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Chapter 56 part 5

Last part of Chapter 56! Wahhh chapter 56 was super long! Enjoy!


Huangfu Wu Shuang’s eyes swept round and gazed at the chessboard.

Guo Fen’s white pieces were surrounding the black ones which were obviously on the losing end, he really couldn’t see how the black pieces could win. Evidently, Guo Fen also could not see how she could possibly lose, looking down on Yuan Bao as she curled her lips.  She then saw Yuan Bao calmly pick up a black piece and gently placed it down, forming an encirclement with the other black chess pieces on the board, laying siege to  the white pieces.

Just as she thought a win was in grasp, in the blink of an eye she was defeated by the little eunuch. Embarrassed, she shyly smiled and said, “You’re Highness, Guo Fen has lost and am willing to be punished.”

She was very honest as that little eunuch’s skill were quite high. He clearly did not go all out and was just casually playing yet he defeated her so easily.

Huangfu Wu Shuang looked at Hua Zhu Yu in a new light, seems like Yuan Bao also has a bit of talent.

Huangfu Wu Shuang was lazy to get up and frowned as he said,” Guo Fen, you go back, won’t punish you today.”

Once he was done speaking, Huangfu Wu Shuang dark eyes gazed at Hua Zhu Yu.

Outside the pavilion, the scent of flowers drifted about as the person sitting in the pavilion had a bright face, elegant demeanor and lips curled in soft smile. It was a stunning sight like that of first snowfall. In that moment he almost doubted whether the person in front of him was a woman or not. If not for the fact that he ordered the castration himself, he really thought he could’ve been a girl.

Unless, when one becomes an eunuch they become so feminine?

“Xiao Bao Er, this prince didn’t realize you had such skills, evoking this prince’s interest. Now, come sit, let us have a match. “Huangfu  Wu Shuang smiling said.

Huangfu Wu Shuang didn’t seem to be in a bad mood.  

Hua Zhu Yu went forward and sat down facing Huangfu Wu Shuang and picked up a chess piece with her fingers and placed it down in the north-eastern vicinity of the board.

Her pearl white fingers looked fine and slender, under the sunlight it looked exquisitely delicate.

Hua Zhu Yu didn’t place Huangfu Wu Shuang in her eyes, though his skills might be higher that Guo Fen, but according to his temper and profligate ways, his skills most likely won’t be that great. But after a few moves, Hua Zhu Yu felt Huangfu Wu Shuang’s skills were quite profound, each move was imposing and deterring, making it hard for one to understand his game play.

Her speed became increasingly slow as she had to carefully consider each move.

Huangfu Wu Shuang also became increasingly serious and would occasionally gaze at Hua Zhu Yu with eyes laced with puzzlement.

Slowly and silently the chessboard was covered in black and white pieces as the surrounding atmosphere became heavier.

As the last chess piece was placed the two came to a deadlock with neither winning nor losing.

Huangfu Wu Shuang seemed to be very surprised by this outcome as his eyes flickered in appreciation when he gazed at Hua Zhu Yu. “I’ve looked down on you, your chess skills are quite good, wonder if your schemes(strategies) are as skilled. ”

“Your servant does not dare to accept your praise, but as the saying goes, one is able comprehend a person from the way they play chess. Your Highness has truly open up this servant’s eyes.” Hua Zhu Yu smiled as her eyes contained traces of surprise. She didn’t think this little arrogant crown prince would have such profound skills.

“Comprehend a person from the way they play chess?” Huangfu Wu Shuang slowly stood up and leisurely walked out, crossing his arms as he stood facing the flower garden. Furrowing his brows he asked “Then, from the previous chess match what type of person do you think this prince is?”

Hua Zhu Yu contemplated for a moment before raising her voice to say, “During the chess match, Your Highness’ each and every move was brilliant. The crucial point is that each fatal move was precise and resolute, full of vigor. Such mindset while playing chess is but a small matter but definitely vital when dealing with court affairs.  Your highness is virtuous and wise, truly great. If one day become the emperor, will surely be a great ruler. “

These words were not empty flattery as she didn’t need to fawn over him. Those words were truly how she felt but once she finished speaking she saw that Huangfu Wu Shuang wasn’t happy at all, his face became grim and bleak.

Standing amidst the blooming flowers, he lifted his hand to roughly pluck one down. He brought it to his nose for a whiff before crushing it in his palm as the petals scattered about before landing on the ground.

Hua Zhu Yu silently observed Huangfu Wu Shuang as she didn’t really understand why he had such an expression on his face. She was obviously praising him. She was so straightforward and he still didn’t understand? Was he too shocked?!

“Great ruler? The Emperor’s still alive, who’ll become a great ruler? Thinking of usurping the throne?” he fiercely asked as his face became increasingly dark.

As if he didn’t see Hua Zhu Yu standing there, he walked over to the chess board. With a sneer on his face, he picked up a chess piece then swiftly slammed his hand down, smashing the board.

“No matter how good your chess skills are you still can’t escape from my fatal blow.” His face grew increasingly dark.

“Jixiang, Yuan Bao is speaking nonsense. Punished to starve for 3 days!” After giving the order, he brandished his sleeves and left.

Hua Zhu Yu was left in a state of stupor as his silhouette slowly faded from view. Intuitively, she knows something was wrong but she couldn’t put her finger on what the problem was.

The young eunuch Jixiang hurriedly came to Hua Zhu Yu’s side and coldly said, “Yuan Bao, His Highness employed Minister Ji’s tactics during that chess match. You sure know how to sweet talk but you flattered the wrong person. How could His Highness not be angry? Remember, from now if want to fawn, you should at least try to understand the situation clearer! You see, His Highness doesn’t like Minister Ji so punishing you with 3 days of no food was quite light already! In the palace, every word, every step, has to be carefully considered and contemplated twice.”

This Jixiang was a good person at heart, jabbering beside Hua Zhu Yu’s ear for a long time before shaking his head and hastily chasing after Huangfu Wu Shuang.

Now Hua Zhu Yu understood why Huangfu Wu Shuang was so angry like that. So it appears she had been praising Ji Feng Li.

Each fatal blow resolute, vigor ….. virtuous …wise…. great ruler…..

Previously she found it hard to understand why Huangfu Wu Shuang’s chess approach was so inconsistent with his disposition. Though she praised him, her heart was still full of doubts.

She couldn’t imagine that these chess moves were actually Ji Feng Li’s. So Ji Feng Li was that kind of person? How could a heartless bastard like him be that type of person?

For the first time, Hua Zhu Yu didn’t want to believe in the saying that one could comprehend a person from the way they played chess.  Maybe he’s really brilliant but that couldn’t conceal his cruel, ruthless and evil nature. It also couldn’t erase the fact that he was her enemy!

Hua Zhu Yu gazed at the chessboard destroyed by Huangfu Wu Shuang. She walked over to pick up a white chess piece before turning around to leave.

清风冶荡,柳条依依。 (Thanh phong dã đàng, liễu điều y y.)1

This game of chess was becoming increasingly chaotic.


  1. this sentence is too poetic for me to comprehend????. Sorry Guys!  Any Chinese or Vietnamese readers here to help me out?


Seems like there’s a common enemy now…


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