World of Hidden Phoenixes

Chapter 66 part 3

As soon as such a thought passed his mind, Huangfu Wu Shuang’s whole body began to tremble and he inwardly chided himself. What was wrong with him? Why did he have such inappropriate thought for an eunuch. It is that at this age, spring has come?

“Little Bao Er, that sword dance of yours yesterday was truly marvelous, you didn’t see how those people gazed at you. But this sword dance, where did you learn it?” Huangfu Wu Shuang changed to topic of his own accord.

“This servant has wandered all around since young, this servant has learned a bit from everywhere this servant has been therefore this servant is not exceptionally skilled. It could be that those people have yet to witness such a dance before therefore felt that it was interesting.  There are definitely people who can perform the sword dance better than this servant.” Hua Zhu Yu lightly replied.

“In the future, whenever it’s just you and me, you don’t have to refer to yourself as a servant, this prince knows that for a talent as yourself to become a servant, you feel very wronged. Your current state is also my fault. This prince promises you, if one day this prince ascends the throne, definitely won’t let you suffer!” Huangfu Wu Shuang stood up and left the pool. After placing a white towel around his body he slowly walked out.

Hua Zhu Yu did not think much of his promise and just calmly followed him out. .

“Later, this prince shall go meet imperial father, help this prince pick an outfit!” Huangfu Wu Shuang said.

Hua Zhu Yu walked over to the wardrobe and helped him choose out an attire. “Is this one alright?”

“A black one?”Huangfu Wu Shuang asked with furrowed brows.

Hua Zhu Yu smilingly said, “Your Highness should try it on!”

Huangfu Wu Shuang tried it on and Hua Zhu Yu assisted him with his belt before stepping back to take a look. On his juvenile body and jade-like skin, the black robe embroidered with traces of gold was very fitting, it wasn’t too ordinary and it even highlighted his nobility, make him appear more mature.

Huangfu Wu Shuang gazed at his reflection in the mirror and was also satisfied. He then left his chamber to meet the emperor. When he left he did not forget his promise to Hua Zhu Yu.

A while later, Huangfu Wu Shuang returned, his handsome face full of gloom as though enveloped in dark clouds.

Hua Zhu Yu heart sank, thinking that because he brought up that matter of erecting a harbor in Jingling, he was scolded by the emperor but she did not imagine that the emperor actually approved.

Hua Zhu Yu was extremely ecstatic, thinking this little devil even knew to keep his promise. But if the Emperor approved, why was he so dejected.

Hua Zhu Yu quietly inquired Xiao Taijian, the eunuch who had left with Huangfu Wu Shuang. Only now did she know that since Kang Wang Huangfu Wu Shang had come of age and the Crown Prince was also no longer young, the emperor decided to have a consort selection for the two princes in the sixth month.

“That’s good news so why is His Highness not happy?” Hua Zhu Yu quietly asked.

“Aren’t you clear of His Highness’ thought, unfortunately Miss Wen is not going to participate in the selection.” replied Xiao Taijian.

“Why not? Aren’t all the young daughters of the court officials and local officials above the fifth rank who are of age and have yet to be betrothed….” Hua Zhu Yu had yet to finish her sentence when her face became serious as she asked, ” Unless Miss Wen is already betrothed?”

“That’s right, I heard Miss Wen got engaged to Chancellor Ji just last month.” Xiao Taijian cautiously replied.

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  • yango

    If WW becomes HWS’s consort in the future, I’m going to flip tables, I have a feeling she would give HZY a hard time, not that she doesn’t have it hard already. Can’t wait for more!

  • GreenChillies

    If Chancellor Ji’s information network is so extensive, would he not have known that his fiancé then was blameless?

    And seriously, why is he engaged again? Loathsome man. It isn’t time for your spring yet. You need to let the MC draw some gruesome scars on you first.

  • novelcrazy

    Why HZY’s life entangled with WW? HZY cannot beat JFL so how can she get her revenge. Hopefully the crown prince can help her. Sad life.

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