World of Hidden Phoenixes

Chapter 68 part 1

Ji Feng Li seemingly smiled while he eyes swept around the hall of Zui Xian Square. Though his gaze never fixated on anyone in particular, everyone in the hall felt as though Ji Feng Li was eyeing them. His clear eyes were as calming as a spring breeze yet everyone felt an oppressive pressure. The initially noisy chatters regarding Wen Wan had subsided, not a single sound was heard.

Still smiling, Ji Feng Li slightly nodded as he greeted Hua Zhu Yu and asked, “I wonder which wind has brought Bao gong gong to Zui Xian Square?”

Hua Zhu pointed towards the pastries the guards behind her were carrying and replied, “Chancellor, you wouldn’t know but today the Crown Prince was craving some desserts from Zui Xian Square. But to let the guards go buy them alone, I wasn’t at ease so I could only go along with them on this trip. I still have to get back to the Palace now!”

Standing on the side, Wen Wan slightly knitted her brows and said, “Desserts? I’ve never heard that the Crown Prince likes the desserts here!”

Hua Zhu Yu’s eyes swept over towards Wen Wan and with a slight ridiculing smile, she said, “Which place’s desserts the Crown Prince likes, of course Miss Wen wouldn’t have a clue. But which place’s desserts Miss Wen likes, which house’s tea you like to drink, which jewelry shop you like to visit, His Highness is very clear!” Seeing Huangfu Wu Shuang so captivated by Wen Wan, Hua Zhu Yu felt a little sad as this child was truly love-sick.

Wen Wan’s originally pale face turned grim after hearing those remarks. The corners of her lips slightly raised as she said, “The Crown Prince is overly concerned for this female subject!” Abruptly, she stopped smiling and raised her voice in a cold tone to ask, “Today, Bao gong gong came to Zui Xian Square quite timely, don’t know if Bao gong gong is acquainted with a Daoist priest?!”

“Oh my, what are you saying Miss Wen, I am but a servant. Being in the palace every day how can I be acquainted with a Daoist priest? But it appears Miss Wen is the one that is acquainted, was it not just a moment ago that a Daoist priest had stopped to talk to Miss Wen. Why, is something the matter?” Hua Zhu Yu calmly replied.

While smiling, Ji Feng Li stepped forward and said, “Bao gong gong, today is a rare encounter that’s hard to come by, don’t know if we can go somewhere else to chat! Standing here talking is not the best place!”

Full of smiles, Hua Zhu Yu said, “It’s not that Yuan Bao isn’t giving Chancellor face but that His Highness is still waiting for this servant to bring back the desserts. Chancellor also knows of His Highness’ temper. If late, this servant wouldn’t be spared even a single flogging.”

“How about this, this Chancellor shall instruct my guards to escort your guards back, how’s that?” Ji Feng Li questioned.

Ji Feng Li’s meaning was that he wasn’t going to let Hua Zhu Yu leave without having a chat first. Hua Zhu Yu was livid but she did not disclose anything and with a smile, replied, “If Chancellor has such high regards, then this servant shall accept deferentially rather than decline courteously.” Clearly, Ji Feng Li had guessed that the previous divination was due to her arrangement. But under the numerous eyes of those present at Ziu Xian Square, Ji Feng Li couldn’t do anything to her!

The enmity between them appears to have begun, from this moment forward.

“Bao gong gong is too courteous!” Ji Feng Li politely replied before turning around to face Wen Wan, “Wan Er, you should return first, there are a few matters I have to discuss with Bao gong gong!”

Wen Wan was tense but upon hearing Ji Feng Li, a polite smile appeared on her jade-like face as she nodded and replied, “Wan Er shall leave first then, Chancellor should take care!” After she was done talking, she shot Hua Zhu Yu a cold look before turning around to leave.

Hua Zhu Yu and Ji Feng Li followed Xiao Er to the third floor where a man in his thirties, attired in blue robes, stepped forward to greet them as he bowed and said with a smile, “Chancellor, long time no see, please welcome!”

Hua Zhu Yu recognized that he was the warden of Ziu Xian Square. The Left Chancellor’s status was truly great, even the warden himself had to come and personally welcome. In the few days that Hua Zhu Yu had worked here as a musician, she had seen him therefore she knew he was the warden. But this warden didn’t recognize Hua Zhu Yu since she indeed only worked there for a few days. But it was fine that he didn’t know. Wen Wan had seen her perform at Ziu Xian Square so perhaps her identity as a musician could not be concealed from Ji Feng Li. But who knows, perhaps because Wen Wan’s qin skills were not as great as hers, Wen Wan might not have disclosed it to Ji Feng Li.

The Warden of Ziu Xian Square led them to a refined room before immediately leaving to arrange the dishes.

Hua Zhu Yu looked around at the furnishing of the room and saw that the dividing screen and tea set were antiques that were highly sophisticated. On the wall hung a few landscape paintings of antiquated designs and around the room were a few pots of orchids, all highly precious flowers.

Hua Zhu Yu approached the window slowly yet gracefully, and casually took a glimpse outside, her eyes rippled undiscernibly, but nothing escaped Ji Feng Li’s eyes.

Ji Feng Li clasped his hands behind his back as he leisurely walked up to the side of the table, the corners of his lips curled into a faint smile.

The distance between them was not far. He gazed at her while she also gazed at him.  Their line of sight collided in the air, emitting indiscernible sparks.




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