World of Hidden Phoenixes

Chapter 64 part 2

Hey guys! So I made a mistake and went back to adjust Chapter 64.2. I thought they were talking about drinking games in general but they were talking about a drinking gamed called Wine Commandment so you guys can go back to reread ch. 64.2 if this chapter was confusing but it shouldn’t throw you off too much. Anyways, sorry bout that!



“If it’s a song written by the Chancellor, then only the Chancellor has the skill to play the accompaniment! I have never heard the sound of the Chancellor’s flute. Don’t know if I’ll have the honor tonight!” said the official that had just recited poetry.

Everyone chimed in to compliment.

Before all the flattering and compliments, Ji Feng Li still had a faint gentle smile on his face. His long lashes slightly fluttered as a complex look flashed by his eyes, traced with coldness, arrogance, and even hints of disgust.

He gracefully stood up with a dazzling smile like no other and replied, “If everyone has the heart, then I can only show an unsightly scene.”

He slowly walked up to a cluster of begonias and quietly stood there, a whole body of elegance. His beautiful eyes glistened underneath those delicate long lashes, appearing as profound as dreams.

The night was dark, the lights, brilliant and lovely. Beside the clear lake, stood one person, one flute. The person and flute intermingled and became one.

A deep resounding tone arose like a breeze blowing across the horizon, carrying the fallen flower petals to earth. The sound was cold and forlorn, like petals drifting along a stream, constantly altering. It was sometimes soft, sometimes clear, and sometimes lingering….

In the blink of an eye, the lights had dimmed, like a dream, like an illusion, delicately pleasant.

Following the sound of the flute, Wen Wan began to dance.

Today she was dressed in a wide-sleeved blue attire, very suitable to dance in.

Her movements were graceful and light. Sometimes she moved slowly, sometimes fast, sometimes spinning in circles, sometimes she bent her body backwards, completely matching with the flute.

The lantern lights and radiance of the moon illuminated her body, make her appear like a fairy who had accidentally descended to the mortal realm from the ninth heaven. Her wide skirt was stirred by the wind as her blue attire covered the moon. A mesmerizing sight.

Her title of being the most talented female was not groundless. Watching Wen Wan dance, it appears she truly expended quite a lot of effort.

The music and dance were  wonderful.

The music and dance were so well-matched, truly a natural pairing.

The music and dance, in the eyes of others, were exceptionally enchanting.

Huangfu Wu Shuang’s black pupils lowered in the dark night, appearing heavy and bleak.

He suddenly turned to the side and asked Hua Zhu Yu, “Yuan Bao, do you know how to dance?”

Hua Zhu Yu did not know why Huangfu Wu Shuang asked this. Stunned, she blinked her eyes at him and heard him say next, “This prince wants you to later receive the Wine Commandment on this prince’s behalf, whatever you do, you must outshine those two.”

In the end, Huangfu Wu Shuang could no longer stand the sight of such a scene.

Ultimately, the person Huangfu Wu Shuang liked was Wen Wan. Seeing her with Ji Feng Li, appearing so well-matched like this, he couldn’t sit still.  But to tell her to outshine those two was a little hard. Her identity now was that of an eunuch, but even if she wasn’t an eunuch, she was still dressed as a man so there was no way she could step out and dance.  If couldn’t dance, how could she outshine Wen Wan? Truly…

Hua Zhu Yu expressed, “Your Highness, the sound of Ji Feng Li’s flute and Miss Wen’s dance is truly exquisite. This servant is afraid…”  she deliberately pondered for a moment.

Seeing her hesitate, Huangfu Wu Shuang furrowed his brows as he said, “This prince is giving you an opportunity to redeem yourself, if you perform well this time, tomorrow this prince will mention the matter of opening a harbor in Jingling to Imperial Father.”

“Yes, this servant will comply!” Hua Zhu Yu smiled. She didn’t know how to bring up this matter and if she actually tried to negotiate with him she was afraid it would be counterproductive. But who would’ve thought this little devil would take the initiative to mention this matter first, this truly was not an easy task. But for Huangfu Wu Shuang to be able to see through her thoughts made her quite surprised.

Wen Wan’s dance slowly came to an end with the flute. Applause erupted from all around, everyone was full of praise.

Ji Feng Li nodded his head, and with a smiled he withdrew his flute, slowly returning to his seat.

Wen Wan bowed and said, “Wan has showed an unsightly scene!” Once she finished speaking, her white tender hand reached out towards the cluster of begonias and plucked a white begonia. She then closed her eyes and tossed it.

Coincidentally, this time it fell into Huangfu Wu Shuang’s lap.

Huangfu Wu Shuang sat at the highest position and the distance from Wen Wan was quite close. This time, it was uncertain if the toss was intentional or not. It appeared as if Huangfu Wu Shuang knew that Wen Wan would toss the flower to him therefore he had planned ahead for Hua Zhu Yu to participate in his stead.

“Chen nu has offended, did not think it will head towards Your Highness. This Wine Commandment….” The corners of Wen Wan lips lifted in a faint smile, as she rushed to bow and speak.

Huangfu Wu Shuang picked up the white begonia. Feeling very excited, his eyes narrowed as he laughingly said, “It’s a rare occasion to have Wan Er gift a begonia to this prince, how can this prince not accept it? But there is nothing that this prince knows. Poetry? Truly hard! Music? Cannot compare to others. What to be done?”

He holds the begonia in his hand, constantly twirling it around as his face was overwhelmed with sorrow. But in his pair of eyes, there was only willfulness.

This was the first time Hua Zhu Yu saw Huangfu Wu Shuang not concealing his incompetence in front of all the ministers. Truly, a useless person wasn’t comparable to trees. 1

The officials appeared as though they didn’t see anything, like they had soon expected Huangfu Wu Shuang to not know anything. An elderly official stood up and paid his respects before speaking, “Your Highness does not have to be distressed, this game is only for entertainment. Your Highness doesn’t have to follow along and can toss the flower again!”

“How can that be, Wan Er just said that the Wine Commandment was like the Royal Commandment. How can this prince refuse?”Huangfu Wu Shuang said with a slight pout. Suddenly his dark eyes lit up and said, “How about this,  my eunuch, Xiao Bao Er, will receive the Wine Commandment in my stead.”


  1. I’m not too sure what this idiom means. From context I can only assume she’s saying he’s too unruly.


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  • thesilentdarkangel

    That…aarrrgggggghhhhh!!!!!! Shameless female!
    Obviously casting a wide net. Is an Imperial Prince your backup plan in case that ‘noble’ minister did not want you?!?
    Such a good throw, ah! Even an unwieldy projectile could land where she wants it to! Such a ‘talented’ female!
    HZY, show them your allure! Tore all of their sleeves!

    Thank you for the chapter!

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