World of Hidden Phoenixes

Chapter 65 part 1

One flower shot towards Li daren, the one who said she resembled a begonia; another flower whisked towards Zhang daren who, in a state of infatuation, had said the begonia was the one that resembled her while a different flower flitted towards Ji Feng Li.

“The flower, this servant has passed on His Highness’ behalf, darens should put on a good show.” After calming saying this, Hua Zhu Yu slowly retreated behind Huangfu Wu Shuang. Masked in the shadows, her figure was enveloped by the darkness as if she had never appeared in the first place.

For the sword dance that she just performed, she had only used 20% of her internal force. In everyone’s eyes, her martial arts weren’t that high; they only felt that her dance was very beautiful because in Yu City, there were many people with similar internal force strength.

Furthermore, everyone was still immersed in Hua Zhu Yu’s dance, overwhelmed in shocked. The dance was inexplicably beautiful, each movement, graceful and natural. They had never seen such a dance nor have they heard of it either! At the moment, everyone was deep in their own thoughts. No one had noticed that Hua Zhu Yu had passed on the flower.

When the first begonia was casted out, Li daren smiled and extended his hand out to receive it but he did not expect the flower to carry such chilling momentum, stinging his fingers causing him to release his hold on the begonia and let it slip to the ground. His face twitched a few times as he held back from shouting out in pain.

When the second flower whisked towards Zhang daren, he was still reminiscing in the sword dance as the flower knocked down his hairpin. The white flower radiated against the contrasting ink black hair very charmingly but his expression did not look well at all. Though the flower did not directly hit his head, when it knocked over his hairpin, he felt as though someone had pounded his head with a heavy object.

The third flower that was casted was received by Ji Feng Li. The beautiful white begonia rested in his slender fingers, its petals overlapped with one another, emitting a cold yet fragrant scent.

Like the person, was the flower, but compared to the flower the person was more beautiful!

‘In the past, there was a beauty

a lady of the Gongsun clan

who would perform a sword dance

moving in all directions.


So many people

like the colors of countless mountains

watch in amazement

for heaven and earth itself moved up and down.


Shimmering, like the shots of the archer Yi

nine suns were dropping, brave and swift

like the team of flying dragons belonging to the Emperors of Heaven.


The drums came in thunderous claps

as the audience held its furious force

Until the end

when the sword became a river and sea congealed in pure light. 1


Great sword skills, great dance!”

With a faint smile, Ji Feng Li held the flower in his hand. His deep ink black eyes did not conceal his admiration. He also was quite surprised, if he disregarded everything else, this little eunuch was truly a rare talent.

“Great music, great sword skills, great dance!” After awakening from a daze, someone smacked the table and expressed in a loud voice.

The crowd followed suit, complimenting and praising one after another.

But there were also a few individuals who thought highly of themselves and lamented in their hearts: evildoer, truly an evildoer, such a person serving beside the crown prince is bound to bring chaos.

“Lord Chancellor, you and Zhang daren have both caught the begonia, who is the one that will carry out the commandment?” Someone had finally noticed that both Ji Feng Li and Zhang daren had received a begonia and smilingly asked.

Having just spoken, the flower in Ji Feng Li’s hand suddenly burst and numerous flower petals flew out in all directions, fluttering down, like snowfall, similar to a jade-like butterfly as a fragrant scent drifted in the air. In the blink of an eye, a beautiful flower had dispersed into nil.

Ji Feng Li was stunned. When this flower was passed on, someone had transferred to it a precise amount of internal force, causing it to only burst at this particular moment. Under everyone’s gaze, it appeared as though he was the own who personally destroyed the flower while the true culprit was actually that little eunuch.

Amidst the explosion of flower petals, two petals had gushed towards his cheeks carrying a fragrant scent yet was as sharp as a blade. If he didn’t react quickly and slightly turned his head to the side, he was afraid he wouldn’t have left unscathed.

His long lashes slightly narrowed as a chilly glint flashed pass his eyes. When he raised his head, his beautiful face only had a seeming smile.

His gaze landed on the silhouette standing behind Huangfu Wu Shuang whose robes were stirred by the night breeze. The slender eunuch was masked by the darkness, like a faint shadow. Presumably, the other two who received a flower, Zhang daren and Li daren, did not turn out well either. He had seen Li daren’s face twitch non-stop when he tried to receive the flower. Who knew this little eunuch would be so uptight and noble, not letting off anyone who slandered him.

He had only said, “The begonia is innocent,” yet that person had reacted as such. With such a temper, such a mentality, really makes one look at him with different eyes.

Concealed behind Huangfu Wu Shuang, Hua Zhu Yu had witnessed Ji Feng Li shifting his head, avoiding those oncoming petals of begonia. She was now certain that the world renowned Lord Chancellor was someone who knew martial arts.

She had only wanted to assess his marital arts a bit.

Therefore, she threw the begonia to the two outspoken courtiers. First, it was to warn them and second, it was to create a diversion.

Everyone had seen the flower burst in Ji Feng Li’s hand. A courtier who was on friendly terms with him jokingly said, “Can’t believe that the Chancellor is not one to appreciate the flower but shoo the jade 1. Ha ha ha.”


  1. this is a poem by the Tang Dynasty’s poet, Du Fu, called Watching Lady Gongsun’s Disciple Perform a Sword Dance  and I found the translation of this poem here if you want to know more about it.
  2. this means that the chancellor is one who likes to destroy beautiful things


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  • thesilentdarkangel

    Thank you for the chapter!
    These men, looking down at people.
    Whether you are ordinary or outstanding, nothing will satisfy them!
    Also that scoundrel ex! Despicable!
    I know he’s being set as the ML, but my hatred of him cannot be lessened.

  • idontreadsite

    I want all these men who treated her worse than scum, to suffer more painfully. Including this ass*&^% ex husband of hers. I dont care how appealing they make his character or how much he grovels at her feet, once he realises her true strength and beauty. Sigh, but thats never going to be the case, right?

    thanks for translating.

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