Love in Another Life: My Gentle Tyrant

Chapter 66

correlates with ch 187


“What’s the matter Long Fei Li? You want me to die but won’t turn around and look at me one last time?” Xuan Ji asked, her voice somewhat husky as if it took everything she had just to speak. In the same moment, she pressed her hand against her belly so as not to let all her grief come pouring out. 

Ru Yi prostrated herself with her head touching the ground. She pleaded in a choked voice, “Your Majesty, please let her go..”

Xuan Ji roughly wiped her tears. Her eyes were hurting so much she could barely keep them open but she clamored, “Ru Yi, you’ve already repaid what you owe me. I beg you not to plead on my behalf, please give me some last piece of dignity alright? I beg you….” 

Ru Yi raised her eyes in surprise and stared at Xuan Ji. Afterwards, she closed them again and a tear trickled down her cheek. 

Xuan Ji softly called, “Yatou, come here.”

Cui Ya’s face was stained with tears and blood. She looked up at Long Fei Li’s cold and indifferent back, then glanced at Xuan Ji and staggered over to her side. 

Xuan Ji took her into her arms and used her sleeve to wipe her face. Smiling, she said, “You’re a good child, I shouldn’t have brought you here.” 

Cui Ya’s arms were wrapped around Xuan Ji’s neck as she continued to cry. Her lips moved but no words could come out. 

Xuan Ji leaned closer to Cui Ya’s ear and said in a low voice, “Yatou, listen closely, Bai Zhan Feng is in Yanxia Prefecture. When I die, tell the Emperor you know where Bai Zhan Feng is. You can take them to find him but don’t tell them his exact location. When they get to the neighboring prefecture, find a way to escape. Do you understand?”

Stunned by Xuan Ji’s words, Cui Ya did not know how to respond. She was still in a daze when Xuan Ji suddenly let go of her and stood.

Xuan Ji’s eyes were fixed on the white-robed man in front of her. In a soft voice she reminded, “Keep Xin Yi’s pouch safe, don’t drop it again A’Li. Xiao Qi hopes that you can save your mother as soon as possible. ….. Since I was young, I know what it’s like to not have familial love, I know it all too well……” 

She couldn’t hold back her tears which continued to flow endlessly, blurring her vision of him. She lifted her wrist to wipe the tears and noticed the slight tremble of his figure. But in the end, he never once looked back. 

“I wish you and Ru Yi gugu a long blissful life.”

With these last words, Xuan Ji turned towards Xu Xi who had his sword drawn. He stood closest to her than anyone else and also carried the fiercest expression. One step? Or two? With a smile, she quickly moved in front of him and grabbed the tip of his sword. With a thrust, she plunged the tip of the blade into her chest. The first jolt of pain shook her but she gritted her teeth, firmly grasped the sword in her hand and plunged it even deeper. 

She could feel her legs give way as her vision began to grow blurry. She wanted to laugh out loud but instead heard a roar by her ear. Who was it? Through the tears at the corner of her eyes, she could vaguely see the change in expressions on their faces, the surprise was even greater than when she had appeared from behind the haystack. 

She could spot that figure which had been stubbornly standing there rigidly this entire time, suddenly turn around. An expression of disbelief had transformed his face. In a flash, the cruel and bloodthirsty look in his eyes had disappeared as he gazed at her in shock and horror. 

As she fell……. His white sleeves flashed and his figure appeared by her side as fast as lightning, catching her within his arms before she hit the ground.

“Xiao Qi–“

Blood was flowing from the wound on her chest. She was in so much pain she could barely keep her eyes open. She could only curl up in his arms as she heard his low growl and feel his finger press at several spots on her body, sealing her major acupoints to slow the bleeding. 

There were cries and screams among the figures behind him, all kinds of commotion. 

“Long Fei Li, tell them to go away I….. I want to have a word with you, ” she said hoarsely as she clutched at his lapel. 

 Xuan Ji couldn’t see but the eyes of the man holding her in his arms were as red as the blood pooling on her body….

Stained with blood, her purple dress had turned into a dark, crimson color like that of a wedding dress, making Long Fei Li recall a certain memory. That day in Hua Yin Palace, when she entered the palace for the first time she had been smiling vibrantly like a flower. She wore a red dress embroidered with butterflies that were so lifelike, they seemingly could break free and fly away at any moment. 

Listening to her voice that sounded so weak and painful, his heart trembled. His hands that were tightly holding onto her shook. 

He lifted his eyes and gave a look motioning them to retreat. Everyone did as ordered while Xia Sang pulled at Cui Ya who was crying out madly…..

 Long Fei Li had sealed all her major acupoints but she continued to bleed. 

She and their unborn child which had yet to take form was going to die. 

They were going to die because of him! 

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