World of Hidden Phoenixes

Chapter 64 part 3

A variety of different reactions were seen on the faces of those present when this was heard. Some found it interesting while the majority showed their contempt and disdain. What talent could a little eunuch have? He probably only knows how to flatter his master.

Huangfu Wu Shuang turned to Hua Zhu Yu and reminded her, “Little(xiao) Bao Er, perform on my behalf, remember to do well!”

“Yes. This servant will definitely not let Your Highness down.” Hua Zhu Yu smiled, her dark eyes full of sincerity and respect.

From behind Huangfu Wu Shuang, she stepped out and walked up to the third princess Huangfu Yan. She paid her respects and said, “This servant has heard of third princess’ excellent qin skills.  Don’t know if third princess is willing to play the song He Chong Tian for this servant!”

No one knew what type of performance this little eunuch was going to present. Hearing his request of third princess to play the accompaniment for him, does he intend to sing or dance? Everyone was full of curiosity.

Feeling that she had previously lost face, Huangfu Yan’s eyes suddenly rippled with anticipation at the sound of Hua Zhu Yu’s words.

“Alright. Since you’re performing on Crown Prince ge ge’s behalf, this princess shall lend you a hand with the accompaniment.” Huangfu Yan said with a giggle.

The maidservants behind her quickly brought over a Yao Qin and placed it on the carpet.

Hua Zhu Yu then walked over to an open space on the red carpet. She went up to a bush of begonias and nicked a branch. The branch was about as long as a sword and on top there were 5-6 begonias, blossoming full of life. Two flowers were at the peak of their bloom, overflowing with charm. While there were two flowers that were in the midst of budding, releasing a pleasant fragrance.

A warm light was cast over her as she stood beneath the lanterns holding a branch of flowers. The begonias radiated onto her snow-white face, making her appear more beautiful and charming. Amidst the banquet, there were a few that couldn’t help but exclaim, feeling like this little gong gong was as pure as snow.

Such picturesque black brows and clear water-like eyes; a natural beauty. As though only heaven and earth intermingling could give birth to such a person.

This is a genuine beauty.

Like the first snow fall, like the drifting clouds …..

“Light but not pale, clear and refined, this little eunuch really resembles that white begonia,” someone in the banquet couldn’t help but expressed.

“No, no, that’s not right, it’s not that the little eunuch resembles the begonia, but that the begonia resembles the little gong gong!” someone else retorted.

Hua Zhu Yu eyes swept over and saw their captivated gazes.

In Yu City, many young sons of noble families were known to raise beautiful men. Didn’t expect that ….

Of course, many people did not dare to voice their thoughts since the Crown Prince was present. But Hua Zhu Yu still knew what they were thinking from the looks on their faces, probably suspecting the she was Huangfu Wu Shuang’s male pet!

Inside, Hua Zhu Yu coldly sneered but on the surface she still wore a faint smile as before.

A cold voice suddenly spoke out, disrupting the atmosphere. “The begonia is innocent ah!” These words were short and subtle, but it wasn’t hard to guess what that person was insinuating.

Clearly implying that she didn’t deserve to compared to a begonia!

With a faint smile, Hua Zhu Yu gaze landed on the person that had just spoken and saw Ji Feng Li leaning against the side of the table. Not sure if it was intentional or coincidental but he was also looking at her and with a wine cup clasped in his hand, he was the spitting image of a leisure beauty. Beneath the hazy light, his beautiful eyes appeared even more charming.

She wanted to laugh but she only said, “Thank you for your praises, but how can Little Bao Er compare to a begonia. Am merely just a weed. This servant only knows of sword dance therefore shall use this flower as a sword to entertain darens.”

Once Hua Zhu Yu was done speaking, the sound of Huangfu Yan’s qin arose. Like white clouds interweaving with the mist, a crisp sound pierced towards the sky, drifting about in solitary.

Hua Zhu Yu raised the branch of flowers in her hand and in the blink of an eye, the branch had assumed the body of a sword and begun to shift in unison with her every movement. Like a soaring dragon, the flower branch’s movements were like a mirage, sometimes discernible, other times inconspicuous. The figure followed alongside the flower while the flower acted according to the heart. Beneath the brilliant lights, the person and flower danced.

If the branch of flower was an actual sword, it was bound to flash a dazzling shimmer. No one imagined that this gentle looking little eunuch could display such a magnificent sword dance.

The red eunuch garbs tightly wrapped around her slender figure and on her waist was a jade belt. Her garbs were not wide enough to flutter about nor were there any thin silk coiling in the background.

But she danced beautifully; it was beautiful yet sharp and resolute, elegant yet imposing.

Like a tree blossoming millions of flowers,  the 1Red Dirt(Hong chen smiled as though bewitched, as though intoxicated. Like the flower petals, all the hardships she endured, in the blink of an eye had vanished.

This could no longer be regarded as a simple sword dance, nor was it an ordinary dance like Wen Wan’s. It was more appropriate to say that it was a combination of the two dances.

But at this time, no one was dwelling on this point as everyone was absorbed in her every movement.

Of course, Huangfu Yan qin skills were not bad either. The sound of the qin’s melody developed unpredictably, like drifting clouds, like flowing water,  harmonizing with the lively sword dance like the wings of a butterfly, fluttering playfully.

Suddenly, a sharp sound resonated and the music became sonorous. Hua Zhu Yu lifted the branch of flower in her hand up and nimbly rotated her body continuously in the air. With each spin, countless white petals cascaded down.

As she descended amidst the rain of petals, the music had stopped and she recollected herself. Only the trickling petals, like Hua Zhu Yu, had ceased its prior momentum, slowly falling onto her shoulders.

The branch of begonias was still just a branch of begonias, nothing out of the ordinary. What was unusual was that the flowers that had blossomed were now sparse, having lost a few petals and the flowers that were budding had quietly finished blossoming.

The recently blossomed flowers emitted a fragrant scent that was hard to describe.

Hua Zhu Yu calmly bowed and said, “This servant has shown an unsightly scene, hope everyone forgives this servant.” Having spoken, she turned around to bow to Huangfu Wu Shuang. “Your Highness, this servant is bold and wants to pass on this flower on your behalf.”

Huangfu Wu Shuang nodded in agreement.

Holding the flower in her hand, Hua Zhu Yu lightly tossed it and the white begonia flew towards the people that had previously spouted nonsense about her.



  1. I searched up Red Dirt and it referred to the earthly world

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