World of Hidden Phoenixes

Chapter 67 part 3

“I have already inquired about and Miss Wen will soon come by Ziu Xian Square for some tea. At that time I will have to trouble Daoist priest.” Hua Zhu Yu took a sip of her own tea and squinted her eyes as she smiled at the person sitting opposite of her.

In front of her was a middle-aged Daoist priest adorned in a body of blue robes with a white face, a pair of slim, squinty eyes and a long beard, carrying a horsetail whisk.

After he heard Hua Zhu Yu spoke, he let out a long sigh as he asserted, “This old man has never done such things before. If it wasn’t for the fact that you have relations with Houye and Houye has lent this old man a hand once, this old man will absolutely never do such things!”

Hua Zhu Yu calmly brushed aside a few wisps of hair as she replied with a smile, “This can’t precisely be considered a lie, who knows if it will turn out to be the truth or not?”

The Daoist priest slowly shook his head as his narrowed eyes slowly open, gazing at Hua Zhu Yu, a peculiar shimmer flashed within his eyes as he slowly said, “The most important livelihood of this old man will be destroyed by you!”

He lamented incessantly!

Hua Zhu Yu took a sip of her tea and smilingly asked, “Is that so? After this matter, I hope Daoist priest will immediately leave Yu City. I will assign guards to protect you along the way. From now on, it’s best not to appear here, how does that sound?”

The Daoist priest let out a long sigh and said, “That is obvious, this Daoist priest wouldn’t have the face to stay here any longer anyways.”

About a quarter of an hour later, Hua Zhu Yu looked downstairs and saw Wen Wan enter Zui Xian Square with her maidservant Ying Er, along with a few guards.

Her eyes narrowed as she smiled and said, “Daoist priest, I’ll have to trouble you!”

The priest followed Hua Zhu Yu’s gaze downstairs before he took his horsetail whisk and slowly walked out.

Today, Wen Wan wore a thin pearl white silk dress and had her hair in a cloud bun, secured with a pearl white hairpin. Beneath the sunlight, she glowed, radiating a genteel air as she appeared as vibrant as the moon.

As soon as she entered Zui Xian Square, she had attracted a lot of attention but she continued forward without regards to the startled gazes and admiring stares.

She was just about to ascend the stairs up to the second floor when she was suddenly stopped by a blue-robed Daoist priest.

“May I ask, does old Daoist priest have something to say?” the maidservant Ying Er coldly asked.

The Daoist priest squinted his eyes as he looked Wen Wan up and down, examining her.

“You lecherous Daoist priest, not quickly moving aside?! Otherwise we’ll have people drag you out for a beating!” Ying Er reproached.

The Daoist priest stroke his beard and let out a long sigh. “Lady, don’t rush to reprimand me. This Daoist priest deliberately stopped you because I see that this young miss here has a beautiful and noble appearance, therefore I wanted to stop and appraise her. This young miss has the bearing of a dragon and appearance of a phoenix, in the future will definitely be the mother of the world, carrying the phoenix air! Destined to be remarkably noble….ha ha ha ha…”

The Daoist priest spoke in a loud voice and he even used internal force so everyone in Zui Xian Square was able to hear him. After he was done talking, he swung his horsetail whisk and gave a loud laugh before leaving Zui Xian Square.

His words were like a pebble splashing in a lake, inducing countless ripples throughout Zui Xian Square as the place ignited in an uproar.

Wen Wan’s face was sometimes white and sometimes red, not sure if due to anger or embarrassment.

In fact, in this world which girl doesn’t yearn for prosperity and wealth, doesn’t desire to have a phoenix air? But she doesn’t want to marry Huangfu Wu Shuang, furthermore she’s currently engaged to Chancellor Ji. But that old priest said she carried a phoenix air.

This… this… if these words reached the Emperor’s ears, that will be a disaster ah.

Wen Wan’s face turned grim as she coldly said, “What Daoist priest, besides nonsense such as ghosts and such, what does he know, this young miss has never believed in fortune-telling.”

“Miss Wen, that person was the world famous diviner, each fortune he predicts have all come true! Miss Wen, could it be that you’re also participating in the consort selection? Then I really have to congratulate you then, congratulations…” someone loudly exclaimed on the first floor.

Wen Wan furrowed her brows, then lifted the hem of her dress and quickly ascended to the second floor.

Sitting inside, Hua Zhu Yu peered through the curtain and saw that the second floor had also become quite lively. Within her clear eyes, a sharp glint materialized. She swirled the wine glass in her hand and gulped it down with her head tilted backwards, that mellow fragrance, in the blink of an eye, had caused her throat to burn.

Perhaps because she had stayed on the battlefield for far too long, she wasn’t like the other young ladies and only liked to drink alone. Drinking in solitude could be considered one of her hobbies, but after being poisoned by Ji Feng Li, she completely gave up alcohol. Every time, she would deliberately avoid drinking, but she doesn’t know why the wine today makes her feel quite delighted.

But even while drinking, she still had to maintain her alertness.

Just like fate, even if one chose not to believe in things such as fate, others would rather believe than to disregard it. Pondering over it, Wen Wan did seem to have to air of a future Empress, will she really just marry off to Ji Feng Li?

If she married off like that, wouldn’t the populace think that Southern Kingdom would sooner or later be overthrown by Ji Feng Li, and then they would become the future Emperor and Empress.

Therefore the Emperor would never allow such things to happen. And as for Ji Feng Li, so what if he was the Left Chancellor, he’s merely a person beneath another that’s above millions, would he actually dare to marry Wen Wan?

Wen Wan did not stay at Ziu Xian Square for long.  She quickly rushed out of second floor and left.

Hua Zhu Yu filled her wine glass to the brim before slugging it down. Everything had been dealt with so she should also quickly return as Huangfu Wu Shuang was still waiting for her news.

Hua Zhu Yu took down the veil covering her face and changed back into her blue eunuch attires. She then opened the door and stepped out. Outside were a few guards that had followed her.

She led the guards and they descended down the stairs.

But little did she expect to run into Wen Wan on the first floor who had returned and was even accompanied by Ji Feng Li.

This may be the so called ‘enemies were bound to meet on narrow roads’!

Perhaps Wen Wan had a meeting with Ji Feng Li here today. It’s also possible that Ji Feng Li had received news of Wen Wan and rushed to come here.

No matter what, they had already seen her.

“oh, aren’t you…aren’t you the one who was able to guess the Chancellor’s riddle?” The maidservant Ying Er widened her eyes and asked as she pointed at Hua Zhu Yu. That night at the banquet at Kang Wang’s residence, Ying Er did not accompany Wen Wan therefore she did not know Hua Zhu Yu was an eunuch. She only recognized Hua Zhu Yu as the person who was able to solve Ji Feng Li’s riddle. Now seeing Hua Zhu Yu adorned in an eunuch attire, she seemed to be very surprised.

“Oh my! Why isn’t it the Left Chancellor and Miss Wen? How come you both have come to Ziu Xian Square today?” Hua Zhu Yu asked while smiling radiantly.

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I actually really like this plan of HZY. It was ruthless yet still Classy in my opinion 


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