Love in Another Life: My Gentle Tyrant

Chapter 62

Listening to the long silence outside the door, Xuan Ji decided it was time to get up. She went to her dresser to retrieve a new set of clothes since what she had been wearing had already been torn by him. After putting on her clothes, she took a seat at the table. 

 Moments later, a voice came from outside the door. “Your Highness.” 

“Come in,” she said as she tried to smile as she normally did. 

Die Feng and Cui Ya entered with the meal and placed the dishes on the table.

 “Your Highness, are you feeling better?” asked Cui Ya. 

Meanwhile Die Feng was smiling silently, stealing quick glances at Xuan Ji as her little face turned red. She then turned to whisper in Cui Ya’s ear who was seemingly shocked to hear what she had to say. Very quickly, her face grew red as well and she glanced at Xuan Ji bashfully. 

Seeing them look at her strangely and smiling secretly, how could she not know what they were thinking. On her neck there were still traces of his kiss that had been left behind. She smiled bitterly at the thought as her hand involuntarily went to her belly. 

He had never been rough and just now, even when he took her vigorously, he still made sure to support her so that the entire weight of his body was not pressing down against her. 

 He had left without so much of a word afterwards. This child….what will he do with it? He had let the child go this time but what about the next? 

She may have been hesitant in the past but now she had made up her mind. She wanted to keep this child and she wasn’t going to let him take it away from her. So she must escape, she could not hesitate any longer.   

As she had her meal, Die Feng and Cui Ya were waiting by her side. 

“Die Feng, is there a map of Xi Liang in the palace?” Xuan Ji suddenly asked. 

 A little puzzled, Die Feng asked, “Your Highness, what do you want to do with a map?” 

“I’m bored in the palace, I just want to kill some time.” 

 Smiling, Die Feng said, “Mistress, if you’re bored, then what of the rest of the women in the inner palace?” 

“How I see it, His Majesty cares for you the most in the entire palace.” 

You yatou(slave girl)!” Xuan Ji’s heart was bitter but she didn’t want to worry them so she could only laugh it off with a scolding. “Retrieve it for me as soon as possible. That’s an order.” 

Frowning, Die Feng said, “Your Highness, if you hadn’t said it, I really didn’t know there was such a method to kill time. Let me ask around and see if I can get it for you.” 

Xuan Ji shook her head and said, “Don’t make this public. Feng Jiu Palace is now a cold palace so we must keep a low profile. Don’t let others find fault in us.” 

 Die Feng smiled and said, “His Majesty treats Your Highness well. This cold palace is comparable to the most glamorous of palaces.” 

Finding it hard to understand, Cui Ya asked, “Big sister Die Feng, you said His Majesty cares for our mistress. If that’s so, why does he make Feng Jiu Palace a cold palace?” 

Die Feng glanced at Xuan Ji and then replied, “Last time it was because Mistress went to Jin Luan Hall(throne room). This isn’t the first time that His Majesty had gotten angry but I believe that his anger is only temporary. If he was really angry with her, how could he let her serve him at Chu Xiu Hall? Our Mistress is just too stubborn. If she just gives in and appeases His Majesty, once he’s happy, our Feng Jiu Palace will be just like a carp that’s risen into a dragon, don’t you agree?” 

Hearing this, Cui Ya nodded her head repeatedly in agreement.

Xuan Ji couldn’t help but laugh looking at the two of them. She actually dared to say such words, a carp risen into a dragon, give in to him……Facing him, she indeed was stubborn. Thinking about it now, besides the fact that he didn’t love her, he was truly tolerant of her. 

However Die Feng didn’t know. Giving in and appeasing him was not going to erase what had happened. 

 As she was deep in thought, Cui Ya suddenly handed her several pieces of paper. The ink and ink stone were prepared and placed on the table. 

Xuan Ji was a little taken aback when Cui Ya urged, “Your Highness, quickly hurry. Big Sister Die Feng heard from the other servants that the Mistresses from the other palaces have already finished preparing their gifts. Shouldn’t you also hurry? Quickly give in and prepare a gift, otherwise Feng Jiu Palace will remain a cold palace!” 

 Hearing this, Die Feng laughed so hard she nearly bent over. She then looked at the items placed on the table and said doubtfully, “Your Highness, can this really be counted as a gift?” 

Smiling, Xuan Ji picked up the pieces of paper. Last night she had thought of this idea but how could she have the heart to work on it at this moment? 

Each paper had been cut into small slips with a few words written on them. She had planned to add a few more before binding them into a book and sending it to him as a gift.

Her eyes fell on the words written on the paper. 

Give a back massage five times. 

Don’t argue back five times. 

Make tea five times. 

 She had made these vouchers as a gift. 

Die Feng had long made inquiries and discovered that the other palaces had already prepared lavish gifts. Thus in her opinion, this gift that her mistress was preparing was truly modest. Her mistress was too mischievous she silently thought to herself. 

However, Xuan Ji really didn’t know what to give him. This world was his, what would he lack? This gift could be considered a part of her heart. She didn’t want to discuss the gift with the Nian family and she only has a few silver notes which he had given her.

She had nothing of value, she could only give him her heart.

But after what happened today, she really didn’t want to look at these things but these two girls were staring at her, their eyes wide and insistent.

Die Feng could say nothing more about her gift and thought it was at least better than nothing so she urged Xuan Ji on as much as Cui Ya. 

 As the candlelights flickered, laughter and noises surrounded the room, things were tossed here and there but in the end it was finally completed. 

Looking at the small booklet on the table, Die Feng clapped her hands and smiled, “Mistress, it turned out pretty well.” 

 Cui Ya was also smiling. 

Xuan Ji rubbed her eyes and snorted coldly, “Of course it turned out well. All you both did was ramble on, I completed it all on my own, naturally it turned out great.” 

Die Feng and Cui Ya both stuck out their tongues in response. 

Xuan Ji then looked out the window and asked a little shocked, “What time is it now?” 

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