Love in Another Life: My Gentle Tyrant

Chapter 68

Long Fei Li reproached, “Don’t talk nonsense…..”

Wasn’t he the one that wanted her life? Xuan Ji couldn’t help but silently laugh as she closed her eyes. How was such a scene usually acted out on TV, she wondered. What were those classic lines again? 

After thinking for a moment, she shook her head and said, “I know I can’t…” 

She found it too amusing to finish her words and wanted to laugh instead. But her movements seemed to have pulled at her wound and she grimaced in pain and she clutched his lapel even tighter. 

Seeing her like this, Long Fei Li’s heart twisted in pain and alarm. He was about to pick her up but she pulled at his robes again. 

“Long Fei Li, there’s something I have to say now else I won’t have the chance once I die. Drats! Why was the sword so sharp!” 

Blood had seemingly drained from her face, making her lips look deadly pale. 

Seeing this, he was gripped with both fear and anger. He impatiently shouted, “Speak!”

“Let my servant go. She doesn’t know anything. Release her from the palace, let her get back to the life she had before, will you?”

That’s what she wanted to tell him? She was about to die yet she was still concerned over irrelevant people. This made Long Fei Li furious and his hands tightened around her.

Seeing his reaction, Xuan Ji’s heart grew cold once again. He was seemingly very angry, she could feel the oppressive air emanating from his body.  

Her lips lifted in a wistful smile…He still refused to let Cui Ya go. 

“Long Fei Li, I thought that with my death you would at least take pity and let my servant go. But it seems in your heart, I’m not even half as important as Ru Yi gugu. I know I can’t compare to her but….” 

“But you can’t kill Cui Ya, she knows….she knows where Bai Zhan Feng is,” Xuan Ji said as blood gushed up from her throat and spilled from her lips onto his hands. 

This sight gave Long Fei Li a horrifying jolt and he quickly urged, “Xiao Qi, don’t talk anymore! I’ll let her go! I’ll let her go!”  

He had been furious that she had been concerned about her servant at this point in time. But once he heard her say, ‘I thought that with my death you would at least take pity and let my servant go,’ he only then realized that she had such intentions in mind. His whole body grew cold and trembled. How could he possibly listen to the rest of her words? 

With a bitter smile, Xuan Ji thought that the news of Bai Zhan Feng was indeed more important to him than her life. 

At this point, this man had crushed her heart completely. 

“Long Fei Li….” she called out his name as she shook in pain. The wound on her chest was unbearable; her hands and feet were growing cold against her will. Instinctively, she nestled closer against his chest and slowly closed her eyes. 

Alarmed, Long Fei Li no longer paid attention to what she had said and instantly moved to pick her up. In a deep voice, he ordered, “Xia Sang, immediately send for the Imperial Physicians, including Physician Lady Cui, to Chu Xiu Hall.”

Having just pressed Cui Ya’s sleeping acupoint, Xia Sang handed her over to Qing Feng at this time and nodded towards Long Fei Li. He then employed his lightness skills and leaped out of the courtyard. 

 Long Fei Li also got to his feet and quickly leapt into the darkness of the night. 

 Carrying Cui Ya, Qing Feng silently followed after Long Fei Li.

With a pensive look, Xu Xi moved to Ru Yi’s side and said in a soft voice, “Don’t mind this old servant for being garrulous, but over the years, this old servant has seen all the things that young lady has done for His Majesty. Young lady has a kind heart but you shouldn’t have pleaded for Concubine Nian just now. Whether or not she betrays the Emperor, after His Majesty achieves his ambitions, she will only get in your way for the position by his side as mother of the world.” 

Ru Yi closed her eyes tightly and did not respond. After some time, she said, “Chief Eunuch Xu has watched Xin Yi grow up and treats Xin Yi well. Xin Yi is well aware of this. It’s just that Concubine Nian is Xin Yi’s benefactor. His Majesty has been spending more time with her lately only because of me…… In any case, I trust him.” 

Xu Xi sheathed his sword. With a dismal smile, he turned to leave without another word. 

The skies were scattered with stars and the night air was cool as water. Ru Yi hugged herself and recalled the sight of him holding the bloody Concubine Nian in his arms. Up til the moment he departed, he had never spared her a glance. 

 Because Concubine Nian was injured…. Your Majesty, what if Xin Yi was the one injured? What would you do? 

 She slowly left the courtyard. 

Once she left, she heard sounds behind her. She knew that it was his hidden guards who had come to clean up the blood. 

On the eaves of the roof, a pair of blue eyes watched the guards cleaning the blood off the ground. It waited patiently for the guards to leave before letting out a low growl and leaping to the ground. Its little nose snuff around on the ground. Catching scent of the blood, it’s tongue stuck out to lick the ground as a drop of tear rolled down from its eye.


Xuan Ji slowly opened her eyes. He had held her in his arms as he leapt across the palace in the darkness of night like he did once before. This feeling of flying felt exceptionally freeing.

Seeing her stir awake, Long Fei Li’s eyes lit up with joy and he lowered his head to plant a kiss on her forehead. “Xiao Qi, don’t be afraid. Very soon we’ll reach Chu Xiu Hall. I’ll make sure they save you.”

Xuan Ji smiled and said, “Long Fei Li, I only fear that they will save me…… If there is a next life, let us go our separate ways, Xiao Qi will not…. love you again.”

Her voice was very faint but her words were spoken with conviction. 

Hearing this, Long Fei Li’s heart sunk and his arms held onto her tighter. Their bodies were alright close as it is but now there was not even an inch separating them. 

 “Absolutely not!” he rebuked in a low voice but the woman in his arms had already closed her eyes once again. 


That night, the candles in Chu Xiu Hall were all lit. Very quickly, the rest of the palaces lit up one by one until the whole Imperial Palace was shining as bright as day. 

 The news that Concubine Nian was injured soon circulated but the reason for her injury remained a mystery! 

The rest of the women in the harem got dressed and made their way towards Chu Xiu Hall, accompanied by their servants. However, at the entrance was the Commander of the Imperial Guards along with a hundred or so guards who indiscriminately barred anyone from entering. 

Outside the entrance, there were many resentful looks sent towards the maidservants anxiously entering and exiting the Emperor’s quarters, carrying copper basins, all kinds of different tools, and medicine.

Behind the crystal curtain, the Emperor, in his white robes that’s been stained with blood, stood on the side as his phoenix eyes were unblinkingly fixed on the woman lying on the bed. Physician Lady Cui’s hands were trembling slightly as she carefully examined the woman’s injury. Several medical assistants were standing in waiting. The Head Imperial Physician and Assistant Physician were also present, on standby on the side with their heads lowered.

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    I had a sudden though that, should there be a drama adaptation, this would be perfect for Deng Lun and Yang Zi. The roles would be much different from their previous roles and the fangirl in me can totally see them playing the parts well.

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