Love in Another Life: My Gentle Tyrant

Chapter 59

Correlates with Ch 180


Hiding in the back, the corner of An Jin’s lips lifted in a sneer. 

 Shocked, Yao Guang grabbed Long Fei Li’s robes and begged for mercy but he walked past her without a second glance. He looked around the crowd and asked, “Where is that servant?”

He didn’t specify which servant but who in the courtyard didn’t know who he was referring to? 

The Empress’ servants immediately dragged Xiao Lin out towards him. She was still dripping wet and her complexion pale, her body quivering in fear. “I didn’t mean to, I really didn’t do it on purpose….” 

 At this time, the closed door suddenly opened as a figure rushed out in a hurry. It was Xuan Ji’s maidservant Die Feng with a grief-stricken face. When she spotted Xiao Lin, she ran over to her and began hitting her as she said, “You wrench! Niang niang knows how to swim, if you hadn’t been afraid and clung so tightly to her neck, she would have swam to shore. Even when the guards went down to save her she still pushed you up first…”

An overwhelming anger rose in Long Fei Li as his eyes darkened gloomily. “Xia Sang, death by beating.” 

 Xia Sang reacted immediately and waved to the two guards behind him. They dragged Xiao Lin out of the courtyard as she screamed and kicked in despair.  

 Yao Guang sat paralyzed in fear as she watched her get dragged away. 

Long Fei Li’s voice was heavy as he ordered, “Everyone withdraw.”

A coldness was emanating from his body that left everyone silent, no one dared to speak any further. The Empress did not dare to dally and quickly led everyone to retreat. 

Long Fei Li quickly stepped into the inner room.

Physician Lady Cui had already instructed to not let too many people into the room so the servants of Feng Jiu Palace were all waiting outside anxiously, their faces full of grief. Seeing the Emperor enter, Die Feng could only wipe her tears and stand aside.

A green shadow made a move but Xia Sang was one step faster. He stood in front of the youth and calmly asked, “Qing Feng, where are you going?”  

Qing Feng paused and gave Xia Sang a cold glare then without a word, he turned and left. 


The words she had said to him yesterday still rang in his ears but today she was barely clinging onto life. 

“Don’t call me Xiao Qi!” 

He had only taken his eyes off of her for a moment and she immediately got herself into trouble again. 

 Long Fei Li clenched his fist as anger clouded his heart. Nian Xuan Ji you are truly one that courts trouble! 

Beside the bed, Cui Ya was kneeling on the ground, kowtowing repeatedly towards Physician Lady Cui as she cried “ Please, you must save Cui Ya’s mistress.”

Physician Cui furrowed her brows as she tried to help Cui Ya up and said, “The situation just now was a little dangerous but there shouldn’t be any problems now, just….” 

 She smiled bitterly as a cold voice came from behind, “Just what?” 

Physician Lady Cui and Cui Ya were both startled as they quickly knelt down to pay greetings.

“I asked what’s wrong with Concubine Nian?” Long Fei Li  glanced at Xuan Ji who was lying on the bed, her complexion pale as snow. Although his voice was calm on the surface, there was a hint of anger brewing beneath it.

“Your Majesty, Her Highness, she…..” the physician’s voice trembled slightly as her eyes held a glint of fear in them as they slanted to the side.

Witnessing this, Long Fei Li glanced at Cui Ya and ordered, “Leave.”

 Cui Ya gazed over at Xuan Ji multiple times before finally exiting the room reluctantly.

Once the door closely, Long Fei Li ordered in a deep voice, “Speak!” 

In a trembling voice, the physician confessed, “This subject is guilty!” She dropped to her knees and kowtowed relentlessly. 

The thought that Xuan Ji was badly hurt made his heart knot as his hands grew cold as if all of his strength had left him. Furious, he said, “Answer me!” 

Gritting her teeth, she replied, “Your Majesty, Concubine Nian’s health is stable now but…. but.. she’s pregnant! Calculating the time, it was conceived while she was staying at your manor.”

Upon hearing this, Long Fei Li instantly froze. This young monarch had just been strategizing at Jin Luan Hall just moments ago yet presently his mind was entirely blank. 

Though his harem was not as full as past Emperors’, he still had many concubines. When he was 14 years old he had his first woman and since then not a single one of them had gotten pregnant. There’s been many rumors and speculations surrounding this matter both in and out of the palace but no one knew the real reason. That it was all a result of the Emperor’s own doing. 

Planted in the palace in every concubine’s quarters was a plant called Zi Xi. This plant came from a small country in the west called Yun Yang. The flower was praised for its beautiful blooms and complementary name. Zi Xi, Zi from Jun Zi(Noble), Xi from Lian Xi(tenderness), noble and tender.

But in fact the true meaning Zi Xi was Zi as in ‘child’ and Xi as in ‘end’. Zi Xi, without child. 

Inhaling the scent of the flowers can prevent one from becoming pregnant but inhaling it too much can also damage the body. 

At that time, Xuan Ji was recuperating at the manor. He had sent Xu Xi to plant a flower there already but since he had no intentions of touching her he decided to tell Xia Sang to remove the flower thinking that the scent could harm her health.

After spending the night with her, he had sent for Physician Lady Cui to prepare a bowl of medicine for her to drink. How could she have become pregnant with his child, especially on her very first night?

 From a strategic perspective, if any of his concubines became pregnant it would tip the delicate balance of power already in place. But more importantly, he didn’t love any of them and would only feel disgust to learn that they’re pregnant with his child. 

 Even if he loved them, the previous emperor had loved his mother, but what had that done for her? He was still powerless to protect her in the end!

 A few years after the third prince Long Li Yu was born, the Empress Dowager was pregnant once again along with Consort Ru. At that time, the Empress Dowager’s maiden family had grown considerably in terms of power and influence. Yet the night Consort Ru and the Empress Dowager both went into labor, the Empress Dowager had given birth to a stillborn. That night, the Emperor had come to a decision and since then, to the outside world,  Consort Ru’s child had died during childbirth while the Empress had given birth to another son. 

Shortly After the Emperor’s passing, Consort Ru mysteriously disappeared….

Even without the Zi Xi flower, he had always been careful about releasing himself inside any of his concubines but that night……. It was a night of passion. 

He was about to head towards the bed when he suddenly stopped and turned around. Cooly, he asked, “That day, you didn’t watch her take the medicine?” 

Trembling, the physician was about to answer when suddenly a weak voice tonelessly answered before she had the chance. 

“Your Majesty, I(Chenqie) drank every last drop of that medicine.” 

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