World of Hidden Phoenixes

Chapter 58 part 2

The courtesans from the brothels who had just performed were also very beautiful, but perhaps because they had more life experience in the outside word, their beauty was also reflective of that as they were a bit more beguiling.

Wen Wan’s beauty was graceful, elegant, and dignified with the air of a young boudoir Miss.

Gongzi, this little servant was rude and has offended you, hope gongzi does not take it to heart.” Wen Wan lifted her hands and paid her respects towards Hua Zhu Yu in a tender voice. Her glistening eyes shifted towards the little maidservant as she said, “Ying Er, quickly apologize to this gongzi.”

Hearing Wen Wan’s command, Ying Er quickly came forward and said, “I’m deeply sorry.”

“There’s no need to be courteous Miss Wen Wan, it was this humble being that was not careful and sank Miss’s lantern down the lake, this humble being is sincerely sorry. This humble being shall now withdraw first.” With one hand carrying the lantern, Hua Zhu Yu turned towards the railing, thinking of jumping down.

She had seen Huangfu Wu Shuang’s boat approaching this direction so there was no need to coast across the lake surface as she could just directly jump over there. If Huangfu Wu Shuang saw Wen Wan on Ji Feng Li’s boat, don’t know how infuriated he’ll be.

“This little brother, don’t leave in such a rush. You had the ability to solve the Chancellor’s riddle hence the Chancellor has a reward. Here…” A deep, loud voice emerged on the deck boat.

Just hearing this person voice, Hua Zhu Yu could determine this person’ internal force was quite strong, definitely a martial expert.

Hua Zhu Yu eyes swept over and saw burly man appear at the bow. He casually lifted his hands and shiny silver coins were sent flying towards her vital spots.

What reward? This was clearly testing her martial arts.

Hua Zhu Yu knitted her brows. With one hand carrying the lantern, she focused her internal energy near her feet and somersaulted in the air like a nightingale, avoiding the advancing silver coins. Then taking advantage of her descent, she lifted her right hand towards the direction of the silver coins as her sleeves fluttered in the wind.

Fortunately, the robe she wore today had wide sleeves, if not, she wouldn’t have been able to receive these silver coins.

“Thank you Chancellor Ji for the reward!” Hua Zhu Yu expressed her gratitude in a clear, raised voice.

At the same moment, Huangfu Wu Shuang’s boat was approaching so Hua Zhu Yu steadily jumped down from the bow.

Only now did the surrounding people realized that the last riddle was actually Chancellor Ji’s and the fact that Hua Zhu Yu could solve it made the guests standing in the surrounding flower boats look at Hua Zhu Yu with eyes full of praise.

Standing at the bow, Hua Zhu Yu turned around and saw that the burly man who had just attacked her had soon disappeared.

On the deck of the white boat, only two figures were left greeting the night wind.

In the weary darkness, amidst the heavy mist of vapors from the lake, Hua Zhu Yu could still clearly see a man adorned in a long white robe, the current kingdom’s Chancellor, Ji Feng Li.

With a pair of picturesque brows, white robe gently swaying in the wind and long black mane cascading down like waterfall, his entire being emanated grace like no other.

As the two boats drifted pass one another, a strong night breeze appeared, lifting his outer robe and revealing an ordinary outfit.

He calmly look at Hua Zhu Yu and slightly nodded his head, his pair of eyes were deep like the dark night yet radiant as the moon above.

As the white boat gradually withdrew, she could vaguely see a jade flute in his hand as he began to play a beautiful, clear and resounding piece. The music sounded like it came straight from heaven, reflecting over the glistening vast lake, drifting about and beyond, pulling at one’s heart.

Two figures, one white and one blue, stood beneath the hazy moonlight harmoniously like a pair of jade couple amidst heaven and earth.

Watching the white boat gradually fade from view, Hua Zhu Yu concealed her eyes, her exceedingly cold, desolate eyes.

Hua Zhu Yu pulled aside the beaded curtains and was greeted by the sight of Huangfu Wu Shuang angry face, as though he had been standing beside the curtain the whole time, observing everything that had taken place outside.

Anger caused a dark veil to obscure his exquisitely handsome face. His brows were furrowed together like they were burning up and his hands were clenched into tight fists with veins bulging out.

This situation made Hua Zhu Yu feel as though those clenched fists could swing at her at any moment. Her eyes swept across the room and saw a few guards and eunuchs crouching on the floor with faces full of dark bruises.

It seemed like he had vented but his anger has yet to dissipate completely.

Since young the crown prince had whatever he wanted. If he desired rain then there was rain, if he wanted wind there would be wind but now he had suffered a huge blow.

Hua Zhu Yu did not know what he would do next when suddenly Huangfu Wu Shuang let out a angry growl and pushed Hua Zhu Yu towards the side of the boat. His previously clenched fists were currently pressed firmly on Hua Zhu Yu’s neck.

“Tell me, where is this prince not as great as Ji Feng Li? This prince is the crown prince, the emperor and empress both favors me, the kingdom sooner or later will be mine. But why would she because of him refuse my invitation. Tell me, what should I do now?” Huangfu Wu Shuang let out piercing shriek before his course voice slowly gave out.

As he screamed, the strength in his grip tightened, causing Hua Zhu Yu’s cheeks to become flushed, making it hard for her to breath. She was afraid if she didn’t act now she would be strangled to death by him. Just as she was thinking this, she saw Huangfu Wu Shuang staring at her.

Gritting her teeth, she looked back at him with a gentle smile.

Beneath the swaying candlelight in the boat, her smile was exceptionally radiant, full of charm that made it hard for others to speak.

Huangfu Wu Shuang felt like he was struck by lightning, making him realize what he was doing, that he was about to kill the person in front of him. A cold shiver ran down his spine as he shakily loosened his hands.

He laid down on the floor breathing heavily as the sight of Hua Zhu Yu’s smiling face appeared in his thoughts.


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