World of Hidden Phoenixes

Chapter 62 part 3

Walking along the street, Hua Zhu Yu happened across a broker office that opened just a few days ago. Due to the disputes among the business deals, the office was still crowded in the deep night.

Silently standing along the street, Hua Zhu Yu was suddenly reminded of Rong Luo’s words and a strong sense of despair enveloped her. This feeling was like before when she had made the wrong decision and let her troops fall into Western Liang’s ambush, resulting in the deaths of many of her men.

A gust of night wind arrived, wafting her hair about, covering her blurred eyes. She relaxed her body and began to run forward, continuously advancing, in order to free her soul.

With no hesitation, she flew over the roof, darted through the balcony, and sprinted across the small alleyways. In less than a cup of tea’s time, she had arrived in the outskirts of Jingling. She then leapt into the sky, like a willowy cloud, drifting across a small forest before appearing in front of a rippling lake which sparkled underneath the stars and moonlight.

The lake was not large, but small and narrow. Without though, she dived into the lake and let the coldness penetration into her body. She held her breath and let her body slowly sink.

Like jumping into a mother’s gentle embrace, like delving into an eternal dream, she closed her eyes and let her body sway naturally in the water, silently sensing each ripple within her heart.

The cold water in addition to the internal energy constantly running through her, she gradually became more clear-minded.

She held her breath for quite a while but luckily the lake was not too deep. When she ran out of air, she burst out of the lake surface, splashing slivers of water about as she jumped on shore.

Her clothes had been thoroughly soaked so she gently took off her belt and loosened her hair tie to let the cool night breeze dry them. Inside, the white bandage around her chest was also soaked and heavy, making it uncomfortable for her to breath, but she did not dare take it off.

She was tall and had always been on the slender side, furthermore she developed slower than most girls her age, hence it was quite easy to disguise as a male for the last couple of years. But lately, she faintly felt that her body was slowly changing and her chest would sometimes feel painful, thus her figure was more easily recognizable. As a result, she had no choice but to begin binding her chest.

Luckily her current identity was that of an eunuch so it wasn’t too suspicious if she was a little feminine.

After a while, her clothes were dried and she began tying her hair.

She decided to return to Ke Xilia Inn. No matter what, she had to continue down this road. Once they were back in the capital, she had to find a way to make Huangfu Wu Shuang request the Emperor to erect a harbor in Jingling and lessen the calamity that she caused.

Just as she finished adjusting her clothes, she sensed something abnormal.

In the cold night, something was slowly approaching and she was very familiar with this feeling.

Hua Zhu Yu began walking forward, not too fast or too slow, looking very casual but her right hand was already secretly placed on the sword near her waist.

On the battlefield, she was more familiar with using a spear and dadao, because when amount a horse, the strength of a sword was weaker in comparison. However, that did not mean that she didn’t know how to wield a sword.

She slowly walked forward, when she passed by a tall tree, the figure hidden in the dark began to act.

A sword swiftly slashed down from the tree, aiming directly behind Hua Zhu Yu’s neck. It was a plain sword, absent of any embellishment but very practical.

Whether in angle or strength, the sword was very precise.

At the same time, a shadow from the dense forest leapt out, rotating in the air. While still mid-air, a hand stretched out and countless darts shot towards Hua Zhu Yu. The weapons sparkled underneath the reflection of the moonlight, blossoming in the night like the flower of death.

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  • anon

    Ehh!! Who exactly is trying to assassinate Yuan Bo?? Is it that Rong guy from before? That doesn’t make a whole of lot of sense. I suppose it could be our favorite *snerk* Crown Prince trying to get rid of the guy that failed him. Or is it HZY that they’re after?

    • fan63

      I thought that it was the crown prince but, she said the sword was a common one.So I don’t think that it’s one of his men.

  • Raria

    Arrgh! The cliff!!!

    May Lord Translator have mercy, and deliver this until-recently-binge-reader from the clutches of anxious waiting of the next chapter.

    Honourable Lord Translator, have mercy, have mercy!

    Drama aside, thank you for the chapters so far.

    I am not a fan, I emphasise, NOT A FAN of angst, and this is my first time appreciating one. Oh, the number of times I held my breath to make it through so far! I hope it gets better after this. But I know it doesn’t. Because like a fool I read the spoiler on NU, thinking what more can MC suffer through and it must be all happy or satisfaction of revenge. I was wrong. Oh, so wrong!

    Lamenting aside, thank you once agin, for translating so far. Like a good follower, I shall obediently wait for the chapters.


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