World of Hidden Phoenixes

Chapter 62 part 1

These words were spoken with such certainty, causing Hua Zhu Yu to feel slightly unsettled.

With the entrance of the night breeze, the curtains quivered like smoke, making the silhouette appear even more obscure. He clearly was sitting there motionless, yet it was like an illusion to one’s sight.  Like a stream, like a soft gentle breeze that could not be touched even if one stretched out their hand to grasp it.

Hua Zhu Yu halted her steps and slowly sat down. She was intrigued, how exactly was he going to let her suffer losses.

“A Bao is delighted to hear just how exactly is Sir going to let me experience a loss?” Hua Zhu Yu said with a slight smile.

The person behind the screen slowly replied, “The number of stores in my hands far exceeds the amount in yours, if tomorrow, all of them are put up for sale at a cheap price, think about it, shall the market price in Jingling drop or not? Furthermore, if it’s revealed that the court has no intentions of building a harbor here, say, how low will the price fall? Once it has come to this, those stores in your hands, who would want to buy them, everyone would be selling their stores, you won’t even get hold of ten thousand taels!”

His voice, though exceptionally serene and gentle, was like a turbulent wave once they entered Hua Zhu Yu’s ears.

So, this person clearly knows the truth about the harbor. This was Hua Zhu Yu’s arrangement, she had told Huangfu Wu Shuang to instruct his close court officials to discreetly release a false news so how does this person know? If it’s like this and he knew that everything was her scheme, he’s deliberately going against her.

If he truly has a large number of stores in his hands as he said, once he put up those stores, the market price in Jingling will surely drop, furthermore, when everyone’s aware that the news of the court erecting a harbor was false, the thirty or so stores in her hands would be hard to get rid of.

A gust of cold air swept through from the window, stirring the curtains and even Hua Zhu Yu’s robe, carrying with it a cooling quality amidst the deep night.

Furrowing her brows, Hua Zhu Yu felt that something was off, if it’s really as he said, once he sold his stores at a cheap price, the person that would lose money would be him. So would he do so? No matter how rich he was, she didn’t believe he would do such things.

“You’re not afraid of suffering a loss first?” Hua Zhu Yu suppressed her fear and coldly asked.

“I won’t suffer any losses, and will actually earn quite a bit.” The person behind the screen casually replied, calm and light. There seemed to be a wine cup in his hand as he personally poured himself a drink.

Hearing his reply, Hua Zhu Yu restrained her burning anger as the smile on her face became increasingly brilliant. “If it’s like this, Sir must have begun acquiring stores even earlier than this one.” When she had yet to come up with this scheme, she did not know so how did he know? If he wasn’t sure the market price would rise, why would he acquire so many stores?

Behind the screen, the person let out a soft chuckle, and calmly replied, “No, I started to acquire when the price began to rise, but what I bought were not stores, but low-cost houses and converted them into stores, the additional costs were insignificant.”

The prices of houses obviously could not be compared to stores as they were at least ten times cheaper. Why did she not think of this? If it’s really as he said, seems like she has to put this play on halt.

A sense of panic and chill arose within her, soundlessly stiffening her body, till it was as rigid as ice.

She never thought that someone would see through her trick, furthermore, she did not think someone would use her own trick against her. She painstakingly planned everything, yet because of the person in front of her everything has come to naught.

Who was this person, why was he going against her?

Now, she truly wanted to know, in the end who was this person? Was it a male or female? An elder or youngster? Currently, Huangfu Wu Shuang was also having similar thoughts to Hua Zhu Yu. He was still silently standing behind Hua Zhu Yu, the expression on his face changed constantly, till now, he could no longer hold back. His gaze coldly swept over, the guard beside him understood and quickly advanced forward, reaching out his hand intending to lift the screen curtain.

However, something suddenly shot towards his hand, causing him to retreat. Even though he still wanted to pull aside the screen, he found that his body could no longer move, like his pressure point had been sealed.

Hua Zhu Yu was still sitting in her seat, attentively gazing at the figure behind the screen, but could not see how he had made his move. He was clearly still sitting on his couch not moving, furthermore, behind that screen, besides that person there was no one else.


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  • idontreadsite

    Yikes, this poor soul has not met a single decent male yet. All of them use her and throw her, some not even willing to check if she is guilty as charged. I hope the ex-husband is made to suffer through hell for starting the sequence of events that led her to so much pain and humiliation. What an asshat!!

    thanks for translating

    • PBG8695

      Yes, unfortunately our FL is quite pitiful but not a damsel in distress waiting to be saved which is what I like about her. She’s strong and level-headed but the circumstances aren’t in her favor. But sadly she’ll have to suffer some more before she get’s her revenge though

      Thanks for reading!!

    • PBG8695

      He’s doing it for the greater good of the people but unfortunately that means going against our FL.

      Thanks for reading!

    • PBG8695

      hmmm that’s hard to say cuz I feel like every character is doing what’s in their best interest, so I guess it just depends on your point of view

      Thanks for reading!

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