World of Hidden Phoenixes

Chapter 66 part 1

The servant stood in front of the door and announced twice. When he did not hear a reply after a long while he felt suspicious and opened the door. As soon as he opened the door and saw the scene inside he couldn’t help but scream in fright.

Presently, even if Hua Zhu Yu wanted to leave, she couldn’t because if she left now she’ll most likely be discovered. Besides, she had no intentions of leaving, she wanted to personally see if this incident had anything to do with Ji Feng Li.

During the banquet, when she saw Lui Mo gaze at the ruined walls of the Hua Residence with such bleak eyes, she was convinced he was an acquaintance of father’s therefore she sought him out tonight to find out more. But what about Ji Feng Li, what did he come here for?

At this time, Hua Zhu Yu silenced her breathing as she concealed herself within the trees, not making a single move, hidden in the covers of the thick foliage.

A moment later, the sound of a series of footsteps approaching from the corridors were heard and few figures glided by as their shadows flickered pass in a rush. The person leading the group was none other than Ji Feng Li, attired in wide-sleeved robe that quivered in the wind, displaying an unspeakable charm. Behind him were three subordinates, one of which was a tall burly looking man. Hua Zhu Yu recognized him from that night on the boat when he tried to test her marital arts with the copper coins. He was one of Ji Feng Li’s personal guard- Tong Shou.

Hua Zhu Yu knew Tong Shou was highly skilled in marital arts. Currently, she was hiding right above where he was standing so she did not dare to take him lightly.

Right now there were many people inside Lui Mo’s study. All the candles inside the room had been lit and cries were coming out of the room, sounding full of grief.

Hua Zhu Yu narrowed her eyes as her lips hooked in a cold smile.

“We’re too late!” hearing the cries, Ji Feng Li halted his tracks and lightly tap his fan on his palm as he expressed regrettably.

“Lord Chancellor, the room reeks of blood, you should stay out here, let this subordinate go inside and take a look!” Tong Shou said in a lowered voice before quickly entering the study.

Gradually the night wore on and the moonlight continued to cascade down.

With his hands clasped behind his back, Ji Feng Li stood not too far from the tree where Hua Zhu Yu was currently hiding. His elegant figure casted a long shadow on the ground. Presently, the subordinate with the highest martial arts, Tong Shou, was inside the room. Unable to control her emotions, Hua Zhu Yu’s hands began to shake. Every time she laid eyes on Ji Feng Li, her blood began to boil and she could not suppress it.

Besides, her current identity was Silver- Masked Asura. She’s already a wanted person, adding the crime of assassinating the chancellor wouldn’t really matter.

With this thought, her sword seemed to have perceived her intentions as it let out a sound as she leapt down from the tree. The sharp sword descended from above and aimed straight for Ji Feng Li.

This sudden strike was hard to defend, not to mention, with the momentum of the fall, it was lightning fast. In addition, Ji Feng Li did not have a weapon since he claimed to know no marital arts whatsoever, he obviously could not carry a weapon. If not, it would raise suspicion.

But Hua Zhu Yu’s assumption was amiss. Not only did Ji Feng Li carry a weapon, the weapon was already in the grasp of his hand.

With a flicker and the accompaniment of a light brush sound, the fan in Ji Feng Li’s hands swiftly opened, like an epiphyllum unexpectedly blossoming in the night and releasing a fragrant scent.

On the pure white fan, random clusters of epiphyllums were decorated like a mirage that was indescribably captivating and alluring.

Hua Zhu Yu’s sword clashed with the fan and the sword suddenly bent when it was unable to pierce through. Hua Zhu Yu shifted and attacked again, this time with more strength and quicker than before. Her white robes trembled frantically in the night wind and with her silver mask concealing her face, she exuded an icy chill that was comparable to the blood- thirsty Asura.

She moved swiftly, her figure, like an advancing cluster of clouds, aimed directly at Ji Feng Li as thunderous strikes constantly roared in the sky.

When closed, the fan in Ji Feng Li’s hand became a dagger but once opened, it became a shield that easily blocked each of Hua Zhu Yu’s attack.

The two figures shifted forward and back and in the blink of an eye had exchanged more than fifty moves. Hearing the clashes, Tong Shou quickly rushed out. Finding an open opportunity, the sword in his hand flashed as it aimed towards Hua Zhu Yu.

“Stop!” Ji Feng Li coldly commanded.

Hua Zhu Yu knew that Tong Shou had reappeared and in addition to Ji Feng Li, she knew she did not have the chance of revenge. She leapt towards the trees, and like smoke, disappeared into the darkness of the night.

It could be said that tonight she did gain one insight, that the weapon in Ji Feng Li’s hands was a fan.

Tong Shou intended to chase after her when Ji Feng Li stopped him, “Let him go! You’re not his opponent!”

“Chancellor… are you alright?” Tong Shou asked hoarsely. This was the first time he had seen a person that could actually force the chancellor to act.

Ji Feng Li stood upright, receiving the night wind as his white robes rippled like water, glistening under the light of the moon. His figure oscillated out of the light and shadows, making him appear even more ambiguous. The fan nestled in his hand slightly quivered as a seeming smile appeared on his lips. The chilling aura he previously exuded had completely vanished, leaving behind a gentle noble gongzi. His unfathomable dark eyes slightly narrowed as he gazed at the bright moon in the sky.

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  • fan63

    This trouble all started when the princess Yan was betrothed to the Silver Asura and the Asura faked her/his death. But I think Wen Wan is the key to so many things happenning to our main character Hua Zhu Yu. I too don’t tink that the chancellor killed her father since he remaked that they were too late in arriving.

  • thesilentdarkangel

    So…additional to the scumbag move he did to her during their wedding, he’s also a colossal lying liar, hiding his talents to cultivate a hypocritical persona.
    Yep. I thought I couldn’t despise him any more. He proved me wrong.

    Thank you for the chapter.

  • Yuki Chan

    I’m confused with his reaction. I already doubt he was the one that actually killed her father, but he did poison her. Idk, there are other ML that done worse to the MC, still get away Scot free with a happy ending. I think he is the ML at least. I’m really confused. I know the author is gonna make me like him, and it’s gonna be torturous to pick between the two ML’s….

    Thank you for translating.

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