dared not look directly at.

Hua Zhu Yu gazed at Ge gong gong and then suddenly let out a chuckle. She pulled out the tool that was stuck in the table and held it in her hand. She calmly smiled and said “Ge gong gong, I have yet to marry nor have I ever visited the brothel house. At my residence, besides my mother I have not been in contact with any other females. Though I am not an eunuch, this body is still clean/innocent therefore I’d rather not let you see. Actually Ge gong gong, if I have decided to become an eunuch to wait on the crown prince then I will personally become one, I don’t need you to do it. ”

Frightened by Hua Zhu Yu, Ge gong gong could only gently nod his head. Towards such a noble person, if he personally did such a thing he definitely would be tarnishing the gentleman. If the gentleman wants to personally handle the matter then it’s up to him.

Hua Zhu Yu jumped down from the table and turned around, her hands then swiftly used to the tool to stab straight into her thigh. Blood trickled out, staining her trousers a deep red.

Hua Zhu Yu placed a white handkerchief over the wound and waited till it was dyed with red blood before twisting it in her hand and giving it to Ge gong gong who was watching her intently from behind.

With one hand clutching her wound and the other leaning against the table she asked, “Ge gong gong, do you have any medicine. It’s so painful I could die.”

She was not pretending, it really was painful.

“There is, there is!” Ge gonggong said as he unnervingly brought out a pack of medicine and placed it in her hand.

Don’t know how many times he has done this now, but never before has he seen anyone ruthlessly doing the job himself. In all the previous occasions, all of them would beg and plead so there was no other way but to either tie them up or knock them unconscious before he could do his job.

Hua Zhu Yu quickly received the medicine and poured it over the wound to stop the bleeding.

Moments later a guard’s voice drifted in as he asked, “Ge gong gong, are you finished yet?”

Hua Zhu Yu quietly contemplated that she was lucky the guards wasn’t inside or else it would’ve been much harder to conceal the truth.

“Done, done.” Ge gong gong muttered as he collected his things and hunched his back before walking out.

Afterwards, the guards came in to escort Hua Zhu Yu out.

Want me to be an eunuch then I’ll be an eunuch, as long as I have the opportunity to deal with the Southern Emperor and Ji Feng Li, I’ll do whatever you tell me to. 

A few guards looked at Hua Zhu Yu with eyes full of sympathy but of course there were also some that seem to be gloating. They had been envious of this juvenile born with beautiful looks, but now he had been rendered to a state that was neither male nor female. Seeing the looks in their eyes, Hua Zhu Yu suddenly realized she had to put on a more distraught face.

Hua Zhu Yu staggered into the Crown prince’s residence.

Huangfu Wu Shuang’s residence was brightly lit with candles and decorated extremely beautifully.

There was a large screen made from rare glass, exquisitely fine and beneath the flames of the candles, it radiated a dazzling light. Carved on top was a  a female figure with a beautiful appearance that looked extremely realistic.

Passing by the screen, she saw Huangfu Wu Shuang leisurely leaning back against his bed, surrounded by eight female servants waiting on him. They appear to be around 15-16 years old and all had exquisite appearances. Some poured him tea while others held fruit trays. There was even a servant kneeling in front of him holding a bowl of soup, personally spoon feeding him.

This little devil sure knows how to enjoy himself.

Seeing Hua Zhu Yu enter, Huangfu Wu Shuang immediately ordered the servants beside him to retreat. He then sat up straight as his face full of interest turned towards Hua Zhu Yu, his black eyes constantly gazing towards the area between her legs.

Hua Zhu Yu gritted her teeth as one hand began to lift her robe aside and asked, “Does Your Highness want to personally check?”

Looking past the blood stained trousers, Huangfu Wu Shuang saw that it was quite flat there. He wanted to personally check but that sight of blood was making him nauseous. He furrowed his brows and with a wave of his sleeve he said, “Forget it, forget it. Who wants to check, I’d rather die!”

Hua Zhu Yu bowed her head, her face full of despair and sorrow as she said in a mournful voice, ” Your Highness’ punishment sure is ruthless, now I1 know the feeling of ‘living is no better than dying’. I no longer have the face to go out and see people, hope Your Highness let me remain in the palace.”

“You want to stay but you should know there are rules in the palace. As a servant you dare to say ‘I’ in front of the master? Jixiang, tell me, how should I punish him?” he leisurely said.

“Your Highness, he should be punished with 20 slaps to the mouth!” Eunuch Jixiang raised his voice to speak.

“Then execute!” Huangfu Wu Shuang calmly said as he waved his hand.

Someone behind gave her a kick, forcing Hua Zhu Yu to kneel on the ground. She had no thoughts of resisting. She had only said ‘I’ and was already punished like this. If she resisted, don’t know how far Huangfu Wu Shuang will take the punishment to.  She could not resist, nor could she reveal anything.

A small eunuch came to stand in front of her.  He raised his hand up and mercilessly slapped Hua Zhu Yu’s snow white face.

Once, twice…. The crisp sound resonated in the silent residence, sounding particularly harsh.

Hua Zhu Yu disregarded the burning sensation on her face and only displayed a solemn smile as her clear but cold eyes gazed at Huangfu Wu Shuang.

His mother was the Empress, since birth he was cherished by all, when he was just 5 years old he was made Crown prince. Since then, whenever he wanted wind there was wind, wanted rain there was rain, giving birth to that arrogant attitude.

Treating her so cruelly, one can tell that he has never experienced any suffering, therefore he doesn’t know what pain is.  Perhaps one would have to wait till he has gone through an ordeal for him to understand what she was going through.

Hua Zhu Yu gazed at Huangfu Wu Shuang, traces of sympathy appearing  in the depths of her eyes.

Huangfu Wu Shuang didn’t know why but listening to the crisp sound only made him feel dissatisfied. Furthermore what’s with that look in his eyes, was he pitying this prince?

“Stop!” Huangfu Wu Shuang coldly ordered.

The small eunuch was lost in the heat of the moment and did not stop right away, he slapped her a few more times before halting.

Huangfu Wu Shuang walked up to Hua Zhu Yu, one hand shoving the eunuch aside. He asked, “What are you smiling for? Perhaps blaming this prince for giving such a light punishment?”

He was really smiling, not appearing fake at all. Though both his cheeks had been slapped swollen, there was no sign of weakness on his face. His pair of eyes glistened like water just as before, displaying no traces of fear.   


  1. she didn’t humble herself here and just plainly used “I”


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