World of Hidden Phoenixes

Chapter 68 part 2

Two individuals, one with unparalleled handsomeness that was elegant and calm; and one peerlessly beautiful, proud and solitary.

On their faces were seeming smiles, but what thoughts hid behind those smiles only they themselves would know. Perhaps they were scheming against one another.

But who could out-scheme the other, who will be the one with the last laugh?

A long while later Hua Zhu Yu elegantly sat down and asked, “Don’t know what Chancellor wanted to discuss?”

Ji Feng Li lifted the hem of his robe and sat down opposite of Hua Zhu Yu and calmly replied, “The sword dance that Bao gong gong performed at the banquet that night, till this day, Feng Li has yet to forgotten. As soon as I saw you today, I felt we had a lot to discuss!”

“Chancellor is over-praising, how can that sword dance compare to Miss Wen’s, her dance was truly an astounding dance!” Hua Zhu Yu said in an elongated tone as she raised her brows.

Ji Feng Li’s smile became ever more radiant as he asked, “How can Wan Er’s dance compare to Bao gong gong’s? Bao gong gong is such a talent, how come you’ve reduced yourself to being an eunuch?”

“Yuan Bao only knows of this one dance, how can I be regarded as a talent. However, prior to this, this servant truly was a ‘frog residing at the bottom of a well’, was not aware of the vastness of the world and always considered myself a talent, wildly running about and have thus been reduced to this state. Now that this servant has entered the palace, can only hope for a sheltered place to reside. It truly is regrettable, if this servant was able to make friends with people with such wisdom like Chancellor sooner and was backed my Chancellor, perhaps this servant will not have been reduced to such a state.” Hua Zhu Yu deliberately described herself as someone with great aspirations so that Ji Feng Li wouldn’t think that she had other motives.

Ji Feng Li gently fanned himself as he said with a smile, “Bao gong gong is too modest, such a sword dance, how many people actually have the ability to perform?”

From such a close distance, Hua Zhu Yu was able to analyze the fan in Ji Feng Li’s hand more carefully. The fan was not made from paper but Han Juan which was a type of silk crafted from silkworms which exuded a natural coolness. And the epiphyllum embroidered on it was made with such exceptional needlework that it appeared almost life-like.

From a glance, it appeared very refine but this exquisite fan was in reality an extremely powerful weapon. If not for the fact that she had experienced it firsthand, it would be hard to recognize.

“Bao gong gong do you perhaps know how to play chess?” Ji Feng Li asked with his lips slightly hooked up in smile.

Hua Zhu Yu also smiled and her beautiful eyes curved into crescent moons, emitting an unspeakable charm that was lovely and moving.

“Yuan Bao knows but wouldn’t dare to try and compare with Chancellor as Crown Prince often praises of Chancellor’s chess skills. The time is not early anymore and this servant should return to the palace, hope Chancellor pardons this servant!” Hua Zhu Yu wasn’t afraid of Ji Feng Li but she shouldn’t reveal her skills too much in front of this person.

“Well then, Bao gong gong should take care!” Ji Feng Li did not stop her. With a smile, he stood and politely sent Hua Zhu Yu to the door.

When he returned to the room, the smile on his face slowly vanished.

With his hands clasped behind his back, he slowly approached the table where a game of chess was placed.

A long while later, he lifted two slender fingers to pick up a black chess piece but for a long time he did not place it down. His beautiful eyes contained hints of contemplation as the corners of his lips hooked in an arc.

“Kill!” From the side a hand reached out to snatch the chess piece in Ji Feng Li’s hand and with a ‘pa’ the chess piece was smacked on the board. Instantly, the black pieces were victorious while the white pieces had lost.

Ji Feng Li lifted his head to look at the man in front of him and with a smile said, “Shu Chi, you’re too ruthless!”

The man in front was adorned a blue scholarly robe. Hearing Ji Feng Li’s reply, he laughingly said, “Chancellor, you’re not an indecisive person. In regards to this evil-doer, the earlier we get rid of him, the better.”

“You’re right ah, but it’s been a while since I’ve encountered such an interesting opponent, if we kill him off so quickly, that would be too boring!” Ji Feng Li said while leisurely fanning himself.

“But you’ve lost so terribly and Miss Wen will most likely have to enter the palace!” said the person in blue.

Ji Feng Li leisurely leaned back in his chair and tapped his fingers gently on the table. His eye lids lowered as he slowly said, “Losing this time is fine, but next time, this Chancellor shall give him a dose of his own medicine.”


In regards to Wen Wan, the news of her carrying the Phoenix air had spread far and wide in Yu City. Even with Ji Feng Li’s great abilities, it wasn’t possible to stop the gossiping populace.

On the third day, the Emperor had caught wind of the news while Ji Feng Li had broken off the engagement with Wen Wan. Afterwards, Imperial Tutor Wen went to put Wen Wan’s name on the consort selection list.

Wen Wan had become one of the contenders for the Crown Princess Consort title.

When the consort selection was in full swing, Hua Zhu Yu was met with an unexpected incident.


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  • Fatjona Cikaj

    Indeed he is. If he would be someone who lover HuaZhuYu I would like him but alas he is after that fake WanWan and for her he did all those things too HZY.
    I whonder what he did to HZY for her to get in an accident. ?
    Hopefully nothing seriouse

  • Ms B

    Thanks for the update! The plot thicken…..can’t wait how JFL deals with female lead. Will JFL eventually realised female lead is his previous ex wife? Can’t wait for that update!

  • GreenChillies

    That was a smart move of Yuan Bao’s regarding Wen Wan. Quite clever. And the way she blatantly revealed how she would have soared in the skies if she had his support and her overconfidence in the past, was all true. Just with slightly differing circumstances.

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