World of Hidden Phoenixes

Chapter 57 part 2

When Huangfu Wu Shuang’s entourage arrived at Lake Thanh, there were already a couple dozen large flower boats present, of course there were also a few medium sized and smaller ones as well. These boats were leisurely drifting about the lake as their lights were reflected skyward by the lake. Compared to the full moon above, it was hard to conclude which was heaven and which was earth.


flower boats

A few boats had already released their lanterns which drifted about in the lake like stars in the galaxy.

Huangfu Wu Shuang stepped down from the carriage and walked over to a green jade flower boat with a gyrfalcon carved plaque hanging from the window that was especially magnificent. Indeed, this little prince had instructed someone to prepare a boat in advance. The lanterns on the horse carriage were quickly brought over to the flower boat by his servants and guards.

Inside the boat, there were no entertainers or singer called over yet, besides them there were only a few other servants that had arrive earlier. Hua Zhu Yu was quite surprised as based on Huangfu Wu Shuang’s personality, wouldn’t he invite entertainers and singers to have fun?

But Hua Zhu Yu soon found out the reason why.

As soon as Huangfu Wu Shuang stepped on the boat he asked one of his guards, “Has Miss Wen Wan been invited yet?”

The guard bowed and affirmed, “Has been invited since early, based on the time will most likely arrive soon.”

So he invited Wen Wan. In front of the person one admires, of course there’s no time to look at other entertainers. He’s clearly the crown prince yet has to exhaust so much time and energy in pursuit of a girl. He must really like this Wen Wan.

Hearing the guard’s reply, Huangfu Wu Shuang was exceptionally pleased as a flower-like smile blossomed on his handsome face. He leisurely strolled inside the boat that had been cleaned beforehand and order the maidservants to bring over some delicious dishes.


With every passing moment, the lake was filled with more and more lanterns. Half an hour later, Huangfu Wu Shuang finally could not sit still any longer as he crossed his arms and stood up, trying to calmly ask,” Who went to invite, why are they not back yet?”

“They’re back, they’re back!” The guard that had been waiting at the front of the boat raised his voice to reply.

Huangfu Wu Shuang’s gloomy face suddenly lit up, his eyes sparkling as he stepped out to meet the guest. However, outside the door was not the beauty he was waiting for but merely two guards.

Once those guards saw Huangfu Wu Shuang, they quickly fell to their knees and kowtowed 3 times, their figures trembling like reeds. “Yo-Your… Your Highness, your subordinate deserve to die, we could not invite Miss Wen Wan to come!”

Huangfu Wu Shuang’s face sank as he coldly asked, “Why is that so?”

“This subordinate was not able to meet Miss Wen Wan, only heard the maidservants beside Miss Wen Wan say Miss Wen Wan is grateful for Your Highness’s invitation but she was not feeling well therefore rested early and could not accompany Your Highness to the festival and ask for Your Highness’s forgiveness. Also said that in a few days when she feels better she will personally come seek forgiveness!” The guard rushed to disclose everything in one breath.

“She’s not feeling well?” Huangfu Wu Shuang furrowed his brows as a glint of worry arose in his eyes.

On the side, Hua Zhu Yu also furrowed her brows. Clearly, Wen Wan doesn’t want to accompany him to the festival and those words were all just excuses, but this little crown prince actually believed her and even wanted to personally go visit the Wen Residence.

The guard quickly voiced out, “Miss Wen Wan also said she wanted to rest and that Your Highness should have a good time at the festival!”

Huangfu Wu Shuang’s black eyes helplessly darken as he coldly shouted, “This prince already knows, don’t need you to remind me. Not quickly withdrawing!” With a harrumph, he walked out of the cabin and towards the bow where it was dark as ink. There laid all the lanterns he personally crafted, all of different shapes and sizes.  There was a lantern in the shape of a butterfly, a rose lantern, a 5-colored dragon lantern, two pearl dragon lantern, and the lantern with the portrait of Wen Wan,  all glowing brightly.

Huangfu Wu Shuang gestured with his hand, signaling Hua Zhu Yu to come over as he instructed in a forlorn voice, “Release these lanterns, she won’t come see them anyways.”

Hua Zhu Yu took a lantern and released it into the lake where it floated about. On top of it was her riddle that Huangfu Wu Shuang personally wrote: Yixing bailu shang qingtian (A band of white storks soared across the blue sky).

On the butterfly lantern was the riddle: Taohua tan shuishen qian chi, buji wanglun song wo qing (a peach blossom thousands of meters deep in the water cannot compare to my profound love.)


The last was the lantern with the portrait. Hua Zhu Yu reluctantly held it, afraid that as soon as she releases it, Huangfu Wu Shuang would flood with regret. Huangfu Wu Shuang saw her hesitate so he coldly commanded, “Release it!”

Clearly, Huangfu Wu Shuang was not a fool. Perhaps he could also guess that Wen Wan did not want to accompany him on this festival.  

“Wuxian xintou yu, jin zai qingsi zhong (thousands of unspoken words, all in my heart)” Huangfu Wu Suang gazed at the lantern that was slowly drifting away from view, reciting the riddle on it in a soft voice. The corresponding answer to this riddle was the single word “Lian (love).”

Huangfu Wu Shuang wanted Wen Wan to accompany him on this festival so that he could give this lantern to her and let her solve this riddle. He wanted to express his feelings through this riddle and take advantage of the beautiful scenery to capture the beauty’s heart.

However, in the end Huangfu Wu Shuang was the crown prince and since young there has always been people trying to please and flatter him. If he wanted something, with just a single word, there would be someone offering it to him with two hands.

It’s hard to believe that there would also be moments where he has the taste of desiring something yet unable to obtain it.

He stood at the bow letting the night breeze stroke his cheeks, as his dark pupils gleamed like jade, full of loneliness.

Right at this moment, the night sky was bathed in gorgeous bright colors. It appears the people on shore had begun to light the fireworks as the surrounding ten miles brilliantly lit up the night sky like it was daybreak.

When Hua Zhu Yu was still at Liangzhou, she had never seen such dazzling fireworks like these before. She quietly stood behind Huangfu Wu Shuang, captivated by the sight. Each firework was breathtakingly beautiful, momentarily permitting her to forget her troubles, forget her sadness and simply just enjoy the moment.

After the first wave of fireworks were fired, the night sky returned to its previous tranquility, but suddenly, another round of fireworks rose from the large boats, illuminating the lake and overwhelming the sky, a few sparks even cascading down into the water.

As the fireworks came to a cease, a melodious tune rang out and drifted over that was exceptionally pleasing to the ears. The sound was clear as the moonlight, like music from the heavens.

The guests on the boats were all moved as their gaze shifted towards the sound.

Eight fireworks soared out like a fan and in the midst of the lights emerged a moon white boat, though it wasn’t comparable to Huangfu Wu Shuang’s emerald jade boat and not as magnificent, it appeared in the lake at the heart of the lights, like white clouds hugging Mountain Xiu, like the moon arising from the clouds.

Hua Zhu Yu was just wondering who the owner of this boat could be when she heard people around the boat exclaiming.

“Chancellor Ji came to the lake..”

“Chancellor Ji came to the lake…”

Presently, many boats were crowded around that area, admiring the boat’s owner’s character.

Hearing this, Hua Zhu Yu’s lips lifted in a sneer as a sharp glint flashed across her ink black eyes.

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    Ahhh the jerk ML I ally show up. I wish XY is the ML instead of this heartless guy. Waiting excitingly for your new chapter. Thanks

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      Well JFL Isn’t all as bad as he appears, everything he does is for his own gains and he has his own agenda and secrets but after finishing this novel XY was still my favorite ????
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