Love in Another Life: My Gentle Tyrant

Chapter 64

It was her! It was really her! 

 This person… she could never hope to compete against her. Xuan Ji’s heart throbbed painfully as her breath came in short bursts. She tightly covered her mouth as she stared at the two of them nestled in each other’s arms as he quietly leaned down to whisper in her ear. 

She could see the corner of Xin Yi’s mouth lift into a faint smile, a smile that was as light as water yet as bright as the sun shining in the middle of summer. 

Xuan Ji smiled to herself but she knew her smile could not compare to even a slimmer of Xin Yi’s. 

Perhaps since the first day she met him, she had been slowly building a tower, brick by brick, around her heart and at this moment she could hear that tower collapsing in an instant. 

Suddenly, Long Fei Li let go of Xin Yi and pulled her behind him. 

“Who’s there?” 

Xuan Ji watched as he stood protectively in front of Xin Yi but hearing his sudden question she couldn’t help the coldness that fell over her. Had she been discovered? 

Suddenly, a sound came from the stack of hay a mere steps away. In an instance, a green shadow flew up into the air from that direction and quickly he came to stand in front of Long Fei Li. 

The green shadow was Qing Feng and the person he had captured …. Cui Ya! 

Xuan Ji shook in horror. Why was she here? Had she been tailing her this entire time? Xuan Ji had been completely oblivious.  

Cui Ya had been hiding in the haystack beside her this whole time. Just now when Qing Feng discovered Cui Ya, he had spotted her as well! She saw him glance towards her direction for a second as his eyes flashed with a complicated look. 

Xu Xi and Xia Sang had already entered the courtyard.  

Long Fei Li lightly furrowed his brows as he stared at Cui Ya. Her frail body shook frightfully as she knelt on the ground.

Xia Sang furrowed his brows and looked away as the expression on Xu Xi’s face grew dark. He questioned, “Why are you here?” 

Cui Ya’s face was ghastly pale as she stuttered, “This… this servant couldn’t sleep. I…I wandered around and…..and ended up here.” 

A crisp sound accompanied Xu Xi’s cold laugh. He had already pulled out his sword and pointed it towards Cui Ya. 

“Your Majesty, are you going to kill her?” Xin Yi asked in shock, “But she’s Concubine Nian’s…” 

“She saw you. She can’t be kept alive.” Long Fei Li’s phoenix eyes swept over as he calmly ordered, “Xu Xi, take action.” 

Xuan Ji could still remember the words that Yu Zhi had repeated, the words that Long Fei Li had told her when they had returned to the palace. 

“It’s not a bad thing for her to have more loyal people serving at her side,” he had once said. 

Yet now for Xin Yi, he tonelessly gave the order to kill her little servant without a second thought.

Xuan Ji chuckled softly as her hands balled into fists. The chilly air running through her hands could not be contained. 

For Xin Yi, what else would you do? 

“You can’t kill my servant.” 

Following the swaying shadows of the trees, her silhouette quietly appeared. All her fear had suddenly vanished and she slowly walked towards him. 

The expression on everyone’s faces changed. 

Long Fei Li’s face darkened as he narrowed his phoenix eyes, watching her every step. 

“How much do you know?” His eyes were dark, his tone so harsh it was almost unrecognizable. 

Xuan Ji smiled, “If I said I didn’t know anything, would you believe me?” 

Long Fei Li smiled coldly in response. 

“Alright, I know about your birth mother and Xin Yi.” 

He smiled, a smile that was like an arrow piercing at her heart little by little making it hard for her to breath. Xuan Ji clenched her fist tightly and turned towards Xin Yi. In a low voice she said, “Ru Yi gugu.” 

Aside from Cui Ya, everyone present had gathered once before just like tonight. But why was it that once a person’s identity had changed, seemingly everything else had changed along with it. Xuan Ji laughed bitterly to herself. 

Ru Yi was currently in Long Fei Li’s protective embrace while she was the target of his deep gaze, a gaze gleaming complicatedly. 

Xuan Ji smiled at Long Fei Li and said, “Your Majesty, please give the word, what do you plan to do with me and my servant?” 

Long Fei Li let go of Ru Yi, his gaze remained fixed on Xuan Ji. His dark eyes were burning with a fire as if they wanted to bore through her. But after a moment, he suddenly closed his eyes and turned away. 

His tall figure stood there still, his arms folded, his robes white as snow. 

Qing Feng suddenly shot Xia Sang a look but Xia Sang could only smile bitterly back at him. Xu Xi knitted his brows and immediately kneeled before Long Fei Li. 

“Your Majesty, you might not want to hear what this servant has to say, but for the safety of the young lady, Concubine Nian cannot be kept.” 

After some time, Xu Xi’s words finally registered for Xuan Ji….Cannot be kept, Xu Xi was advising the Emperor to kill her! As if she had been splashed by a bucket of water, from head to toe she was surrounded in coldness. In response she could only smile lightly. 

In truth, just moments before, she had wondered, this man who had just possessed her body just hours ago and covered her gently with a blanket, would he really kill her?

Ru Yi bit her lip, her gaze sweeping from Long Fei Li and then to Xuan Ji. In the end she dropped her gaze and remained silent. 

Xu Xi coldly said, “Xia Sang, Qing Feng, if this matter is revealed you don’t need me to remind you of the consequences.”

Xia Sang looked at Qing Feng and then at Xu Xi. He fell to his knees and said in a low voice, “Your Majesty, this person…… cannot be kept!” 

Qing Feng let out a low grunt and raised the hem of his robes to kneel on the ground. Gritting his teeth he implored, “Senior Brother, take action!” 


  1. Gugu translates into ‘Auntie’ but it is usually used to show respect or someone with a high status.

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