Love in Another Life: My Gentle Tyrant

Chapter 61

Although she wanted to continue to put on a brave front and stand there imposingly in front of him, her abdomen knotted in pain and she slowly sunk to the ground. 

Conceived only a number of days prior, this child probably hadn’t even taken form yet. It’s so small yet it could already sense that they were going to kill it. Her heart clutched with sorrow and she had a sudden impulse to plead with Long Fei Li, to beg him to spare this child but once the words reached her lips, they were swallowed back down. 

He wouldn’t change his mind….

She looked down at her flat tummy and tears began trickling down her face, blurring her vision til she could no longer see anything in front of her, including him. 

 As time passed, she could no longer contain her cries so she buried her face in her arms and bit down on her wrist to stop the cries threatening to escape her lips. 

She bit so hard that she drew blood which trickled into her mouth with a bitter taste. But it didn’t matter to her as long as she could suppress her cries. 

Moments later, she could sense that he had made his way towards her, his heavy breath was directly in front of her. 

Pressing her lips tightly together, she lifted her head to see him half-crouching on the floor with a frown on his face as he stared at her. His phoenix eyes were dark and heavy with emotions rippling in them. 

Smiling frostily, she roughly wiped the tears from her face. She snapped at him, “Leave!” 

The words seemingly fell on deaf ears as he continued to stare at her. 

“Long Fei Li, please leave me some dignity!” Xuan Ji supported herself on the edge of the bed and stood up shakily. Gritting her teeth, she pointed at the door and said, “If you don’t trust me then you can have Xu Xi or Xia Sang watch me drink the medicine, anyone is fine. As for you, get out of my sight!” 

The pain in her abdomen intensified and she involuntarily bent down to clutch her belly. Seeing her in pain, Long Fei Li felt a surge of panic and he reached out to support her. 

But Xuan Ji turned away to avoid his touch as she retreated backwards until she could do so no more and was leaning against the cabinet, glaring coldly at him. 

 Long Fei Li was both anxious and angry as he exclaimed, “Nian Xuan Ji!” 

He quickly made his way over to her when suddenly the door was pushed open. Physician Lady Cui had appeared with the bowl of medicine in her hand. Walking into such a scene, she froze in shock, unsure of what to do.

Long Fei Li’s eyes sparked with fury as his brows drew into a tight knot. “Scram!”  

Startled by his uproar, Physician Lady Cui’s entire body shook as she placed the bowl of medicine on the table. She gave one last look towards Xuan Ji before clenching her teeth and leaving the room.

Staring at the exquisite porcelain bowl resting on the table, Xuan Ji let out a laugh despite the lump in her throat. 

 Long Fei Li had never seen her like this before. Her eyes were bloodshot red, to the point where it looked as if she would cry tears of blood. 

His heart seized with panic as never before. He didn’t even have time to collect himself when Xuan Ji had already strode over to the table and picked up the bowl of medicine. 

 Dark and cloudy, the medicine gave off a strong herbal scent that assaulted her nose. Staring into its core, she thought that once this bowl was emptied, anything left between the two of them would be gone. Before, she had thought about leaving with some memories, but now she didn’t feel the need to keep those anymore. Why carry those with her if she would have to waste energy trying to forget them later. 

Xuan Ji closed her eyes and lifted the bowl to her lips. As she tilted her head back, the bitter medicine touched her lips when all of a sudden a strong force rushed towards her. Startled, she opened her eyes to find the bowl knocked out of her hand. 

 Drops of the hot liquid fell onto the back of her hand as the bowl tumbled to the ground, shattering to pieces, the dark medicine spilling across the floor. 

Confusion riddled Xuan Ji’s face as she looked up and saw Long Fei Li with his hands outstretched a mere steps away. 

What powerful internal force! 

He was the one that had knocked the bowl. But why would he do such a thing? 

She smiled bitterly and covered her face with her hands, slowly sinking to the ground. Why was it that she was always left hurt after every interaction with this man? 

Long Fei Li, what exactly do you want?  

A hot breath quickly engulfed her as a pair of warm hands wrapped around her. She tried to break free but she found that she no longer had the strength. 

Buried against his chest, she could distinctly hear his heart, beating strong and fast. 

 He carried her to the bed and sat down but did not let her go. His head rested heavily on her neck. 

Xuan ji leaned aside to look into his eyes. Her lips couldn’t help but twist into a smile as she said in a voice filled with sorrow, “Long Fei Li, you should just kill me, I’m afraid I won’t be able to drink another bowl of that medici—”

The rest of her words were lost as his tongue delved inside her mouth. He kissed her lips roughly as his hands pulled at her clothes. 

 How things ended up like this, she truly did not know. When he entered her, her gaze drifted away towards the torn clothes crumpled on the ground. Lost in thought, she completely forgot to struggle. 

He moved over her body as her hands draped lifelessly by her sides. She could feel herself heating up with his touch, it seems she could still feel but her heart felt empty and hollow. Tears flowed ceaselessly from her eyes. 

He leaned over and gently kissed them away. 

His heavy breath fell on her face, her lips, her neck, every inch of her skin. 

Through her blurry vision, she could see his dark eyes and the indescribably depth within. His gaze was locked coldly onto hers, the feeling it gave was of a man slowly sinking into obsession. 

In this moment, her body could still feel the innate feelings of pleasure. Once he reached a climax, their bodies both trembled slightly but despair pulled at her heart, so strongly she wished she could die on the spot. 


For the first time, she didn’t fall asleep afterwards and only gently closed her eyes. 

She could hear him sit up on the bed. He placed the blanket over her and then instructed the servants outside the door in a low voice to not disturb her and to prepare the meal.

Afterwards, he seemingly left quietly. 

She curled up into a ball beneath her blanket. Looking out the window, she saw the skies were filled with stars. That’s right, he must leave, there was only a few hours left before his meeting with Xin Yi. 

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