Who Gets the World

Chapter 7 part 1

“(Older) Sister, will Prince Huang Chao become the Emperor in the future?” 

Listening to the endless echoes sounding across the mountains, Han Piao raised his head and asked Feng Xi.

“Emperor? Perhaps he will, perhaps he won’t,” Feng Xi replied as she looked up at the skies, her eyes as bright as the sunlight piercing through the ennead beds of clouds. Her proud demeanor was no less compared to the prince of Huang Kingdom that few could rival. 

“He also had the same manner when he spoke!” Han Piao said as he proceeded to imitate Feng Xi, raising his head to look up at the sky, squinting his eyes as he enjoyed the beautiful sunshine. 

“Do you admire him, Piao’er?” Feng Xi looked down to observe Han Piao and asked with a smile, “Do you want to be like him?” 

“Sister, I only admire him, I don’t want to be like him,” Han Piao answered solemnly as he raised his small dirty face to look at Feng Xi. 

“Why?” Feng Xi asked in wonder. 

 “His radiance is just too dazzling, he’ll overshadow everyone around him. He’s like the sun in the sky, attracting everyone’s attention but there’s only one of him!” Han Piao pointed his finger at the sky and answered earnestly as he looked at Feng Xi. “He’s positioned at the very top where no one can touch, with no companion by his side. Isn’t that very lonely?” 

“Hmm,” Feng Xi couldn’t help but gaze at Han Piao, the look in her eyes softening. After a moment, she stroked his head and said, “Piao’er, you will certainly surpass Bai(White) Feng and Hei(Black) Xi in the future.” 

“Surpass sister?” Han Piao grinned when he heard her but after a moment of thought, his smile disappeared and he said, “I don’t want to surpass sister, I want to stand at the same level with sister!” 

“Positioned at the very top…” Feng Xi seemingly did not hear his words as she gently ran her fingers through the hair flying around at her temples. Her gaze was fixed far ahead, as if peering towards the ends of heaven and earth, to the deepest, darkest of places. “Though he won’t have any companion by his side, he’ll have supreme power, status and honor…..he’ll enjoy endless riches and splendor which will serve as a kind of compensation.” 

 “But he can’t take those things with him when he dies,” Han Piao argued as he furrowed his brows and said in a hurry, “My mother said that when people die then it’s the end. Those things that you’ve obtained in your lifetime will evaporate like smoke. You can neither keep them nor take them away with you. But Father said that when she dies she could take him with her. I think that mother can take father away when she dies but the Emperor can’t take his throne or power with him when he passes!” 

“Oh, I didn’t expect that old man Han would say such things.” Feng Xi smiled gently and patted Han Piao’s head. “Who says the Emperor can’t take anything with him when he dies? Your mother has your father while the Emperor has numerous concubines. When he dies, he will not only be buried along with many rare treasures but many of his concubines as well. He definitely won’t be alone.” 

“But they don’t sincerely wish to die with him! If your heart isn’t sincere, when you go to the underworld you won’t be able to find each other, then won’t he still be lonely?” Han Piao persistently contended. 

“Sincerity?” Feng Xi suddenly turned around and looked at the road ahead, her eyes gazing in the distance. After a long while, she sighed and said, “In this world, sincerity is very rare, especially in these chaotic times.” 

“Then will anyone follow me when I die?” Han Piao suddenly grew concerned of what would happen after his death.

“That I don’t know.” Feng Xi smiled and flicked her finger, gently knocking on his forehead. “Little kid, you’re still so young yet you’re already thinking about matters after death.”

“Then when sister dies, can I go with you?” Han Piao asked, having yet to give up on finding a companion. 

 “Definitely not,” Feng Xi flatly refused. 


“Because you are younger than me, when I die of old age, you can still live well.”

“But I want to go with sister. We can be friends in the underworld and then be reincarnated together.”

“No! A thousand times never! In this life, I’m already unlucky to have to carry a burden such as yourself. I don’t want to continue carrying a burden again in the next life.” 

“I’m not a burden! Wait til I grow up, I will protect sister!” 

“I don’t need anyone’s protection. You’re better off protecting other important people.”

“Father and mother are both gone, the only important person I have is sister.” 

“Your wife and children are your important people.” 

“I don’t have a wife or children.” 

“In the future you will.” 

“I won’t.”


“Young Master(gongzi) candidly unveiled the Xuan Zun Seal. Don’t you fear she will covet it?” 

 Xiao Jian’s heart was riddled with doubts. His Young Master had always been one that proceeded cautiously but today everything he did was so out of the norm. 

“That Miss…..even if you present the whole world on a platter to her, she wouldn’t bat an eye, let alone a Xuan Zun Seal that she deems dirty,” Huang Chao replied. 

Xiao Jian nodded, then asked, “Young Master knows her origin?” 

“No,” Huang Chao sighed, “I carefully observed them when they ate. That boy named Han Piao, his posture was upright and proper as he ate. Though his clothes were already dirty, he did not let the food stain his clothes in the tiniest bit. This shows that he’s been raised in a strict household since he was young. And those dishes were not common dishes that ordinary people would know yet he was able to name them off the tip of his tongue which shows he certainly comes from a rich household.”  

“As for that Miss, although her bearing is not worth mentioning, her words and actions flowed with confidence and ease, not gaudy in the least. On the contrary, it makes one feel as if what she said was only a matter of fact.” Huang Chao stopped and turned around. “Jian, what do you think of that Miss?” 

“Even if she’s unsightly, she’s confident and at ease with her unsightliness! Even if she’s odd, her oddness is free of vulgarity!” Xiao Jian lowered his head and tightened his hold on his sword. 

 “A great phrase, ‘confident and at ease, free of vulgarity’!” Huang Chao laughed and continued to walk with his hands clasped. 

“Young Master,” Xiao Jian suddenly called.


“Did you notice the ornament on her forehead?” 

“Ornament on her forehead?” Huang Chao suddenly turned around, his eyes gleaming like a cold light.  

“It’s hard to see clearly because she’s covered in ashes and dirt but Young Master mentioned the Bai(White) Feng Xi with snow-moon white robes…… snow-moon white robes….the ornament on her forehead seems to be in the shape of a crescent moon. But Young Master said that Bai Feng Xi had a bearing of utmost elegance. With her appearance….” Xiao Jian stopped to ponder. 

“Bai Feng Xi?” Huang Chao murmured the name and then let out a loud laugh, “Ha ha ….It’s her! It must be her! You and I have been led astray by the words ‘utmost elegance’, thinking that she must be a woman of great beauty, how could she possibly have such an unsightly appearance. But though she’s covered in ashes and dirt, her brilliance cannot be concealed. Is that not considered ‘utmost elegance’ then? In this world, she’s the only woman with such high martial skills! The only one who dares not to put the world’s Four Great Young Masters(gongzi) in her eyes should be the world’s strangest woman– Bai Feng Xi!” 

“She’s really Bai Feng Xi?” Xiao Jian looked back at the direction of her departure. “This Bai Feng Xi……”

“She openly and justly stood in front of me but I didn’t recognize her. Very well, Bai Feng Xi!” Huang Chao sighed but on his face was a joyous smile. “We will meet again! Feng Xi!”


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So I’ve finally gotten some free time to translate this novel. Though I haven’t updated in a long time, I still intend to continue translating this novel thought it just may be at a slower pace. But with Winter Break coming up, I might have more time to work on it.

I was super excited to hear that this novel is going to get a drama adaptation! WOOO!! I just love Bai Feng Xi and I can’t wait to see her on the screen! It’s been confirmed that Zhao Lusi will be portraying her. I’m not sure how I feel about that yet, I’ve seen multiple of Zhao Lusi’s drama and they’ve been low budget romantic comedies so in terms of comedy I think she has it down packed. I’m more worried if she can deliver on the more serious scenes. But nevertheless, I’m super excited and can’t wait to find out who they will pick to play Hei Feng Xi.

Also, anyone else find Feng Xi and Han Piao relationship super cute? But it kinda makes me wonder if Han Piao will grow up and becomes one of her love interest like Xiao Long Nu and Yang Guo in Romance of the Condor Heroes lolol


  • Kikky

    With all the adaptations I have seen lately being such a disappointment in my opinion, I hope this one comes out great.

    • PBG8695

      I feel the same way. But I’m hopeful for this novel because its not a transmigration so there no chinese censorship in the way and the writers won’t be forced to change up the entire premise of the novel

  • Tiffany

    Thanks for translating! And really? They’re doing a drama for this? I thought the author shut down the idea! I hope they stay true to the novel + have good budget and cast!

    • PBG8695

      Yes! And i agree i hope it stays true to the novel! There were rumors going around that Yang Yang was up for the male lead role but it hasn’t been confirmed yet

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