World of Hidden Phoenixes

Chapter 67 part 2

Southern Kingdom’s Empress was the Right Chancellor Nie Yuan Qiao’s younger sister. The Nie family was not originally such a high ranked family, it was only after Empress Nie entered the palace that Nie Yuan Qiao entered the court as an official. It was heard that Empress Nie was blessed, as soon as she entered the palace she was appointed as a Noble Lady and not even a year has passed before she was selected as a Noble Consort, singly pampered in the whole harem.

Later, the former Empress Xie fell ill and passed away. Noble Consort Nie got what she wanted and took over smoothly and has since then become the most powerful individual amongst the harem.

Empress Nie’s older brother, Nie Yuan Qiao, was highly adept in politics and has crafted a firm holding in court in just a few years. Before when Huangfu Wu Shang held a banquet at the Kang Residence, Nie Yuan Qiao did not come therefore Hua Zhu Yu had yet to have the opportunity to meet him.

Based on Huangfu Wu Shuang’s tone, it appears Empress Nie’s not extremely fond of him and completely neglects him altogether.

His father is the old emperor who always has high expectations of him and reprimands him regularly, don’t even mention love, even his imperial mother neglects him- perhaps his overbearing attitude is not because of overwhelming doting but due to lack of parental love?

This is also possible!

Being a member of the imperial family, there was no lack of honor nor wealth, only sincere feelings were difficult to obtain.

But Empress Nie only had one son, only him so why would she neglect him and treat him so coldly. The more Hua Zhu Yu thought about it, the more it was hard to understand.

“In regards to Ji Feng Li’s engagement to Wen Wan, Imperial Mother doesn’t want to offend him. Even if Imperial Mother wants to, she can’t use an imperial decree to force him to break off the engagement. What should be done now, Little Bao Er, you’re the most knowledgeable, hurry and help this prince think of a way!” Huangfu Wu Shuang felt that he was beginning to rely more and more on Hua Zhu Yu, this little eunuch was very cunning, even more so than his advisors.

Hua Zhu Yu contemplated for a while. If it was like this then they could only think of a way in which Wen Wan or Ji Feng Li, one of the two, to personally break off the engagement.

For Wen Wan to personally break off the engagement was totally impossible but if Ji Feng Li were to do it, it’s not completely impossible. It’s just that….suddenly Hua Zhu Yu got an idea and said, “This servant has a way so that Ji Feng Li won’t dare to marry Wen Wan!”

Huangfu Wu Shuang’s pair of eyes lit up, “Speak!”

Hua Zhu Yu quietly divulged her plan. Huangfu Wu Shuang was very startled but quickly embraced Hua Zhu Yu in a tight long hug, grinning brightly, “ Little Bao Er, you truly are this prince’s mastermind. If we do this, even if there were ten Ji Feng Li’s, none will dare lay hands on Wan Er.”

Hua Zhu Yu pushed Huangfu Wu Shuang away and said, “Your Highness, you’re too excited!” When she was done talking, she withdrew with a bent figure.

The surrounding fragrance entranced Huangfu Wu Shuang but he was too excited to notice and think of anything else.

Ever since the emperor decreed that there was going to be a princess consort selection, the officials that were fifth rank and above who had unmarried daughters did not let them recklessly go out. The customs of Southern Kingdom became more restrained. In just a few days, there were less and less beauties roaming the streets.

But Wen Wan was not so constrained because she had an engagement with Ji Feng Li, thinking that even if Huangfu Wu Shuang was audacious he wouldn’t dare to kidnap her. So every three days she would leave her residence and go out to have fun. Sometimes she would go to Ziu Xian Square1 to drink tea, sometimes she would go to the river in the outskirts of Yu City to cool off, but every time she would bring along a group of skilled guards.

Wen Wan was an extremely cautious person!

Since early morning, Hua Zhu Yu came and waited at Ziu Xian Square. She sat at a table near the window on the second floor. She was adorned in a body of light blue robes with not even a speck of dirt. Covering her face was a soft veil, creating a vague sight so that people were not able to distinguish her face clearly.


  1. finally got around to finding the chinese name of the restaurant Tuy Tien

Can anyone guess her plan?

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